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17 June 2009

Montel Accuses O'Reilly Of Bestiality Interest, Reagan Resorts To 'Rush Is Fat'


RFK Jr's Own Liberal Radio Network Spews It Daily

In a speech delivered last Friday, liberal Air America Radio host Robert F Kennedy accused conservative talkers of "feeding hatred" in the United States.

Kennedy was in Jackson, Mississippi for a Medger Evers memorial, according to the AP:

"They’re driving this kind of hatred," Kennedy, co-host of the Ring of Fire radio show, said in a brief session with reporters Friday after his speech.

"If you listen to right-wing radio, including so-called Christian channels, there is little to do with Jesus Christ’s values," he said.

Kennedy had been asked what he thought was the reason for the increase in killings such as Wednesday’s fatal shooting of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and last month’s killing of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kan.

Kennedy was Friday night’s keynote speaker for a longstanding annual memorial to Evers, the Mississippi NAACP leader who was killed outside his home in Jackson on June 12, 1963, during Robert F. Kennedy’s term as attorney general.

What Kennedy fails to point out, however, is that his own network has long been a bastion of hate, much of it born out of ratings desperation, a need to tear down successful political opponents and just plain mean-spiritedness.

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we've spent years documenting examples of hate speech from "progressive" radio. On any given day, a simple listen to their programming reveals personal attacks, slurs and sleazy misrepresentations.

In fact, on the very day Kennedy was pumping up the rhetoric in Jackson, two Air America hosts were providing what sadly is just another day in the warped world of libtalk.

First, gutter-dwelling, fake Obama quarter-peddling Air America libtalker Montel Williams used his program to insinuate that Bill O'Reilly has an unhealthy interest in bestiality, based on an entirely unrelated discussion by the FOX News Channel host regarding two male penguins.

Here's the exclusive Radio Equalizer clip:

Yes, at one point, Montel tries to weasel out of the bestiality accusation, but quickly backtracks right back to his original point.

Also on Friday,
fellow Air America talker Ron Reagan continued his recent trend of trying to break free from his reputation as a notoriously boring host with a (scripted?) personal tirade against Rush Limbaugh.

Again, here's the exclusive Radio Equalizer clip and transcript:

REAGAN: Right, what America really needs now is health advice from a guy whose weight fluctuates between Michelin Tire Man and the Fuji Blimp.

Exercisers are straining, straining the healthcare system? Are you sure you’re not confusing that with cigar-chomping, Oxycontin-abusing hypertenses of the body mass index of Madison Square Garden, straining the furniture they’re sitting on?

(Then plays audio clip of Limbaugh talking about exercise and weight control).

REAGAN: Don’t tell me about weight relatively under control! You’ve got man-boobs you can spin in other directions! If you don’t know your doctor’s name, it is because Oedipus Fat has gummed up your brain cells!

While personal attacks against Limbaugh from the left are a daily occurrence, too numerous even to mention here, Reagan's childish rant smacks of a particular brand of desperation. As a supposed "intellectual" who has always held himself above others, even in the face of relentless career failure, Ron Jr is clearly demanding our attention.

Interestingly, Limbaugh has recently lost 58 pounds on a wildly successful diet, so the "Rush is fat" crowd may need to revisit the elementary school playground for advice on a new set of personal attacks.

Does Kennedy believe Air America's own content should be held up as the right tone for public discourse in this country? When he's busy pointing fingers, they sure do appear to pointing right back at himself.

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  • Jr. Reagan is an idiot. He can't put two thoughts together without help, a la Obama.

    In years gone by, Jr. Reagan would be what we'd call Ronaldus Magnus' Idiot son.

    By Blogger PCD, at 17 June, 2009 14:58  

  • right wingers spout hate for America

    "lib talkers" spout hate for right wing hacks

    how'd the Palin "fire Letterman" rally go?

    41 people attended, I was there taunting terrorist right wingers

    By Anonymous CONSERVATISM=DEAD, at 18 June, 2009 00:19  

  • If given the chance, I would remind Kennedy that his network included the May 2004 incident in which Randi Rhodes said President Bush should taken out on a fishing boat and shot dead. The debate would then be over, and Kenndy would have to slink away and lick his wounds.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 00:57  

  • Commercial talk radio is an entertainment medium first, a source of information second, and a forum for balanced discourse third. This holds true regardless of the political inclinations of a show's host and target audience.

    Those who would disagree with the above either have never spent one second in the business or work for Air America.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 01:32  

  • too bad he was not in the car with his worthless father!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 12:34  

  • I watched the O'Reilly show that Montel loosely refers to. O'Reilly in past shows has never condemned homosexulaity itself or individuals. What he has come out against is Gay Marriage. Apparently this fact is lost upon pea-brained Montel. He is simply an idiot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 13:09  

  • Why is it that the liberals who have their "God" in the White House and own both houses of Congress are still raving mad with hate and viciousness? I don't get it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 15:44  

  • I have news for all you right wing nutballers..YOU ARE The HATEMONGERS! You spew it everday against Liberals. You think Liberals don't have Constitutional rights of freedom of speech or any other rights. You haven't gotten a clue.

    By Anonymous Deever Dave, at 18 June, 2009 16:38  

  • "What Kennedy fails to point out, however, is that his own network has long been a bastion of hate, much of it born out of ratings desperation, a need to tear down successful political opponents and just plain mean-spiritedness."

    LOL at the hypocrisy. As the saying goes - "the truth hurts."

