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13 April 2009

Sharpton Has Unique Term To Describe Somali Pirates


Covering For Pirates, Al Sharpton Goes Overboard




Are Somali pirates dangerous, violent, greedy thugs, or merely misunderstood public servants?

To most Americans, this matter isn't even up for debate, but in the bizarre world of Al Sharpton and friends, they aren't necessarily pirates at all. During today's syndicated Al Sharpton Show, the reverend made sure he covered "both sides" of the issue:

SHARPTON (12:08): You can call me now at 1 877 532 5797, (to say) something about the so-called pirates. They call themselves voluntary Coast Guards in Somalia, which may be more apt. Ah, whatever your view.

If you think Sharpton is alone in his sympathetic view, guess again: at NewsBusters, P J Gladnick has been compiling his own examples of pirates as "misunderstood" individuals:

This portayal of Somali pirates as ecological warriors, not greedy robbers was also picked up by the usual suspects in the leftwing blogosphere. Michael Vazquez today used his Huffington Post blog to reprint an essay on the subject by a Canadian-Somali singer, K'naan:

Can anyone ever really be for piracy? Outside of sea bandits, and young girls fantasizing of Johnny Depp, would anyone with an honest regard for good human conduct really say that they are in support of Sea Robbery?

Well, in Somalia, the answer is: it's complicated.

The news media these days has been covering piracy in the Somali coast with such lop-sided journalism, that it's lucky they're not on a ship themselves. It's true that the constant hijacking of vessels in the Gulf of Aden is a major threat to the vibrant trade route between Asia and Europe. It is also true that for most of the pirates operating in this vast shoreline, money is the primary objective.

But according to so many Somalis, the disruption of Europe's darling of a trade route, is just Karma biting a perpetrator in the butt. And if you don't believe in Karma, maybe you believe in recent history...

...But while Europeans are well in their right to protect their trade interest in the region, our pirates were the only deterrent we had from an externally imposed environmental disaster. No one can say for sure that some of the ships they are now holding for ransom were not involved in illegal activity in our waters. The truth is, if you ask any Somali, if getting rid of the pirates only means the continuous rape of our coast by unmonitored Western Vessels, and the producing of a new cancerous generation, we would all fly our pirate flags high

Remember, these are
the activists who pushed for Obama's election last year. How far off the deep end will they take America and the world?

Interestingly, on today's show, Rush Limbaugh referred to "merchant marine organizers", but he was joking:

RUSH: I have a preliminary idea here on the movie that will be made by Hollywood that will immortalize this brilliant episode in American foreign policy led by President Obama. We don't have a working title of this movie. I'm been thinking about President Obama turns on Somali counterparts. The merchant marine organizers, the Somali version of ACORN, and yet President Obama rose to the occasion and saw to it that the Somali merchant marine organizers would not get away with the same tactics that domestic American organizers get away with. Do you realize the Somali pirates -- one way to look at this, the Somali pirates tried to hold us up for $2 million ransom for the captain, Mr. Phillips.

The Beltway pirates are looking for $10 trillion from the United States and her people, and even if we pony up the $10 trillion ransom demanded by the Beltway pirates, they still wouldn't release us. We would still be held captive. So the Somali pirates, the merchant marine organizers, I know three of them are dead, but that's a small price to pay for advancing the notion that the Obama administration is quick and decisive and cool and can handle foreign policy emergencies (snapping fingers) like that.

So who would play President Obama in this movie? Only one actor comes to mind at the top of my head, and that would be Will Smith. I thought about maybe Danny Glover. I thought about Morgan Freeman, a little bit too old. Will Smith would be ideal to portray Obama. Who would portray the leader of the Navy SEALs that got the orders from Obama's sharpshooter czar to take out the merchant marine organizers? Well, again, Will Smith as Barack Obama portraying the SEAL leader that shot the three Somali pirates. By the way, the captain is the one who made this possible. The captain jumped overboard, thereby exposing his naked targets, the four Somali merchant marine organizers. So you have President Obama portrayed by Will Smith, the SEAL leader in this movie that Hollywood will make will also be portrayed by Will Smith as Obama. The captain, Mr. Phillips also portrayed by Will Smith, as President Obama, for jumping over and risking his own life so that President Obama could get the credit for ordering his rescue czar after consulting with the sharpshooter czar to take out the three merchant marine organizers and then capturing the one remaining and bringing him to trial as a criminal.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2009 22:01  

  • Thanks again Brian for bringing this to our attention - it's another reason why I love your site and the work you do.

    Concerning the pirates and Sharpton/Obama's view of them, I think we have to ask ourselves a question at the outset: What would Reverend Wright say? Our president sat for 15 years in those pews, and certainly believes that America is the historical persecutor of Africa.

    In a post on my site I wrote that since all the pirates are doing is taking from the rich to give to the poor, they're heroes to their people and to many on the left here in America. Expect the president to fashion a "Pirate Program For Wealth Redistribution" to right the wrongs...

    By Blogger Shane, at 15 April, 2009 09:52  

  • Yeah when Sharpton puts it that way I can understand. The pirates haven't done anything more than Congress - extort money for "redistribution". In both cases the redistribution includes themselves.

    By Anonymous katablog, at 15 April, 2009 09:53  

  • Sharpton is a buffoon and an idiot. Since when have "coast guard[s]" begun taking hostages? And just exactly what threat does a container ship full of food aid for the pirates country pose?

    By Blogger Burnt Toast, at 15 April, 2009 09:58  

  • So, what other country in the world operates a "Coast Guard" that goes 200 miles to sea to seize by force of arms vessels that are not in distress and end up being impounded and the crews held for ransom? Please.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 April, 2009 12:25  

  • And what are these thugs?

    Voluntary tax collectors?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 April, 2009 13:32  

  • Al Sharpton is a scumpig slime snake we all know he is not a revrend he is nothing but a big mouthed babble rousing trouble making pest

    By Anonymous Flu-Bird, at 16 April, 2009 10:56  

  • Al Sharpton Is A Greasy Headed Pimp.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2009 11:25  

  • One wonders how much money the Pirates donated to Obama's election campaign and how they feel that he's now thrown them under the bus (at least for today).

    By Blogger The Bear, at 16 April, 2009 14:27  

  • International treaties recognize a countries territorial authority out to twelve miles from shore, and an Economic Exclusion Zone from there out to 200 miles from shore.

    If the Somalis were a coast guard, that is the limit of their jurisdiction. It's more than enough to protect from dumping, and they would have the right to exclude other countries fishermen from their EEZ.

    The Maersk Alabama was well outside that when it was attacked. They are just pirates. At best, Sharpton is gullible, at worst, an accessory.

    By Blogger LarryD, at 17 April, 2009 10:15  

  • The pirates are black. Who should be surprised that black racists would be sticking up for the pirates?

    Maybe next the NAACP will be giving an Image Award to the pirates.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 April, 2009 07:53  

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