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23 October 2009

MSNBC Libtalker Blames Balloon Incident For Ratings Struggles


Schultz: Balloon Boy Did Me In, I Need Your Help!

With its ratings in the toilet, MSNBC's future has never appeared more uncertain, particularly if NBC itself is broken off from parent company GE and sold.

That kind of shaky environment has cable talkers taking different approaches to career preservation. Chris Matthews, for instance, ducked a Boston Herald reporter's question earlier this week:

“Let’s just drop all the conversation about my network,” the “Hardball” host huffed the other day. “I’m not a media critic.”

It could be that Matthews got a little hot under the collar because his left-leaning network has been losing viewers.

During the recent third-quarter ratings period, Fox News averaged about 2.26 million total viewers in prime time and was up 2 percent from the same time last year. CNN had 949,000 viewers and was down 30 percent. MSNBC averaged 795,000 viewers and was down 10 percent.

In the coveted 25- to 54-year-old demographic, Fox News averaged 589,000 viewers and was up 5 percent. CNN had 288,000 and was down 39 percent. SNBC had 275,000 and was down 21 percent.

Mediaweek television analyst Marc Berman says Fox News is well above the competition.

“There’s bleeding everywhere except Fox News,” Berman said. “The rich has gotten richer and that’s Fox News.”

Fellow MSNBC libtalker
Ed Schultz has taken a different, if amusing approach: pleading with his radio audience to watch the TV show. From his syndicated program:

SCHULTZ - TUESDAY (04:52): We are trailing CNN for the month of October so we gotta get after it, Ed heads. We don't want to lose, do we? Come on now. That's the, the balloon boy really screwed me up. You know, it's what happened! They cook up this balloon thing and we gotta cover it and everybody runs to CNN to the tune of 3-, 400,000 more people.

Now I gotta bust ass here to the end of the month to make sure we win this thing again! That's what happens! That's just the culture of it! I couldn't find a political angle on the balloon thing, so that's what hurt me, I guess, I don't know.

SCHULTZ - WEDNESDAY (07:00): Thank you for being there, listeners, thank you. And I'm a little bit behind CNN this month because of that damn balloon story. That psycho who made, wanted to get a reality TV show, he's screwing everything up. I don't know what the deal is, it's a goofy business.

Every time some big story happens, people that aren't watching news, they end up going to CNN when they don't have to, we got the same coverage, because CNN's branded for 30 years. And all of a sudden the ratings go wacko and it takes me three or four or five or six nights to catch up with 'em and beat 'em.

Thanks Ed, for coming up with one of the craziest ratings excuses ever. Next time, try blaming it on a dingo.

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  • Schultz is a total a$$clown! The only thing sabotaging BSNBC's ratings, not to mention CNN's is a total lack of integrity & honesty & a leftward bias which would make Dan Rather proud. Even when they are in power leftists are a disturbingly unhinged lot. Question: if Ed Schultz fell on the set at BSNBC studios would a majority of Americans see it?

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 23 October, 2009 15:14  

  • Actually,
    The dingo did at the baby.
    The Australian MSM crucified the parent with false information. A tragic story.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2009 20:23  

  • Question: if Ed Schultz fell on the set at BSNBC studios would a majority of Americans see it?

    Answer: Maybe not...but a majority of Americans might feel it

    By Blogger ironhorzmn, at 23 October, 2009 21:45  

  • If you add all the viewers of CNN and MSNBC in the 25-54 demo (M-F Oct 1 through Oct 22 during the 6PM eastern time slot excluding the balloon day of October 15th )you will see that The Ed Show had 177,000 more viewers than did Wolf Blitzer on CNN. On October 15 , during the flight of the balloon, CNN had 249,000 more viewers than did The Ed Show on MSNBC. Other than this day, neither show had beaten the other by more than 86,000 viewers, (in the demo) on any single day in October. Infact The Ed Show had beaten Wolf Blitzer , in the demo, on 10 of the 15 other days M-F (excluding the balloon day) during the month (up through the October 22nd ratings).

    Looks like Ed is factually correct, other than the anomaly of "balloon day", The Ed Show is beating Wolf Blitzer in the 25-54 demo during the month of October.

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 24 October, 2009 03:55  

  • I'm wondering why BSNBC hasn't hire Dan Blather? He's more credible than Madcow or Olberdouche.

    By Blogger PCD, at 24 October, 2009 08:51  

  • Awww, the ‘loon thingy popped your widdle bubble, awww.

    Ed is so lame it hurts to listen to him.

    If he were to actually listen to this clip, maybe he would realize why he is a loser.

    If his boss were to listen to it, maybe we would all be rid of the creep.

    Seriously, one needs to have a loser’s kind of self-esteem to allow oneself to listen to this guy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 October, 2009 20:02  

  • Ed who?

    By Blogger Carl, at 24 October, 2009 21:35  

  • Looks like Schultz forgot to claim that the Balloon Boy hoax was a Karl Rove plot. Why haven't these lefties tried that angle yet? Come on, libs. Do we have to do all the work for you?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2009 21:32  

  • Funniest thing on the radio is listening to MR Ed the Talking Horse's AZZ's head explode!!!!

    Now that's good radio

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 October, 2009 10:51  

  • Well, the ratings are complete for the month of October. As I posted earlier, The Ed Show was behind Wolf Blitzer (in the demo) by 72000 viewers through the 22nd of October. (This included Wolf's win by 249,000 on "Balloon day") In the last 6 days of the month., The Ed Show overtook Wolf Blitzer, and won the month by 50,000 viewers.
    Thats right, The Ed Show won the October ratings battle with Wolf Blitzer.

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 03 November, 2009 04:00  

  • gee seems like someone forget to compare them to FOX in the rtaings
    that's a WHOLE different scoring ballagme now. isn't it

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 November, 2009 07:53  

  • Republicans are so afraid of Ed Schultz, they wish he would go away. He calls it right down the middle, even when it comes to the Democrats. The right wing is not interested in facts or reality so it's useless arguing with them. By the way, people love to watch crap like the balloon incident. That's how we are as Americans, we enjoy drama on TV. The balloon incident was drama. And to tell the truth I don't see a lot of people tuning into MSNBC to watch
    "balloon family" CNN will win that audience every time.

    By Blogger Becauseisaident, at 18 November, 2009 18:18  

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