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19 September 2009

High Praise For Libyan Dictator During Sharpton's Radio Program


Farrakhan, Sharpton Await Libyan Dictator's Visit

What could be more fun than a visit from a murderous, thuggish dictator whose puppet government has long been a state sponsor of terrorism? In the wacky world of liberal talk radio, this kind of "historic" event is cause for celebration.

Listen as "Calypso" Louie Farrakhan and host Al Sharpton provide a sneak peek at the upcoming festivities. Welcome, "Brother" Khadafy!

Lockerbie? Never heard of it!

Here's the clip and transcript from Sharpton's Thursday program:

FARRAKHAN (14:23): Next week, as you may know, the General Assembly of the United Nations is opening and brother leader Moammar Khadafy along with many many other African, European and Asian and Latin American and Caribbean heads of state are going to be visiting the UN and the United States. This will be the first visit of Moammar Khadafy to the United States and since we have had a very long and fruitful friendship almost for the whole 40 years of his leadership of the Libyan Arab Jamariya we wanted to come into New York and say to our brother, welcome to the United States of America and welcome to New York City.

SHARPTON: Now, I understand Minister Farrakhan, that Colonel Khadafy will be addressing the United Nations and I saw in the interview in the Amsterdam (newspaper), you don’t know exactly what he is going to say, but you think it will be an historic address.

FARRAKHAN: Well you know, Brother Khadafy has been on the terrorist watch list for the United Stated for a long long time and this country and others have put sanction on him and Libya and his country worked through those sanctions and worked their way out of those sanctions and this year Libya is a part of the Security Council and it will be a Libyan Diplomat that will head up the General Assembly and so Brother Moammar Khadafy is coming to America to deliver a message. As you may know. This past year, he was voted Chairman or President of the African Union.

Good to know it's all been straightened out, Louie.

This exchange begs to be parodied on the Rush Limbaugh Show, doesn't it?

Image: AP

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