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10 April 2009

NB: Unions Made Direct Payments To Libtalker Ed Schultz


A Bad Week: Big Eddie's Funny Money, Low Ratings


For Ed Schultz, it should have been a week to celebrate. After all, his longtime desire to become a cable pundit had finally been realized, with a 6pm slot on far-left outlet MSNBC.

Unfortunately, the syndicated radio libtalker may have succeeded only in calling a bit too much attention to himself. With a higher profile comes added scrutiny, even if the mainstream media is asleep at the switch.

Initial viewership figures haven't provided reason to cheer, at least not yet. Debuting on Monday to an average audience of 247,000 in the 25-54 demographic and 725,000 overall, by Wednesday that figure had dropped to 119,000 and 406,000, respectively.

Though MSNBC's ratings are down across the board, there appears to be little buzz about the addition of Schultz. In an attempt to fix the situation, NBC suits plugged Schultz into Keith Olbermann's slot Thursday, hoping the one-day airing would salvage the new program.

During yesterday's radio program, Schultz himself had this to say:

SCHULTZ (43:40): Appreciate all your emails and your support. The, ah, early numbers that have come in for ratings have not been bad, I might say. I wouldn't say we knocked it out of the park, but we're, we're getting there, we're getting there.

Over the past several weeks, your Radio Equalizer has examined Big Ed's background, including his volatile temper and direct ties to Democratic Party funding, which made even fellow libtalker Randi Rhodes uncomfortable.

Today, however, the ultimate smoking gun has been discovered by Jeff Poor at NewsBusters, citing research performed by J Justin Wilson at the Center For Union Facts:

Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers, was even Schultz's first guest. On his second show on April 7, Schultz's opening "OpEd" segment was firmly for the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as card check. And, on his third show on April 8, he invited Mary Beth Maxwell, executive director of the pro-union, pro-card check American Rights at Work organization.

However, there's one detail Schultz hasn't revealed to his audience - a potential conflict of interest. As recently as 2008, Schultz received more than $20,000 from three separate AFL-CIO affiliated labor unions.

According to documents posted on the U.S. Department of Labor Web site, Schultz received $22,304 for his services - a fact picked up by J. Justin Wilson, managing director, Center for Union Facts. Those include:

* Steelworkers - "Publicity/Advertising" - $10,000

* Air Traffic Controllers - "Broadcasting Services" - $7,304

* Plumbers Local 189 - "Event" - $5,000

In his piece, Poor includes images of the union filings and documents how Schultz subsequently pushed for specific elements of their political agenda, including the highly controversial Employee Free Choice Act.

To those in both politics and broadcasting, the only real surprise is that it took this long to catch Schultz in the act. There have long been questions about his funding sources and real motivations.

In particular, some have wondered how he was able to afford an expensive personal cable studio setup in his Fargo home, which was remotely operated by a Boston-based firm. With a bit more digging, one can only wonder what else might be found.

UPDATE: in new ratings just released, Schultz continued to pull in tiny numbers, even when inserted into Olbermann's slot, where his ratings were about half of normal. At 6pm, he generated just 132,000 (25-54) and 498,000 overall.

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  • I can understand the low ratings. I have no clue as to who this guy is.

    By Blogger RR Ryan, at 10 April, 2009 14:09  

    far-left outlet MSNBC.

    NOT! The Nation magazine is far-left, Pacifica radio is far left, MSNBC is main stream DNC cheer-leading, the real left no longer loves Obama.

    Schultz ratings are slightly less than Hardball, and Chris Matthews is a solid money maker...

    My firm ran $7000 worth of advertising on Maddow, Hannity and Olberman... all 3 campaigns did well. For the money spent, Maddow was the most cost effective and generated sales

    MALONEY, grow up, advertising is all that matters, MSNBC'S numbers are good enough for effective advertising, live with it , you are a infantile commentator Brian... Big Ed's numbers are decent for 6Pm, almost= to Hardball,a top 20 cable show for it's time slot

    By Anonymous noLABELonJARED, at 10 April, 2009 14:12  

  • When Ed "Sgt." Schultz, the poster boy for liberal lunacy, said, "I wouldn't say we knocked it out of the park, but we're, we're getting there, we're getting there" it translates into English as "we are doing our best to get the lowest ratings ever for a cable show and we're getting there."

