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21 July 2009

Al Sharpton Angry With Callers Critical Of Barack Obama


Protecting Obama, Angry Sharpton Turns Against Audience


Faced with an increasing number of calls from African-American listeners angry with Barack Obama's performance, a frustrated Reverend Al Sharpton has begun to turn against his own radio audience in an attempt to diffuse it.

Until a week or so ago, Sharpton's radio callers remained seemingly euphoric over Obama's victory, rarely raising critical points. Almost with the flick of a switch, however, listeners are suddenly phoning the syndicated liberal talk host to express their concerns over unfulfilled promises and unclear results.

While polls still show Obama with as much as 97% approval among African-Americans, that doesn't mean there aren't significant concerns beneath the surface.

But these frustrated supporters, both men and women, have clearly phoned the wrong program. Rather than discuss their grievances, Sharpton has taken to angry outbursts, personal insults and threats. Only one, a woman named Fay from Detroit, seemed able to find him agreeable to her points.

Though Sharpton is known for attention-generating public confrontations, his radio program is normally quite the opposite, generally featuring polite conversation and often avoids controversy altogether.

In order to save Obama's strongest base of political support, is Sharpton willing to sacrifice his audience? You betcha.

First, here's the caught-on-tape clip capturing two of these callers, followed by transcripts of three. All have taken place over the past week on his syndicated radio program:

MARK ALLEN (CALLER) (48:22): Listen, man, I want to say something about the President’s (NAACP) speech. You know Al, you’ve run for office before and I can’t imagine after 30 years of us working together in the trenches that you’ve finally become Senator or whatever and I can’t talk to you no more, or you don’t respond the way that you do now to different people that call you from around the world. Even today, they bring you issues. You respond back with yes, no, maybe so. Or something. I think that we had this conversation several months ago.

Remember when Barack Obama first announced, he was going to develop this office on urban policy that was going to lift the people up on the bottom in urban areas, based upon what happens in Chicago.

Well, months later, Chicago's blowing up. Where’s the urban policy? New York, Detroit, all these areas where the NAACP has chapters, they’re dealing with record unemployment, rise in urban crime. And then as opposed to coming before all of these chapters and say look, here’s how my public policy is about to lift all your people up. That you could hold, be publicly accountable to. He gives one of those good, I told you so, do this kind of speech and walk away without saying any public policy by which the people can hold… (Sharpton interrupts)

SHARPTON: So you think there wasn’t enough policy in his speech?

ALLEN: I think he did one of those good Sunday morning, like some preachers say, all I gotta do is get up and speak for twenty minutes. I could go back to I could give a good feel-good session. But, when it’s over, I didn’t hear him say nothing about urban policy? Do you know right now Al, there are hundreds of millions of dollars that are still sitting in various levels of bureaucracy of people who got grass roots job programs to put people to work right now. The anti-crime program, ceasefire.

SHARPTON: Well see, I think where I do agree with you is there’s got to be some specifics that why we having the Conference in Atlanta following this up and some of his White House people will be there and we had on the head of urban policy the other day. I agree with you there, but I also question what kind of preachers you hang out with that all they want to do is make us feel good twenty minutes on Sunday morning. But I understand. I know some of the folks you hang out with in Chicago, so I’ll let that go, Mark. We’ll take a break. We’ll be right back.


SHARPTON: Let’s go to Sadiki in Boston. Sadeki?

SADIKI KAMBON: Rev. Sharpton, how you doing?

SHARPTON: Good how are you?

KAMBON: You and your assistant there, I hope you’re having a good day. What I was calling for is I know there has been a lot of talk in terms of whether or not the President talks down to black people. Let me just say, well, there’s a couple of things. Number one that in certain respects I think that we allow President Obama to patronize us.

Examples being that, like for instance, I think that the NAACP speech and others, nice speeches, but he didn’t say anything and in certain aspects of the words, basically you know critical of black people just like Father’s Day, not this Father’s Day, the one before it. On that Father’s Day he came up and criticized black men in particular about responsibility, which we need to deal with, but did not necessarily have to deal with then.

But for me, when I say patronize, it seems like black folk are still caught up in the euphoria of his election and it’s because he’s a black President that we allow things to happen. Say for instance, and that includes black leadership. Like for instance, the International Conference on Racism, his boycotting that.

And worst thing, we don’t agree with it. Now, do you think the Jews said would say we didn’t we don’t agree with you if he was to send a delegation? No, they told him you better not send a delegation.

Also on the issue of black farmers, where is the money for the black farmers in terms of the compensation for past wrongdoings? The black college issue, I heard you talking about the fact and this is the whole thing about patronizing that he appointed as special consultant to deal on the issue of black colleges. You don’t need a special consultant Mr. President. Put the $85 million dollars back there, not only on a temporary basis, but on a permanent basis.


SHARPTON (Addressing Sadiki's earlier call, as promised): Where I disagree with a lot of people and I have to say this, is that President Obama is doing what he promised. When some of us said during the election that we need to get straight on things about the black community, a lot of people called, no don’t do that, y’all just jealous, y’all player hating. Told us to shut up.

