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17 July 2009

MSNBC's Schultz Has On-Air Meltdown Over Rush Limbaugh


Would Ed Schultz Really Stand By His Claims?

In broadcasting, there's
an old saying that it's perfectly okay to develop a huge ego, as long as the ratings are there to back it up.

Clearly, Ed Schultz is unaware of this, or he's gone so far off the deep end that he has lost any sense of self-awareness. That's perhaps the only way to explain his increasingly-desperate tirades against conservatives, other liberals (!) and even callers.

Sure, he's looking for attention and in providing it here, there is some risk in simply handing him the career promotion Schultz (seen in image in front row of presidential news conference) craves more than life itself. On the other hand, his claims are so dubious as to demand our scrutiny.

Using personal insults to attack Rush Limbaugh is now so common on the left side of the political fence that it's almost become mundane. Schultz, however, takes the hate to a new level, making fun of El Rushbo's hearing loss and perhaps worst of all, calling him a "fat pig" and a "loser":

Here's the exclusive Radio Equalizer clip and transcript from Wednesday's Ed Schultz Show:

SCHULTZ (18:36): Apparently the drug-ridden loser Rush Limbaugh, he thinks because he's got a lot of money and a lot of stations that he's a success in life, the guy that can't hear because he did so many drugs and had no self-discipline and character has now taken his first shot at me on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC. I love it!

SCHULTZ: Do you know why we call it "The Ed Show"? Because I'm not beholden to anybody. I don't need to be called some title, other than me, Ed! And I start every show with an Op-*Ed*.

And I'm inviting the drug-ridden scumbag, Rush Limbaugh, on The Ed Show to debate me on any topic! He won't do it because he's a drug addict and he's a coward, a complete coward. Plus he probably couldn't hear me if he was on The Ed Show.

SCHULTZ: C'mon you fat pig. Let's get it on. I'm getting ratings without you. Hell, I'm doing you a favor. C'mon, Rush! Let's get it on! Get out of your compound down there. Get away from your drugs. Go see the doctor and get some hearing. Maybe you could pick up a 19th girlfriend. Maybe you could try marriage again. By the way, Rush, you got any kids? Oh, you're out of the mainstream!

Oh but you got a radio show that they shove on everybody. C'mon, Rush, come on "The Ed Show". Prove to your listeners that you're not a coward. By the way, let's play golf since you like to do that. My family can kick your ass in that too.

But who is the real "loser"? Since successful talk stations are built around his program, it's hard to imagine any station believing Rush Limbaugh has been "forced" upon them.

At the same time, Ed's MSNBC ratings simply do not supply Schultz with bragging rights. In fact, they are abysmal. On Wednesday, for example, The Ed Show had the lowest 25-54 ratings in all of cable news-talk, with an average of just 71,000 viewers. Even Headline News beat him. Yesterday, the numbers were only marginally better.

In the end, if Ed cares at all about maintaining personal credibility, he should refrain from attempting to deny Rush Limbaugh's success. That simply isn't in dispute.

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  • I've asked this question before...

    Ed who?

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 July, 2009 22:22  

  • Who is this Ed of whom you speak?

    By Anonymous platypus, at 17 July, 2009 22:55  

  • He reminds me of MOP with the name calling. This Ed must come from that same loser gene.

    By Blogger pf1, at 18 July, 2009 02:17  

  • Platypus and Carl:

    There was an old TV show called Mr. Ed, about a horse who talked out of his mouth.

    This Ed from MSNBC...well, not exactly the same...

    By Blogger Chromium, at 18 July, 2009 08:59  

  • 600 affiliates, mostly powerful.


    A handful of affiliates, usually weak.

    On radio, who's the loser?

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 18 July, 2009 09:33  

  • THAT called Rush fat??

    Oh man. He needs a mirror and a scale.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 18 July, 2009 19:15  

  • a petulant child screaming for attention.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 18 July, 2009 21:52  

  • Ed Schultz Goes Overboard in 'Psycho Talk' Rant About Rush Limbaugh; Mocks Deafness

    By Anonymous StewartIII, at 19 July, 2009 12:49  

  • Ed has some serious issues.

    By Anonymous austin personal trainer, at 19 July, 2009 16:26  

  • Back in the 70's we used to call guys we did not like an 'ED'. Never knew who he was until now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 July, 2009 00:44  

  • ahhhh look at the cons defend their hero, Rushie, because little Ed Schultz called him fat and a loser

    If Schultz was so irrelevant, why bother posting on it?

    ED is On the TV

    Rush got fired from TV in a few weeks of his shows inception

    in other words ED is a winner at television, and Rush is a loser at television. Ed has had more success on TV than Rush, and his ratings have increased, and his radio show is doing fine, although I don't listen nor care, but if he pisses off terrorists (ditto heads) good for ED

    By Anonymous BigEDscaresconsheep, at 20 July, 2009 16:56  

  • Fact check: Rush is no longer "Fat" He has been true to his diet..even losing weight on a 1 week golf vacation.

    One could only hope to be so good and effective that they would become a constant target people like this "Ed".

    Perhaps he should ask Rush to share his diet secrets?

    By Anonymous JD, at 20 July, 2009 20:51  

  • And people say Glenn Beck is a loose cannon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 July, 2009 11:53  

  • Why won't rush go 9 rounds on the radio with Big Eddy ?

    Cuzz rush is a big Pussy !

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 23 July, 2009 20:45  

  • I hear more crap about Rush coming from the left media than you ever do from the right. They are really obsessed with him.

    Saw Rush for the first time since the CPAC on Greta yesterday and he has lost ALOT of weight! But really, other than that, he is just not in the news the way the libs would try to make people think.

    Get over it ED!!!

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 25 July, 2009 10:18  

  • I remember Sgt. Shultz, but am not familiar with this newer incarnation...

    By Anonymous Wbradk, at 27 July, 2009 00:07  

  • I must say you are going about it in the right way to boost your ratings, using Rushs' name. If it weren't for him, Glenn Beck, Hannity, Greta, etc, we wouldn't be informed of the corruption going on in our government, instead of fighting with Rush you ought to help us fight for what little freedom "WE THE PEOPLE" have left..Cause they're trying to stop "our"(yours included) freedom of Speech. listen to Rush sometime you might learn something !

    By Blogger Trish912, at 27 July, 2009 06:48  


    This is the typical hate-mongering ignorance we routinely hear from the Move-On/Soros/Acorn left.
    But where is the outrage over ol' Ed ridiculing the hearing impaired and substance-addicted disabled?

    Hmmmm, How would AP, the NY Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and oh yes, the mother of all closed-minded decit...MSNBC, have handled this story if, oooooh say Sean Hannity had said this?

    By Anonymous NORBIT, at 27 July, 2009 07:05  

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