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10 June 2009

Libtalker Roseanne Barr Denounces Obama On Leftist Radio Program


Roseanne: 'Everybody's On The (Obama) Kool-Aid'

Now that he's in office, should dedicated Obamists support the president even as key campaign promises are broken and empty rhetoric becomes the order of the day? While many liberal talk hosts may be willing to do so, Roseanne Barr isn't one of them.

The Southern California-based libtalker / actress / blogger shocked fellow lefty Stephanie Miller during the latter's Friday show with a blunt assessment of hopeandchange.

Previously, we've covered Barr's rants against African-Americans who supported Proposition 8 in California, as well as her call for riots during the Democratic National Convention last year in Denver.

Here's the exclusive Radio Equalizer clip and transcript:

MILLER (28:35): How are you liking the new Obama Presidency?

BARR: I don’t at all. I just don’t at all. If you want to know what I think, go to read my blog, And I don’t at all. Basically his speech, his you know joke of a speech.


BARR: Huh? Because it’s just Bush Doc... continuing, Bush Doctine with absolutely no change at all. It’s very frightening.

MILLER: How do you figure? I thought the tone was completely different.

BARR: He said nothing.

MILLER: He said nothing?

BARR: He said absolutely nothing. No, he didn’t.

MILLER: What were you hoping for?

BARR: I was hoping for you know some change. Remember the reason why the guy got voted in? I was hoping for some change and for it to start there in the Middle East because that’s why everything in the world is screwed up including our economy. Instead, he said from here we’re going to grandfather in all of these old settlements. They’ll stay in place. But, you know in the future maybe we won’t allow anymore settlements. This is after what they just did in Gaza over there. They’re (Israel) never held responsible for you know war crimes and this government backs and it makes me sick.

MILLER: But yeah. He’s (Obama) clearly taking a lot stronger line with Israel then previous administrations.

BARR: No he’s isn’t! He hasn’t demanded one. He uses strong rhetoric. He talks harsh and carries the smallest stick in the world. He doesn’t do anything. He hasn’t even you know, don’t get me started.

MILLER: Well, who knew we were going to get into a spat this early in the conversation.

BARR: I’m just very upset about it and I…(Miller interrupts)

MILLER: Well, obviously he you know is getting us out of Iraq, he’s closing Gitmo. You can’t do either of those overnight. How can you say he’s the same as Bush?

BARR: He’s not doing that!

MILLER: What do you mean, he’s not doing that?

BARR: He’s not going to close Gitmo.

MILLER: Look at, he’s trying.

BARR: Well, he’s not doing it dude.

MILLER: Well, he can’t do it alone. We’ve got a bunch of.

BARR: Come on, everybody’s on the Kool Aid.

MILLER: We’ve got a bunch of...

BARR: Come on, everybody’s on the Kool Aid. I just, you know. Let’s not even go into it then. Just go to my blog and read what Noam Chomsky said about it. There’s some truth there. There might be a glimpse of truth in the U.S. media there.

MILLER: You’re cranky this morning, but I still love you.

Miller was clearly
caught off-guard by the idea that anyone from the left would want to hold Obama accountable for his promises and rhetoric.

Last year, Air America Radio considered hiring Barr, but passed, leaving her with a local program in California. But they may have made a big mistake: as Obama's popularity inevitably fades, an independent left-wing voice probably has a much greater chance of success than the others with their partisan talking points.

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  • I never respected Rosanne Barr before this interview... mostly because I never cared for her TV show or rendition of the National Anthem. She was spot-on, brave, and nailed TOTUS for the shill he is. I visited her blog and will have to spend more time there - It looks pretty interesting. She has more guts and brains than Glenn Beck or any of the talking heads.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 June, 2009 23:19  

  • She is about two years too late in figuring out Hopey Changey is full of bull.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11 June, 2009 00:25  

  • Who would have ever thought that it would take someone with a history of mental illness to see Obama and his mindless bots for what they are?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 June, 2009 09:15  

  • Egad, so that's what a "discussion" between two of the world's most stupid people sounds like.

    By Anonymous Track-A-'Crat, at 11 June, 2009 10:41  

  • "I was hoping for some change and for it to start there in the Middle East because that’s why everything in the world is screwed up including our economy."

    Oh. The reason that people are in foreclosure is because of the Jooooos. The reason the banks overleveraged in subprime loans and credit default swaps is because of the Jooooos. The reason that people aren't buying American cars is because of the Jooooos.

    What a baboon. Roseanne Barr, you uneducated, simpleton, benighted, subhuman, racist piece of trash, go to hell.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11 June, 2009 10:42  

  • so Barr shrieks about the Joooooos, and because she is Anti-Obama, conservatives are drooling over this interview?

    She is entitled to her opinion, I don't support Obama for different PATRIOTIC reasons, he sold out his agenda to insurance companies and Wall Street (something the Reaganite conservative hould love by the way)... but you conservatives are supposed to love Israel and the Joooooos. Remember Hannity told you "libs are Anti-semites"????? How can Maloney or any "conservative" agree with Barr??? Limbaugh would not approve, either would Levin, Hannity, or anyone on Fox. Cons are pro-Israel, and Barr is a far left Anti-semite on this issue. If Bush was president and Barr said this, you would be shrieking "Anti-semite" and having a heart attack !!! How are you cons, supporting this, ohhhh yeah, it's anti-Obama

    By Anonymous Rush'spydealer, at 11 June, 2009 11:26  

  • Where in the post am I agreeing with Barr?

    The point of this post is to highlight differences within the left. During Bush's second term, this occurred on the right as well.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 11 June, 2009 11:35  

  • One other point: if I were running Air America, I WOULD hire Barr.

    Why? Because the independent leftist path has more ratings potential going forward than Ed Schultz and his bought-and-paid for DNC talking points routine.

    That's simply from a PROGRAMMING perspective, I don't agree with her personally on much of anything.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 11 June, 2009 11:38  

  • Since Barr is Jewish herself, she can hardly be categorized as an "anti-semite". I think the term developed for those who demand fairness from the state of Israel (which is not a theocracy like the rest of the Middle east, so I'm told) is "self-hating Jew".

    By Blogger Lew Scannon, at 13 June, 2009 18:19  

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