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20 January 2010

Mark Levin Responds To Glenn Beck's Crazed Tirade Against Scott Brown


Beck's World Domination Bid Threatened By Man In Truck


In the deranged world of Glenn Beck, 2010 is meant to be the Year of Global Domination. He's even got a Plan designed to reach this totalitarian goal.

Sadly for Glenn, out of nowhere, a man with a pick-up truck in Wrentham, Massachusetts has become a national political superstar by taking a wrecking ball to the Democratic Party's political machine.

Has Scott Brown derailed Beck's dream of limitless power? Probably not, but the syndicated radio / cable television host clearly feels threatened nonetheless. What else explains Beck's assertion that the Senator-Elect from Massachusetts could see his career end "with a dead intern"?

It's Glenn's way of cutting that truck's brake lines just as Scott prepares to drive it to Capitol Hill.

While conservatives and independent voters celebrated Brown's victory over a sinister political machine that has ruled with an iron fist for half a century, a pouncing Beck projected scorn and derision during today's radio program:

Beck's unhinged performance isn't sitting well with fellow syndicated talker and best-selling author Mark Levin. Reached via email a short time ago, Levin had this reaction to Beck's crazed rant:

You know, the really ignorant thing about criticizing Brown is that in kidding around with his girls, it actually shows he is a good family man. Ask any guy who is a father of girls: doing something deliberately to provoke the "oh daddy!" squirm of embarrassment from the teenage daughters is something only a father with a good, comfortable relationship does (and he never misses a chance to do so).

If smearing Brown was a joke, I don't think it was very funny. It's very weird.

At Riehl World View,
Dan Riehl notes the damaging nature of Beck's tirade:

Oh, I know. It's just comedy. But it won't be in two years when liberals supporting Brown's opponent troll it up to initiate a discussion around Scott Brown's victory speech - without the context of the whole thing. Nah, they'll just be citing a former CPAC speaker to engage in smear tactics against Brown because Beck is being given political credibility by the Right.

Most won't appreciate that, now. But Beck's radio show which, truthfully, relatively few people listen to compared to the other national hosts, will provide the Left with a treasure trove of remarks taken out of context to hurt the Right at the polls. But, why should Beck care? He's getting paid for it, after all.

If Beck were really a movement conservative, he would recognize this. So what is his real agenda?

UPDATE: Beck also used his FOX TV show Wednesday to attack Scott Brown:

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  • I was so surprised that he thought it was creepy. It was clearly a loving father teasing his ADULT daughters. I thought it showed what a normal guy and family life they have.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 17:52  

  • Scott Brown was just joking and Glenn Beck was just joking and Mark Levin was just being himself. No biggie.

    By Anonymous musha hadeen, at 20 January, 2010 17:55  

  • So what is his real agenda?


    Why folks pay any attention to this guy with such a well-documented history of mental instability is beyond me.

    By Anonymous Rhymes With Right, at 20 January, 2010 17:56  

  • I liked the comment and thought it was something any normal father would say. If Beck has a problem with this, I think it has more to do with his own personal demons than anything Scott Brown said.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 18:03  

  • Mark,

    I think Glen was trying to be less partisan.

    I agree with you, since I have 2 daughters as well, and wife and girls said that I would have said something similar... and I have.

    So let him have his opinion as wrong as it is.

    By Anonymous BobM, at 20 January, 2010 18:04  

  • Sounds a bit like you have it backward. Seems like Levin is the one who's a little jealous of Beck's popularity.

    Beck was 100% right, as usual. What Levin and Dan Riehl fail to realize is that this is exactly why Beck is so popular. He's NOT part of a specific group with an agenda. He's an American who's concerned with the increasing number of corrupt and downright freaky leaders in control of our country.

    And no, a good father would NOT announce to the entire world that his two daughters are available. Put the crack pipe please. It's likely that Beck has more to do with this victory than any other individual in the country.

