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09 October 2009

Obama-Supporting Libtalkers Confronted By Baffled Callers


Libtalkers Backing Obama's Nobel Met With Puzzled Response


For liberal talk radio hosts,
this should have been a great day. After all, their president won the Nobel Peace Prize and with it, the respect and admiration of the world, right?

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way, thanks to a backlash that had even some of Obama's supporters wondering what could justify such an honor. A Wall Street Journal online poll, for example, currently shows more than 84% of participants saying he didn't deserve it.

Given the backdrop of a planned troop surge in Afghanistan, what can he point to that is compatible with a Nobel?

Media defenders, most prominently at the AP, quickly redefined the award as one of "promise" rather than accomplishment. Later, the wire service also claimed he was "humbled" by the selection.

For their part, libtalkers seemed surprised to take questioning calls from Obama voters. From today's Stephanie Miller Show, for example, here is how two were handled (at one point, even her producers share the skepticism):

CALLER LINDA IN ASHVILLE NC (7:43): A couple things. I’m a strong, ardent Obama supporter. I worked for him more than I worked for any other candidate. I stayed on the phone lines until our polls closed in North Carolina and I think that the Nobel Peace Prize is premature also. I think he had, if he had actually brokered a peace deal in the Middle East, ended the Iraq War. He’s given this prize on the eve of sending forty thousand troops to Afghanistan.

MILLER: We don’t know yet what he is going to do about Afghanistan.

LINDA: He’s probably going to send something in, so to me it’s premature and I was planning on calling you to express my concern about him for other reasons. I feel like he’s not a fighter.


MILLER (10:24): I’m sick of people who are getting sick of the Obama Administration already. For God sakes!

Question: why didn't compliant libtalkers see the backlash coming? Did they really believe this would be universally celebrated, even on their own side of the fence?

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  • If it helps, as best as we can tell, this is President Barack Obama's signature achievement in promoting peace (at least so far).

    [Keep in mind, that's no slight against President Obama, but rather the Nobel committee. Unlike the committee, the President has the potential to add meaningful accomplishments to his record.]

    By Blogger Ironman, at 09 October, 2009 19:58  

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