    By Blogger Carl, at 10 April, 2009 15:43  

  • He was moved onto one of Little Danny Snyder's Washington AM stations (opposite Rush) which made my radio listening easier. I don't have to bother turning away from Rush during commercials anymore.
    It seems I heard him call himself something like "the voice of the common man" when I first tuned the show and had no idea who this jackanapes was.
    I guess "the common man" is a union boss.

    By Blogger BlogDog, at 10 April, 2009 16:13  

  • The "far-left" is so far left that MSNBC merely looks as if it's not insanely left.

    I'm sure if you sell something Lefty enough (I dunno, hemp birkenstocks with patchouli highlights?) you can make money by spending $7K to advertise to a few hundred thousand moonbats.

    Tell me, is that $7K per month every month, or was it a one-shot? After all, even wealthy Lefties only need so much crap.

    By Blogger JorgXMcKie, at 10 April, 2009 17:47  

  • Maybe he should invite Armstrong Williams onto his show for a discussion of talk radio financing..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 April, 2009 18:24  

  • Who wouldn't want to look at that face for an entire hour every night?

    By Anonymous jim treacher, at 11 April, 2009 00:05  

  • how dare msnbc put a paid whore on the air pretending to be a journalist...but hey, he joins every other whore who serves as a pundit...can you imagine how folks would feel if this news was uncovered about hannity or any other fox long would they be on the can anyone have any respect for a network run like this...ohhhh, they don't do they...look at the ratings.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2009 00:28  

  • I go on vacation for a few weeks and MOP looses his freaking mind.

    * MSLSD is not far left?

    * Now Mop has his on firm???

    * pro union libertarian????? Can you say oxy moron. Masters degree? Right get your money back.

    * MOP said 99% of the nation is like me.

    The last, no response is needed its ignorance is seen.

    What the hell is a pro union libertarian?

    First your union job is supported by “National Endowment for the Arts'” remember your bread and butter that’s big government that’s not a libertarian idea. I guess you left that job to open your “firm”.

    Second look at the mess union’s caused in the car industry one bump in the economy and Big Government has to fork out billions to keep them out of bankruptcy also not a libertarian idea.

    MOP you’re not a pro union libertarian what ever you might think that is. Face it you’re a Liberal idiot.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 April, 2009 07:01  

  • See Dave, you live in such a sick world where everything is "left" and "right", you are no longer sane. Incidently your hero Ann Coulter wears birkenstocks with patchouli when at her Grateful Dead concerts, shows how little you know. I guess her choice of music is "leftie", how could she?

    There is no such thing as "leftie products". You are so sick in the head, do you not realize people are not the stereotypes Mike Savage tells you about. Im a leftie, my favorite product, my .44.. Have you ever met a REAL AMERICAN. Im a pro-union, pro-American, leftist, a REAL AMERICAN. America is way past your stale left-right- stereotyping of America.

    You are such , vile anti-American right wing trash, so filled with hatred asgainst the 90% of us who ignore your sick labels

    Life is not a conservative talk show.

    Incidently WABC billing numbers SUCKED. Wabc billed $20 million for 2008, average at best considering what money makers right wing talkers are supposed to be.. NOT. RNC radio is not America, RNC radio talks to people who open fire on innocents at "liberal churchs"

    America is not a right wing talk show. YOu have no idea what America is anymore wing nut

    By Anonymous WingNutsNoLongerPartOfAmerica, at 13 April, 2009 11:43  

  • Good for the unions, patriotic American UNIONS, something the right wing hates. Fox news has paid Anti-American union slime on their programming, why not have an actual host that supports workers over the rich?

    god bless unions, the right will NEVER have support of hard working Americans because of their Anti-American stance on unions.


    PATRIOTS SUPPORT UNIONS, AMERICANS SUPPORT UNIONS, Anti-American Limbaugh scum despise the worker and the union.

    You will be powerless for decades, the party of the rich, will NEVER fool the working class again. No matter how bad the Democrats are, the Anti-union positions of the right will forever disenfranchise millions. 6 out of 10 Democrats are democrarts because of their pro-union stance. You just do not get it, wing nuts, and you never will

    Anti-American labor union= Anti-American

    This is why the right fears Ed. Ed is very pro union. And unions have millions of worknig class voters, who the Anti-American right will NEVER have on their side

    The only reason I ever voted for Democrat candidates is their pro-union positions

    and millions of others as well. Maybe the right, should re-think their hatred of patriotic unions

    By Anonymous Anti-union=Anti-American, at 13 April, 2009 12:49  

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