Now, he is doing exactly what he promised and y’all want us to go back now and make him do something he never promised. The reason that I’ve been so supportive of the President, he ain’t he’s not lied he never told no body he I got to apologize for slavery. He ain’t saying noting now he didn’t say last year. He never told y’all he was supporting reparations. He said he didn’t and y’all beat us down. ‘You gotta support the brother. What are you taking so long for, Sharpton?’

One lady from Chicago ran around lying that I cut a deal with Clinton. And I we went ahead and supported it. Now, when people ain’t getting what they did, what they wanted, its cause we couldn’t get a lot of this press in advance because they told us to shut up and let it go through. So, I mean blame yourselves, activists!

Thank you Fred. Let’s go to Facebook and Twitter.

Now, when I say blame yourselves that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold him accountable because we should and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay on these issues, and we will. That’s one of the reason we’ve been on these things. But, I don’t want to hear it from some people because they were the same people criticizing me when I said ‘Mr. Obama I want to know this that and the other thing' in advance and made him come to our convention and deal with that. They accuse us of everything. Should we hold him accountable? Yes. Should we be critical? Yes.

But should some of y’all that jumped on us and told us don’t ask him no questions, shut up, I don’t want to hear from you! I want and I dare you to call my show because I’m going to tell you to your face, you didn’t want it. Some of y’all thought you were going to get your little deal, you didn’t get it and now you’re mad. Hello. Cause I know people who went publicly hollering and screaming, “where’s Sharpton? What’s the deal?’


FAY (female caller from Detroit): Okay, hi Rev Al Sharpton and Britney (producer / niece). My opinion is, the President is keeping to his campaign promises, but he’s not completing things. He’s taking on too many things at one time. For example, we need jobs. People need jobs. If you don’t have jobs, you can’t revenue money and you can’t bring in money. I just feel that even though he (Obama) gave money out to the different states, no jobs were created. People are still losing… (call disconnected)

SHARPTON: Now I think you have a legitimate concern. The one thing I think there’s a problem and I saw the President’s Budget Director on one of the shows last night, is that you know they’re not in this recovery, there’s not jobs that are being I think that’s a legitimate concern. So on that one I’ll give you that. I think Fay raises a very good concern.

From here, will Sharpton continue to take these calls, screen them out, or develop a new strategy altogether? Only one thing's for sure: there will be more.

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  • Black unemployment was near 15% in June, with the phony accounting method. Real was probably more like 25%.

    Nowhere to hide form the facts. Blacks want jobs too.

    Is it any wonder ZERO delayed the bad news report?

    By Blogger 10ksnooker, at 21 July, 2009 09:04  

  • I'd say there are millions in every city unemployed, and the ones employed are in jobs, well, they're not really jobs...

    We have a gigantic welfare state, and we have these "past wrongdoings" that this healthcare ripoff is designed to help...

    What a bunch of racist garbage these black guys are shoveling.

    By Blogger E Buzz, at 21 July, 2009 18:20  

  • oh my, the chickens are coming home roost.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 18:25  

  • the CHICKENS are coming roost.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 18:26  

  • Where is the birth certificate? He may be ineligible to be president.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 18:49  

  • The conversations in that transcript are so illiterate, I can't even figure out what the speakers' points are supposed to be.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 19:21  

  • Aside from the woman Faye, these racist callers are all complaining because Obama isn't pandering enough to blacks. They don't like that he said black males need to responsible, they're demanding he start permanently directing money to black colleges, black farmers need money, black black black.

    They're pissed because he didn't walk in divert all of America's resources directly to them. What a pathetic mentality those loser callers have.

    By Anonymous cocho, at 21 July, 2009 20:22  

  • Sharpton is too vested in his racial politics. Why bother calling him?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 22:13  

  • Basically, I guess these callers are disappointed that they still have to put gas in their car, pay mortgages, pay for health care, food, etc, as they were under the illusion that all these things were going to go away once Obama took office.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 23:26  

  • Sadiki is well-known for calling any Boston-area talk show to make unsubstantiated claims of racism.
    A few years back he and his pal City Councilor Chuck Turner (yes, the $1000 bribe guy) got the Boston Globe to print part of their porn collection on page 2 by convincing the Globe that it could be used to help sway the 2004 presidential election by smearing the US military.

    By Anonymous Cap'n Spackle, at 22 July, 2009 00:14  

  • At least sharpton has the guts to put callers on the air who are not in agreement with him.