    By Anonymous George S. Patton Jr., at 20 January, 2010 18:08  

  • I wonder about Beck's motives also, including his motives with that interview with Palin. I think he has a massive ego and he is threatened by anyone who gets more attention than him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 18:09  

  • Glenn's comments were pathetic.
    It showed him to be a jealous vendictive little man.

    He's done some good work for conservatives, but his behavior as of late has been bizarre.

    His "plan" that he refers to, but gives no details on is fricking creepy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 18:09  

  • Glenn Becks agenda=buy my book.

    I like how he's trying to expose progressive-ism in the Obama administration but this dude has got to stop with the "their-both-evol!!!11!1" pseudo-populist crap. Yeah, he just handed the lib media a talking point and he's cool with it because it gets in name in print.

    By Blogger Flo, at 20 January, 2010 18:13  

  • I've always been a fan of Glenn Beck's, but to me, his attack on Scott Brown and making him out to be some sort of pervert because of a silly joke he told (that probably sounded funnier in his head than it did out loud) truly confounds me.

    Here is Brown, the triumphant fresh face of the NEW Republican Party and beck goes on the national airwaves saying, "we have to watch this guy" and "he needs to war a chastity belt"? Huh, wtf and huh again?

    ** But then again, the Right is a lot like the Redskins, always finding a way to lose a lead with 2 minutes left.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 January, 2010 18:32  

  • I have to agree with Glenn. That was a creepy comment from the Senator-Elect. Yes, Brown was trying to be cute but failed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 18:45  

  • Radio Equalizer,

    I saw your blog last week when you did a great piece on Tookie A. and Ed Schultz's ravings.

    But, dude, seriously: Get a grip.

    I saw Brown's speech, heard Beck's take-off and didn't think anything was a "smear"--except your mis-characterizations. Brown was goofing, Beck was goofing and from that, I can only deduce that Levin might have been goofing too.

    "Has Scott Brown derailed Beck's dream of limitless power?" and "In the deranged world of Glenn Beck..."

    Why the abnormal animus against Beck? But one thing did work: I clicked on Radio Equalizer.

    Geesh...If this is your normal stuff, I'll take you off my bookmarks.

    By Anonymous Mondo, at 20 January, 2010 18:47  

  • As a father of two girls I thought it hilarious. My girls on the other hand could not believe he just said that! Depends on your perspective. My main concern is that history was made and some ones writting a story about bleck and levin. grow up

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 19:00  

  • At least we can all agree about

    By Blogger PolticalJunkie2008, at 20 January, 2010 19:01  

  • Beck should take it up with Brown. Beck's "Dems = Reps" , or Libertarian Party nonsense could mean a few per cent in an election. There was only about 5% margin in the Brown election. He could help re-elect Pelosi to Speaker if he does not wise up .

    By Anonymous Ron, at 20 January, 2010 19:06  

  • "Dead Intern"

    Hey Glenn, Ever hear of MARY JO KOPECHNE?!

    Glenn, it's called living in REALITY. Ted Kennedy REALLY killed that girl.

    2 sites -

    Let's see you devote a show to this LIBERAL HERO.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 19:11  

  • If anyone listens to Glenn, they'd know they were clearly joking. And considering Glenn is the third most listened to in America, I have a feeling the comment stating that no one listens to him was made by someone who does not pay attention to ratings.

    I'm not sure why Mark has such a problem with Glenn, I still remember his comment about Beck throwing up on his own shoes while Mark was campaigning for Reagan. Considering we're all conservatives, seems pretty low.

    We all need to lighten up.

    By Blogger poofster, at 20 January, 2010 19:18  

  • Beck is all about Glenn Beck. This is a guy who regularly rips off Mark Levin and never EVER gives Levin credit for where much of his material comes from: "Liberty and Tyranny" and from monitoring Levin's show and repeating at 9 AM what Levin was talking about from 6-9 the previous evening.

    Beck would rather see the Republicans lose in 2012 by being "the father" of a 3rd party movement so Beck can do self ego massaging with his daily 4 hours of self promotion radio and TV shows.

