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22 July 2009

Montel Williams Suggests Republicans Advocate Mass Murder


Libtalker Montel Has Idea For GOP's Obamacare Opponents


Doing his part to push Obama's socialized medicine plan, Air America libtalker Montel Williams believes the "reform" legislation is so foolproof that the GOP's only potential alternative plan would be mass executions for the uninsured.

Here's the clip, followed by a transcript:

MONTEL WILLIAMS (hour two, 27:24): If in fact the GOP doesn't like any form of... health-care reform, what do we do with those 40 to 60 million uninsured?

From this point on, I'm telling ya, when they show up at the emergency room, just shoot 'em! Kill them! Drag them off and throw them in... I saw that in Kenya.

I [saw] people dying in the [Nairobi] slums, and every morning somebody goes through and retrieves the bodies. If we really say... we can't help those 40 million people, do we have enough body bags? I don't know...

Say what you want about whether Williams is half-joking, serious, or whatever, but if this is what passes for constructive discourse, it's no wonder Obama's plan is facing so much internal resistance from moderate Democrats.

Williams is apparently unaware that millions of these uninsured Americans already qualify for taxpayer-funded public health insurance.

Nor is it any surprise that Barack himself has yet to grasp the proposal's key points.

This isn't the first time we've heard mass-murder rhetoric from liberal talk radio as it relates to their conservative opposition. Why has this become a recurring theme?

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  • Obama tonight said something about getting rid of procedures that don't make us well... like dialysis and things that only keep people alive?

    Isn't Montel the same guy who was hawking fake Obama coins on TV after the election?

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 23 July, 2009 00:17  

  • The GOP?

    I thought that was one of the White House Science Czar's Ultimate Solutions?

    By Blogger Dave, at 23 July, 2009 03:17  

  • The mass murder rhetoric comes from the secret desire by the Left for Death camps to eliminate the right, the Rich, the Christians, the Joooossss,... basically everyone that opposes them.

    Remember, the Left never had a problem with Saddam's mass graves and would have left him in power to continue filling them with his victims.

    Also, remember all the comments by MoPoop telling his opposition to eat lead?

    By Blogger PCD, at 23 July, 2009 11:15  

  • John Holdren is a nazi. Plain and simple. half of the people appointed by Obama are crooks and the other half are insane.

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 23 July, 2009 15:56  

  • This follows along with the instructions from Daily Kos that they not try to discuss this issue with facts and figures, but to do it with "snarky dismissiveness".

    Look for the article on Lewis Black's video.

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 24 July, 2009 09:09  

  • Are liberals really this stupid? How is it that they believe their own crap? They claim they watch Fox News all the time (because its entertaining of course) to try to prove that is the only reason the ratings are so high, yet they don't know the conservative position about any issue. They listen to idiots like Montel Williams, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart and get the most ridiculous impression of conservatives.

    By Blogger dlauf87, at 26 July, 2009 11:05  

  • dlauf87, what makes it really interesting is the Ohio University study that showed conservatives generally use a wider range of sources for their news information.

    That is the ONE good thing coming out of this current disaster, we are becoming a more politically and economically educated group.

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 26 July, 2009 16:28  

  • Montel another voice of moderation and Change from a life long liberal. Fact please, apparently none apply, Montel the new racist face of America. What a great DIVIDER!!!!!! This must be some of that change you can count on? Sort of like secret ballots for unions.....

    By Blogger GIJOE, at 26 July, 2009 17:45  

  • The white house science guru/czar was the only one I know advocating population control through forced sterilization and Euthenasia...Montel hate monger get a clue!!!!!!!

    By Blogger GIJOE, at 26 July, 2009 17:46  

  • See Kids, this is just another reason not to smoke pot. You end up having hallucinations on a radio show and talking about Stalin/Hitler/Mugabi/Pol Pot (all Socialists, btw) type mass murder.

    Drugs are bad, mkay???

    By Blogger brucestrav, at 19 August, 2009 00:20  

  • Montel is a pitchman for infomercials for a product called, in fact it sounds as though he has a piece of the action.
    Perhaps we need to let them know at their 800 number (you know how to find it) just how we feel about their spokesman telling congresswomen to stab themselves and and 17 year old newspaper interns that he will blow their house up.
    Aren't product pitchmen supposed to be non-controversial?
    Does this business actually only want business from the looney left?

    By Anonymous Mark, at 06 September, 2009 03:49  

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