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24 July 2009

Al Sharpton's Niece Explores Punishment For Woman Who Called Cambridge Police


Is It Possible To Make The Reverend Appear Moderate?

For those who have long felt the Reverend Al Sharpton was far too moderate, your prayers have finally been answered!

Meet Brittany Sharpton, his niece, radio sidekick and likely graduate of Angela Davis College, where she majored in Stop Snitchin'.

Because the debate over the arrest of Harvard's Henry Louis Gates Jr wasn't quite heated enough, Brittany (shown here, oddly enough, with Newt Gingrich) has decided to finally pin the blame where it belongs: on the neighbor who phoned Cambridge Police to report a possible burglary.

Even when Al Sharpton Show guest David A Wilson attempted to shoot down Brittany's questions about "repercussions" for the nearby resident who called the cops, she pushed the subject anyway. Clearly concerned that his niece was shifting the direction too far from his anti-police tirades, it took Uncle Al's intervention to refocus on the designated talking points.

Here's the clip and partial transcript:

BRITTANY SHARPTON (44:24): What I was also wondering is what should be the repercussions for this lady that reportedly you know called and thought someone was breaking in. If he’s lived here for so many years, I’m sure she knew that, even if she didn’t... (Guest David A Wilson interrupts)

DAVID A WILSON: Well maybe she didn’t know. It just one of those sort of things where it’s difficult. Yeah, cause you would think that she would have recognized him, or you know, I don’t know the circumstances behind that.

BRITTANY SHARPTON: Cause I’m thinking, even when the police came and she realized, okay, I’m sure she was still quote-unquote looking out her window she saw that this was Professor Gates, her neighbor after all these years. She should at least you know stopped it just seems like you know anyone could basically report anything and this is what happens when you’re black.

If this is any indication of what can be expected from the next generation of "civil rights leaders", then we'd all better watch out.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 July, 2009 23:56  

  • Well, you know, what do, you know, expect you know?


    Al, reign her in and send her back to school!

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 25 July, 2009 10:10  

  • I dont agree, Chris Rock said it best, He cant live in certain neighborhoods and He's rich, nothing has changed, we African American have had to protect ourselves from this type of racial profiling all our lives, this is not new, we keep id on us at all times, we keep pictures of ourselves on the wall, we keep photo albums on the coffee table, a trained officer should have been able to id the Professor in two minutes, so lets get the story straight, Its a typical jealous cop seeing a black man, in a nice neighborhood and wondering how the hell did he get this. And because you put BHO in the White House, it didnt give us a free pass against racial profiling. And to all you Al Sharpton haters, he is all we have that will go in front of the media and speak out for blacks, whether good or bad, and except for Jessie Jackson, we all stay in our place because of repercussions, and Colin Powell, Juan Williams,Bho etc are not spokespeople for the Black Community

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 July, 2009 10:42  

  • It probably never occurred to the neighbor that Prof Gates would be at the back, putting a shoulder to his back door with another person, the driver, that she certainly would not have recognized. From her vantage point, she may have only been able to see the driver clearly and not recognized him at all. Also, as a neighbor, she was probably aware that the professor was out of town on a trip and not exactly sure when he planned to return from his trip to China.

    As for the professor's behaviour, it was completely inappropriate. Once, my house was burgaled. The police officer asked me to step outside for my own safety until he could verify that the house was empty and he did ask for my id to make sure I was the home's owner.

    The professor should have thanked the neighbor for keeping an eye on his place and getting involved enough to be willing to call the police. No skin off her back if the thieves take all his belongings.

    The professor should have graciously shown his picture id with his address to the officer when asked and then thank the officer for responding to the professor's aide. No skin off the officer's back if thieves had stolen all the professor's possessions.

    Since when are Harvard's professors above being civil to law enforcement officers and helpful neighbors. I think Harvard should rebuke him for behavior unbecoming a Harvard professor - oh that's right Harvard espouses this sort of bull. He'll probably get lauded for his beligerant behavior - such a shame. He might be book smart, but I wouldn't want him teaching my child with his lack of appreciation for people who go out of their way to protect his domicile, even during his unusual behavior.

    It's not like he used his house key and opened the front door. He set the entire episode in motion with his suspicious behavior. What an ungrateful, pompous, attention seeking "Stupid" professor he is.

    As for Sharpton's niece, it's too bad we're in for a second generation of Sharpton family race baiting. They're very devisive people. They like it that way because when blacks and whites all get along the Sharptons will have to go earn an honest day's living doing something useful, like the rest of us reasonable persons. I wish you wouldn't provide them with an outlet - just ignor them and we'll all be better off. They can't prosper without your direct help.

    By Anonymous Susanna, at 25 July, 2009 13:52  

  • I hate to disillusion the Sharptons and all for their knowledge on this but what I read was the so called neighbor actually lived in Malden, MA ( about 8 miles or more away from Cambridge) and was just passing through which means she would have no idea who the obviously prima donna of a professor was and was simply trying to do her civic duty. He should have been relieved someone cared about his home to bother to call the police. So before the Sharptons of this world weigh in, they might want to make sure of their facts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 July, 2009 01:38  

  • Nice to see the the Sharpton family of division and hate continues with the legacy of the grand master. Divide the nation, who needs facts and who are the racists now? Majority aint white folks anymore apparently.

    By Blogger GIJOE, at 26 July, 2009 17:39  

  • Actually I was quite amazed that Sharpton had left this one alone but apparently he has the niece taking the cheap shots on this one. Nice divide us organization of vitriol ole Al you have not changed a bit...........

    By Blogger GIJOE, at 26 July, 2009 17:41  

  • The Sharptons like the Obamas are racists to the core. If there are any reprocussions it should be the Sharptons being taken off the air and Obama removed from office.

    By Blogger PCD, at 28 July, 2009 10:41  

  • Maybe obama will appoint a caucasian to an Important Position.Surgeon General, supreme court nomination are all minorities,but this does put him in the good grace of minorities in the 2012 election he has a method in his madness. He cares about himself only. I still believe he is a muslim at heart and a racist he may change my opinion but I won't hold my breath.

    By Blogger Kenneth, at 13 August, 2009 17:10  

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