    When Levin speaks about "back-benchers" Beck is at the top of that list. All I need to know about Beck is that Levin said recently that Beck, Levin, Neal Boortz, Michal Reagan and several other Conservative talk radio yackers were invited to the White House to have and audience with GWB. Levin said that when Beck tells his listeners that he told GWB "this" and he told GWB "that", that Levin was in the same room and no such thing ever happened. In other words, as my mother used to say, Beck is "full of soup"

    I am a Conservative Republican and it really annoys me when a clown like Beck culls material from a colleague and never gives a footnote to where his material is comming from. In my opinion Beck should stop ripping off levin if he doesn't want to give Levin and credit as his source.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 January, 2010 19:41  

  • I don't mind Beck's "craziness". He's right often enough. He is right to caution everyone about Scott Brown. I'm happy Scott won but he's a Massachusetts Republican with plenty of rather liberal positions and votes in his background. Brown could surprise the right in a bad way.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 19:49  

  • I listen to both Beck and Levin daily. I thought Brown's comment was awkward last night and out of place in an otherwise great speech. Glenn clearly didn't make his point well, but I think I get what he is saying. The bigger issue is that Mark (a good friend of Sena Hannity's)has had an issue with the "5PMer" for quite some time. Why the hate?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:00  

  • Scott Brown's comment was typical of what my Dad used to say occasionally about me. Beck is nuts. Hard to listen to and harder to figure out. Conservatives are just as bad as uber liberals. They are lock step extremists with the "my way or the highway" mentality. Brown is a gift from God to those of us wise enough to figure it out. Go Scott Go.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:00  

  • So all you you want to win or continue to be losers? If we eat our own, we are losers and I am so sick of hearing this that I now consider myself a Republican, period. Nutz to the hide bound idealists. Reality is here and Obummer brought it. Get with it. Pass, punt, or get the h*** out of the way.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:06  

  • Bothers the heck out of me when I hear levin criticize beck. They are both on the right side and good guys. Back off levin!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:07  

  • Ever notice how people like Beck, Hannity, O'reilly always get so emotional and obnoxious about their opinions? They all suffer from narcissism. And beck jumps off and on to more bandwagons than a circus clown. Don't get me wrong, the other networks have their loons also, but I am merely trying to keep on point.
    The fact is, they all do this same mantra merely to get ratings and sell books. I don't believe any of them.

    By Anonymous UnderCover4Liberty, at 20 January, 2010 20:09  

  • Seriously, conservatives have enough battles to fight without picking them with each other. Beck was goofing around. That's pretty much what he does...about everything..all the time.

    Neither Brown nor Beck committed any great offense. All the animus directed at Beck over this non-event makes him look like the grown up in the situation (and that's really saying something).

    By Anonymous oligogracy, at 20 January, 2010 20:11  

  • You Beck supporters are nothing short of bizzarre!!! What kind of neo-evangelical whack jobs are you if a father can't joke around about getting his daughters married off??? If anything, it shows how close he is to his daughters. I can't believe this is even an issue. You Talibangelical Christian extremists are absolutely NUTS!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:11  

  • Even as a fellow libertarian, Beck's hysterics make me very uncomfortable. He and Jon Stewart are examples of the worse kind of discourse becoming dominant in the 21th century. Outrageous, short, selective, purposely out of context, and many times false.

    By Anonymous Really?!, at 20 January, 2010 20:12  

  • I think Beck was serious - my wife and I found it irritating. We pretty much love everything Beck's doing. Also, we love Levin - we wish the two would kiss and make up. But...Beck missed this one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:35  

  • I have admired Glenn Beck for many years, long before he became a household word. However, I have to agree with Mark Levin. I find it surprising that Glenn is not tolerant of Scott Browns humor....he was teasing his children........I found it to be a very normal interaction, especially when extremely exited about his election! I noted the pride he had in his family, and the joy and humility shown.........I can't blame Mr. Beck for being skeptical with all the reprobates he's uncovered.....but give the man the benefit of the doubt and respect ...until (God forbid) he breaks the people's trust.

