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03 November 2009

Libtalkers Already Blaming Dems Ahead Of Expected Losses


Expecting Losses, Libtalk Points Fingers Elsewhere

Expecting big losses in today's off-year elections, liberal talk radio is engaged in self-serving finger-pointing this week, making sure listeners aren't inclined to believe they are part of the problem.

A secondary aim: protecting Obama, of course.

And bringing an especially twisted version of events into the picture is MSNBC's Sylvester The Cat- channeling Ed Schultz, who is telling radio listeners that Dem defeats are the result of proceeding too slowly with ObamaCare and the public (government-run) option!

Let's give Ed extra points for creativity here, he's earned them.

SCHULTZ (05:41): Now you want to know why Corzine's in trouble in new Jersey? You want to know why this Creigh Deeds is in trouble in Virginia? And why all of a sudden there's a big uproar over this District 23A, or District 23 in New York? Because the Democrats are still messing around with health care! This election tomorrow is going to hit the Democrats like a freight train. Obama, in case you've been scoring it at home, has done five appearances for Jon Corzine. A former United States senator. A Goldman Sachs former CEO. An establishment guy. You want to talk about political capital being used on a gubernatorial seat.

Obama's trying to stop a reversal of what has been a pretty solid wave since 2006. And I offer you this commentary today, folks, that had we had done health care 30 days ago instead of worrying about Joe Lieberman, instead of worrying about going on vacation in August, how many, let me ask you this. How many more Republicans do we have than what we had back in late July before they went on vacation in August? You got a head count for me?! The number is zero. I've told you all along it was going to be zero.

I talked about the September stall. October, same old stuff! Here we are in November! THIS IS WHY I GET PISSED OFF!

And you know what?! The Democrats are going to get exactly what they deserve tomorrow! Because they ran around the country talking about change and when they went to Washington, they lost their teeth! They lost, they just didn't quite know how to take a bite out of their rear end and stick it to 'em!

With the spin machine barely warming up, watch for more gems to come over the next 24 hours or so. In the meantime, thanks to Big Eddie for getting the ball rolling.

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