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18 August 2009

Ed Schultz Shifts Blame To Dick Morris, Levin Blasts MSNBC Talker


MSNBC Talker's Creative Editing Points Fingers Elsewhere

*** EQ FOLLOW-UP ***

Has a clear explanation
for the bizarre rantings of MSNBC's Ed Schultz finally emerged? Thanks to Mark Levin, the mystery may be solved.

Meanwhile, using a brief quote taken wildly out of context, Schultz has attempted to shift the blame for his recent smears to FOX News Channel Contributor Dick Morris. That's Big Ed's radio response to last week's assertion that conservatives "want Obama to get shot".

After that rant generated an angry response, Schultz resorted to cheap editing in order to suggest Morris was promoting terrorism.

Here's the transcript and clip:

SCHULTZ (01:56): You mean you're having a hard time with freedom of speech? Conservatives are having a hard time when someone's speaking their mind?


SCHULTZ (04:35): Oh, it's only good to say on one side, I get it! Listen, the very people that Dick Morris and the rest of these right-wing broadcasters are encouraging to go out, the very people they are encouraging to go out are the folks that are holding up these signs of hate.

SCHULTZ (07:00): And what is the response of the White House? The White House can't grow enough olive branches. That's their philosophy.

SCHULTZ (07:46): Is anybody calling these dogs off at any of these town hall meetings? No! They're not denouncing this. Hell, they love it!

Meanwhile, syndicated conservative
talker Mark Levin has his own take on Schultz's recent smear campaign:

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