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15 April 2009

Liberal MSNBC Host Says Shooting Pirates 'Like Deer Huntin'!'


Called McCain 'Warmonger', But Enjoys Somali Executions


What is it about Somali pirates that brings out the worst in our libtalk friends?

First, we caught the Reverend Al Sharpton calling the violent maritime thugs Somalia's "voluntary Coast Guard", which was hilarious, except for the fact that he wasn't laughing.

Now, it's hotheaded MSNBC host Ed Schultz's turn to enter the realm of the bizarre: he's enjoying the pirate executions, saying they're "like deer huntin'". This from a guy (and corrupt union hack) who last year called John McCain a "warmonger".

Here's the caught-on-tape clip (NOTE: several extended dead-air pauses have been edited out and the caller reaction actually came later in the program):

SCHULTZ (13:05): Barack Obama is a dude. And the next time someone takes an American, they know what's gonna happen when the Navy comes around. They know that there's gonna be some Seals out there. It's gonna be kinda like deer huntin'. That's right. When the United States Navy shows up, now other terrorists around the world know that Barack Obama will give the green light to shoot you in the freakin' head! I LOVE IT!

(lowers voice, creepily) And he's a liberal.

SCHULTZ (21:52): So now we know, now we know if by some chance American special forces happen to spot Osama bin Laden in the Afghan mountains, hell, he's gonna get shot in the head! I'm really excited about that! I mean, his method of budget cutting is outstanding. Judge, jury, executioner, on the spot, it's over, boom! Ain't no trial 'cause the trial took place at sea, where they were messing with an American.


CALLER (44:03):
I'm kind of upset about how you've been reacting to (inaudible) You've said that you were, you've been excited about it, that you love it, that it's kind of like deer hunting. I kind of don't get that. Three people were shot in the head, you know ...

SCHULTZ (interrupting):
No, no, no, three people were deserved to be shot in the head, Jim. OK? OK, so three people deserved to be shot in the head.

CALLER: Who are you taking your ...

SCHULTZ (hangs up): Goodbye, Jim. I'm not, I'm not going to have, I'm not going to have this conversation.

Pouring it on as thick as he can, Big Eddie's Herculean task is to make Obama appear tough. But what would happen were a conservative to give this kind of over-the-top pat on the back to a Republican president?

It's one thing to support tough action against seafaring thugs, including lethal force, but Schultz actually enjoys seeing African teenagers shot in the head. Put those words into the mouth of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly: what would be the reaction from the media?

Who exactly is the real "warmonger" here?

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  • It's not surprising Schultz is trying his hardest to committ career suicide.

    By Blogger Carl, at 16 April, 2009 20:14  

  • The mighty US Navy was held at bay for 4 days by a rowboat. The President waved off questions about it, he was talking about housing dangit! Hillary was asked too, she laughed a very scary cackle. The world waited, yellow ribbons went up... 4 days..

    but then history was rewritten as Super-O swooped in and single handedly slaughtered the terrorists and saved the ship Captain.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 17 April, 2009 02:09  

  • Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Conservatives mocked Obama over the weekend for not immediatly doing anything, mocked Obama for doing something and calling it no big deal. Right wing pundits have to whine about something. America has left them all alone, tea bagging eachother!

    When America was under attack George W Bush read a children's book in a class room until after the second plane hit, and conservatives called him a hero
    and called you a traitor for questioning Bush's failure to act.

    8 years later, America mocks, rejects and despises the hero of the right wing, who we coulden't question without being called a "terrorist". 3 months of Obama, conservaties are threatening t lynch him at tea bag parties.
    Amazing. But questioning why Bush styayed in the class room was treasonous.

    Funny, 600,000 people protested before we invaded Iraq in NYC and 500,000 in DC, the media ignored the protests.

    yet thy covered "teabag" protests.
    and these freak conservatives claim their is a "lib media"

    mental cases. Your propaganda no longer works, America rejects everything about the right

    nuff said

    America will remember the LAST EVER Republicans president as the moron who statyed in the classroom while we were under attack.

    Bush and the GOP legacy is written, in poverty, failure, misery, and a destroyed economy.

    all they have left is to attack the 3 month old Obama, and "teabag" eachother

    and they wonder why 25% of the nation are still Republicans, 20% of that 25% conservatives

    Big Ed is a hack, who cares about him anyway.
    The MSM would NEVER put a real leftist on their airwaves. EVER.

    By Anonymous TeabagginCons, at 17 April, 2009 10:57  

  • Obama called in DefSec Gates after the rescue.

    Obama: How could this happen?

    Gates: We did as ordered Mr. President

    Obama: I thought you said we had trained seals on the site?

    Gates: Yes, Mr. President, they were the ones who shot the hijackers.

    Obama: I thought you were bringing in trained seals to like, you know, swim in the water and balance red balls on their noses. This would have relaxed the hijackers and let them know we meant them no harm.

    Gates: No, Mr. President, "SEALs" are trained Navy combat specialists - not animals.

    Obama: Man... my bad

    By Anonymous MAS1916, at 17 April, 2009 12:50  

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