    Same can't be said for terrorists like Limbaugh, Hanntiy, Levin and the rest

    By Anonymous shriekingcons, at 22 July, 2009 10:37  

  • for the good reverend he reads as a very civil guy a far cry from what you get off the radio show. It seems clear that the America that voted for this vapid loser in the White House are all starting to have second thoughts. Obamas trus colors are starting to show his elitism, arrogance and distain for his country, his people and our history are on display. He'll be lamed ducked by November of 2010Thank God

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 July, 2009 11:07  

  • This was the only good thing about electing Obama, it shined a light on the racism against whites. No one alive today had anything to do with slavery, why should we pay any reparations? And the racist comment about blacks and jobs. Where is your proof? You know you are full of crap!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 July, 2009 13:09  

  • Let's see:Obama sends 900million to Hamas controlled Gaza,compromises national security by releasing top secret interrogation techniques to the public,disses our allies(Israel) and embracing dictators,he's nationalizing banks and health care, ruining car companies, killing jobs(2.3 million and climbing since the "stimulus"),showing complete and total weakness concerning N.Korea and Iranian nuke programs, dissing the U.S.A. and the Christian faith every chance he gets(remember the cross covering at Georgetown, National Day of Prayer and the "GOD and Country" fly-over diss which the Obama administration said was "to Christian in nature"),creating a culture of death through abortion,stimulating us into a 10 TRILLION (with some spending estimates as high as 23.7 trillion) estimated debt(over 10 yrs.)with millions going to the most outrageous projects( tunnels for turtles, pig odor research, etc.)ever. Cap and trade where the Gov. will require businesses to spend millions to billions on their facilities (they'll pass that on to you or go somewhere else.did someone say China?) and homeowners thousands who want to sell their homes to bring them up to the Governments global warming environmental hoax "code", and trying to strong arm the house and senate and the American people into universal health-care( I'll bet you didn't know that that the bill contains:
    1. Gov.Rationing board. They make the decision whether you get care,not your private Doctor.
    2.Advisory board for the elderly in advanced stages of illness.(" Sorry! but you did and are doing the STATE and humanity a great service in not continuing your care")
    3. Huge reduction in medicare and medicaid funding to help pay for this bill.
    4. 1%or 1.5% tax per employee on small businesses grossing over $250,000 who don't provide health ins. to employees.
    5.You can keep your insurance but if you change jobs, for any reason, and that new job doesn't have the same insurance you MUST go to the government option.
    6.Once enacted ALL Insurance co. CANNOT and I repeat CANNOT enroll new members.This virtually eventually ELIMINATES private Insurance.
    7.$2500 a yr. fine for not having insurance.To avoid this you HAVE to go to the Government program since Insurance can't enroll new members.
    8.Abortions( LEGAL BABY KILLING) will be paid for through this program using OUR tax money.)and it goes on and on and on.Now if you agree with all that, less power to ya. I don't care whether he's a brother or not but his Ideological Darwinian ,commie-marxist-socialist policies do nothing more than keep us where we are. Government enslavement policies keeps us "nice" Negros in the hood, abortion clinics in OUR communities controls our population and entrepreneurship is subliminally achieved only through "the number".Bringing out man's greatest business virtues is suppressed. For at $250k your just another rich person that didn't earn his money but got it off the backs of the workers therefore he will tax you to death and give it back to your employees.Obama is nothing but a very radical Darwinian, communist, marxist,Muslim sympathizing, American hatin Chicago Politician. Nothing more,nothing less.

    By Anonymous mmttomb3, at 22 July, 2009 18:06  

  • If people would study Gods word they would LEARN being a Rev and Alsharpton are not synomis. Al Sharpton does not speak in agreement with Gods word, he defies the truth. Jesus didn't call people too be as Al Sharpton is.

    By Anonymous truthislove, at 24 July, 2009 00:57  

  • Well shrieking, I hear a lot of "disagreements" on Levin and the rest so gotta disagree with you there.

    These callers should be made to listen to themselves and try to form one coherent thought, that was painful to read, can't imagine listening.

    And I'm not sure but this health care crap could indeed be part of "reparations" since Obama did tell the NAACP that he was against reparations "payments" because they wouldn't go far enough.

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 25 July, 2009 10:35  

  • The great black hope has turned into the great black dope.People it's too late too start bitching now especially you dumnass white people that ran to the polls to vote for this idiot.White people are the majority,a majority of dumnasses!

    By Blogger knewbetter, at 26 July, 2009 10:11  

  • Brothers and sisters - Black, White, and all shades between. . . Don't let these professional manipulaters get between us. Gather together. Rebuild our economy so it supports all honest men and women who want to work.

    By Anonymous colorblindwhitey, at 26 July, 2009 23:21  

  • I have to agree with colorblindwhitey. This new racial tension that was ushered in by Obama and his team of hacks has put members of my family at odds with my daughter-in-law and my grandchild. They feel like they can't say what they want because they will hurt her feelings (which isn't true, because she is very conservative), but they get on the internet and see crap like this. I raised my child to be colorblind and what did it get him? A nice big fat racial war if the President keeps going down this path of pandering rather then leading. We are all one Nation Under God.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2009 16:55  

  • I find it interesting that Maloney can stir up the issue of race in this piece but never mentions the true racists like Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly. Or did I miss that commentary?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 January, 2010 16:11  

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