    Btw, who the hell is Montel Williams?????

    By Blogger CATS_719, at 18 June, 2009 17:41  

  • montel 2nd rate talkshow host couldn't hold o'reilly jock. try working for the view montel. reagan what a joke! not worth a comment.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 17:42  

  • Look at the thoughts and ideologies of the enemies of the United States! If you take the time to do the research, and if you care about truth and higher standards, you will see it is the ideology of the far left that compares to that of our enemies. All I ask is that you do the research, be open, and speak the truth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 20:21  

  • What was Montel smoking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 22:48  

  • Montel is a washed up waste of time and Ron Jr would be nothing if he didn't have a famous dad. Hey all of you millionaire libs - get a grip and try to see where mainstream America is coming from!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 23:26  

  • A note for Beaver Dave: THE LEFT IS FULL OF HATEMONGERS. We have proven it. And the radical left does everything in their power to a) run away from debate and b) shut down the opposition. These are facts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2009 23:39  

  • Now I see why air america does so well, they've gone to the curb to pick through the garbage befor pick-up for their product.

    By Blogger johndan, at 19 June, 2009 09:54  

  • stop projecting, the right shuts down debates, the right counts on drama queens on the radio to spread their lies and gross exaggerations, the entire nation and the entire world understands the modern conservative movement is filld with mentally sick, dishonest, racists, bigots, xenophobes, militia types, jew haters and unemployeed paranoid, basement dwelling mama's boys.

    I saw the scum that listen to talk radio in mass, at a Levin book signing, the most pathetic, mama's boy losers assembled in one place

    The Palin rally last week, toothless, SSI receiving, sociopathic scum

    You people are embarassing to America. The sane conservatives I know are ashamed of Limbaugh, and the fake talk radio, Palin-Limbaugh-hannity wing of the GOP

    you freaks are the laughing stock of this country, Im tired of you low life, SSI receiving freaks, destroying our nation. You're very existance is damaging America

    By Anonymous TALKRADIODESTROYEDCONSERVATISM, at 19 June, 2009 10:44  

  • Montel wishes he was on the "D" list. Go smoke some more pot dipstick.

    By Blogger shamballa, at 19 June, 2009 10:48  

  • You're the one who is projecting, Beaver Dave. You are lying as well. Every word you spewed onto the keyboard is a lie, and you know they are lies.

    The rad left is full of hatemongers, liars, hypocrites, traitors and drug addicts. We will be laughing in your faces when Sarah Palin gets elected president in either 2012 or 2016.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 June, 2009 14:48  


    So, MoPee, how's that useless Brooklyn 'hipster' life going for you now that your Messiah has strangled the NYC economy?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 June, 2009 14:28  

  • republicans / conservatives hate facts and the truth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 22 June, 2009 04:41  

  • The communist party has a better shot at winning than that hack, Palin. Poor, poor anon, still clinging to failure and Anti-worknig class ideoigies ofd the terrorist right

    Palin will never be president


    get it into your Anti-amerian skull, you dirty terrorist

    to a sick conservative freedom means freedom for the rich to rape ther working class blind

    T.C "hipster"?? They are N.Y transplants, I was born and rasied in Brooklyn, and i fight like an animal, and would break every last bone in your Anti-American body, do not ever call me a "hipster", I grew up in the ghetto, and will rip you in 2, Staten island weakling.

    Both my jobs are solid, especially since I'm now G.M of my day job and my second job is 100% union

    don't you wish you were me?

    move out of your parents house, i did it when I was 19

    By Anonymous CONS'RTERRORISTS, at 22 June, 2009 15:21  


    By Anonymous PF1, at 22 June, 2009 21:34  

  • MoP, you have conservative friends? And you talk with them the way you do here?

    I can't shake the feeling that they just act ashamed of Rush Limbaugh to get you to shut up and move on to the next topic of conversation.

    Remember, lithium is your friend.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 June, 2009 10:44  

  • BRIAN,

    You Gotta Lotta Splainin to do !

    LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES or even LEFTIES AIN't SHOOTIN' up Churches Abortion Clinics Holocost Museums Police Officers...

    When they are investigate some of these "folks" they find o'reilly's hannity's and other con's books in there home.

    You wont hear this on fox "News" !
    Will you ?

    The fact is republicans / conservatives Hate Facts and Hate The Truth.

    By Anonymous The Anonymous One, at 23 June, 2009 15:30  

  • Fact; Most LIb talkers are NOT Millionaires ... many not even close.

    Fact; Most con Talkers ARE Millionaires and a Billionaire or 2 Some are Trust funders set for life at birth ... Talking to protect their MONEY and maintain control of the less advantaged period!

    By Anonymous The Anonymous One, at 23 June, 2009 15:39  

  • Brian where is my post?

    Are YOU ... Now afraid to post the real truth ?


    Don't be a chump . . . Cheif !

    By Anonymous The Anonymous One, at 24 June, 2009 02:06  

  • Sarah Palin will be president in either 2012 or 2016, MoPoop. And we will be laughing at your red-faced temper tantrums like never before.

    Left-wing lunatics are terrorists and traitors.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2009 00:53  

  • "I was born and rasied in Brooklyn, and i fight like an animal, and would break every last bone in your Anti-American body, do not ever call me a "hipster", I grew up in the ghetto, and will rip you in 2, Staten island weakling. "

    Punk, I've already given you the address. You want a piece? Come get it. I pass better than you in my stool.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 25 June, 2009 02:10  

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