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17 December 2009

Libtalker Characterizes Lieberman As 'Evil'


Libtalkers Unleash Tirades Against Questioning Senator


For a liberal-leaning US Senator, what's the price of questioning debt-inducing legislation that has yet to be seen in its final form? Joe Lieberman knows the answer: it's a daily dose of vitriol from the supposedly tolerant "progressive" movement.

For their part, libtalkers have been pounding on Lieberman for has wavering support for ObamaCare, ignoring (or simply not recognizing) the likelihood that the Connecticut independent is simply posturing for concessions and will ultimately support the bill.

That leads us to question whether liberal radio and cable hosts will want to be reminded weeks and months from now of moments like this, once Joe and the party have kissed and made up.

From the Bill Press Show:

BILL PRESS (13:49): I think the man is evil. And certainly it is all about Joe. It’s only all about Joe.

He doesn’t care about the public. Doesn’t care about the insured. Doesn’t care about the uninsured. Doesn’t care about the poor. He doesn’t care about America!

He cares about Joe and he cares about the insurance companies.

Press also referred
to the senator as "Traitor Joe" during the program. Is this the price of thinking independently?

Does a disagreement on a single issue really make Joe Liberman "evil"? And since when does the left believe in such a concept, anyway?

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  • I can't stand Bill Press...and I don't trust Joe Lieberman.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2009 23:55  

  • I think it is also outrageous that the radical left has targeted Hadassah Lieberman simply because they oppose her husband's views on healthcare. The left should be equally outraged. I imagine Harry Reid would not want the right to target his wife if there was a position which he took that was opposed by Republicans.


    By Anonymous Kauffman, at 18 December, 2009 15:30  

  • So, basically, it's beyond the pale for Sarah Palin to call the commissions that will ration health care "Death Panels," but it's okay to call Joe Lieberman evil and accuse him of wanting thousands to die (as Joel Klein did).

    By Anonymous Gregory of Yardale, at 18 December, 2009 16:27  

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