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20 October 2009

Lefties Far From Finished With Rush Limbaugh


Lefties Look To Build On Limbaugh 'Success'

After their successful, yet smear-filled pressure campaign that scuttled his bid to buy the St Louis Rams, could we really believe the left is finished with Rush Limbaugh?

Of course not, they're just getting started.

With this rare victory scored after years of frustrating attempts to get El Rushbo off the air, "progressives" now recognize that cultural marginalization and isolation is the key to hurting Limbaugh and by extension, conservatives as a whole.

Their real objective: bolster Obama's sagging fortunes by destroying the opposition.

In the first phase, already completed, Limbaugh's Rams purchase was nixed. Second, using the legal system to put him out of business is being considered by Al Sharpton and perhaps others involved in the dishonest smear effort.

Another component of the campaign is to use partisan talking points to undermine his credibility by asserting that the "free market" system simply exercised its right to exclude Limbaugh. Here, the usual left-wing suspects are joined by resentful liberals inside the broadcast industry.

In the first example, Talkers Magazine Publisher Michael Harrison uses both this technique and then acts as though the false statements attributed to Rush were actually uttered on his program. From the Ed Schultz Show:

HARRISON (03:55): It's been a PR home run for him. As far as him being treated fairly, oh my heart bleeds for him. I mean, I can't buy the Rams, most people I know can't buy the Rams, so Rush can't buy them either.

Look, freedom of speech, Ed, guarantees the government's not going to stop you from saying what you have to say. But that doesn't mean you can't get into trouble for what you say, it doesn't mean that people may not like you, it doesn't mean private enterprises can't pick and choose who they want to buy into their organization, and Rush is a private citizen in that regard who has to live with the consequences of his very, very, very widely spread opinions.

So I do not feel sorry for him, I don't think he was treated unfairly, we should all have his problems.

Because they have
long resented his success, libtalkers and those in the industry who prop them up make natural allies for this effort. In the second example, the AP quotes a "conservative" host who uses the same suspect approach:

All franchise sales must be approved by 24 of the NFL’s 32 teams — an ownership group that is overwhelmingly white, conservative and focused on the bottom line, which could have suffered if fans or advertisers were angered by Limbaugh.

"There’s an argument that says the very principles Rush espouses — the free market — are what did him in," said the conservative radio host Michael Smerconish. "This IS the free market. These are private businessmen who made a decision about what was in the best business interest of their thriving venture.

"It’s definitely ironic. There’s a bit of hypocrisy here as well," Smerconish said, citing a study that showed 70 percent of NFL owners’ political contributions went to Republicans. "Through their dollars they are very supportive of the sort of politics that Rush talks."

But Smerconish is
no "conservative": he's tied closely to the Obama Administration, especially after publicly backing him last year. Further, the Philly-based host is syndicated by a libtalk outfit.

These are sleazy operators who now smell blood. Are they really about to give up, just as they begin to experience a rare taste of success?

No, they've only just begun.

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  • The free market was not responsible for Limbaugh losing his bid to become a minority owner of the St. Louis Rams in the NFL as phony "Conservative" a$$clown Michael Smerconish asserts. Lies, statements twisted out of context, & race baiting by Liberals & the state-run media did him in. Also anyone who takes a phony, opportunistic, boot-licking creep like Smerconish seriously is a complete boob. I'm from the Philadelphia area & Smerconish's stock has fallen greatly since the Obama coronation. His ratings have dropped 45% & his radio show is now a clone of Chrissy "The Tingler" Matthews BSNBC Liberal propaganda nightly rant "Hardbull". Take this fool seriously at your own peril. Smerconish will sell out the left & Obama in a heartbeat if he feels he'll get ahead by doing so. This man is for himself & himself ONLY! Leave Smerconish to his Arlen Specter worship & his Obama man-crush. Smerconish dreams of having the kind of following Limbaugh has & would like nothing more than to see him put out of business. Smerconish also wants Conservatism eradicated. He has said so on the air & in print. There is also something mentally unstable about a man posing nude on the cover of his most recent book of self-aggrandisement. Who the hell wants to look at a nude, bald, bearded troll with no credibility or class.

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 21 October, 2009 13:42  

  • Thanks for the info on Talkers Magazine guy Michael Harrison. Next time he flips out when someone mentions he sympathizes with the left, they can check out his pandering, unprofessional, hateful comments here. The left isn't going to stop these comments. The NFL thing looks very much like a mere setup. It gave the media the opportunity to bash Rush. Rush should have known Checketts and Soros have been in business for years and that Soros is in the Rams bid. Soros has caused massive suffering around the world, making horrific business deals in the dark of night and usually in a politician's office. Rush should know Soros has been convicted of stock fraud in 2 countries, so why would he allow himself to be in a deal with such a person?

    By Blogger framus, at 22 October, 2009 03:24  

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