    By Blogger supernan, at 20 January, 2010 20:51  

  • The screamer Mark Levin is just jealous of Glenn Beck's success.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 January, 2010 20:56  

  • Much ado about nothing.

    I agree with many that Brown was having fun, Beck was clearly having fun. Levin? Not sure. RadioEq --- too serious about a non-issue.

    Must be a slow news day, eh?

    By Blogger T2TF, at 20 January, 2010 21:00  

  • Beck is all about Glenn Beck. This is a guy who regularly rips off Mark Levin and never EVER gives Levin credit for where much of his material comes from: "Liberty and Tyranny" and from monitoring Levin's show and repeating at 9 AM what Levin was talking about from 6-9 the previous evening.

    Beck would rather see the Republicans lose in 2012 by being "the father" of a 3rd party movement so Beck can do self ego massaging with his daily 4 hours of self promotion radio and TV shows.

    When Levin speaks about "back-benchers" Beck is at the top of that list. All I need to know about Beck is that Levin said recently that Beck, Levin, Neal Boortz, Michal Reagan and several other Conservative talk radio yackers were invited to the White House to have and audience with GWB. Levin said that when Beck tells his listeners that he told GWB "this" and he told GWB "that", that Levin was in the same room and no such thing ever happened. In other words, as my mother used to say, Beck is "full of soup"

    I am a Conservative Republican and it really annoys me when a clown like Beck culls material from a colleague and never gives a footnote to where his material is comming from. In my opinion Beck should stop ripping off Levin if he doesn't want to give Levin any credit as his source.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 January, 2010 21:10  

  • I remember the day when Mark
    Levin decided to get behind
    Scott Brown. He also encouraged
    his listners to get on board
    and do everything we could to help
    Scott. Then he got the big
    talkers one by one behind Brown
    who in turn got the tea party
    people. He was the first to
    start the push for Brown.
    Brown was a nobody before then.
    So yes, he is not happy with
    Glenn Beck's sick humor!!
    This is a day to celebrate the
    brakes being put on Obama's
    Socialist Takeover of America.
    Glenn Beck is despirate for attention. I lost if for him
    when he said the Birthers were
    stupid to demand Obama's birth certificate. Well, surely
    Glenn knows that Being born in
    the USA is a Constitutional
    requirement that Obama has not
    met and continues to spend millions
    in lawyer fees to keep from
    having to produce that proof.
    Brown's comments about his daughters was something like my
    father would do, it was just a
    Father/daughter thing.
    Levin-is serious
    Beck-a loose cannon

    By Blogger TotallyDomestic, at 20 January, 2010 22:05  

  • The reason why Mark Levin challenges the "5pmer" is because Beck unnecessarily at times trashes the Republican Party and says there is absolutely no difference between the Dem Party. Do you believe that? Beck acts like a third party will be led by perfect angles. This is not reality inorder to win back the country.

    By Blogger Keep_On_Going, at 20 January, 2010 22:18  

  • I like Beck and Levin - so I'll ride the fence on this one. I would not announce to the world as a public figure now on the world stage that my daughters were available. Levin... has it out for Beck and will take any swing he can at his main competition. He'll try to spin an opposite opinion just to be different from Beck while still being "right".

    By Blogger mcwilliams132, at 20 January, 2010 23:34  

  • I've long thought Glenn Beck is a dangerous screwball and this absurd, no, vile attack on Brown proves it. It's clear to me as the father of a daughter Ayla's age that Brown was being affectionate and funny with his kids. It might be plausible to wonder if he's some sort of closet sexist who has a tin ear for how to treat modern women. But that would be patently absurd since he's married for 25 years to a successful, independent career woman and is so obviously proud of his educated, accomplished daughters.

    But the always creepy Beck didn't go there. He went instead to what bordered on accusing Brown of being a sexual pervert and abuser of women. If I were Brown, I'd deck him.

    The man is as loony as Olberman. My theory of what prompted this attack on Brown as the latter upended American politics is that Beck wanted attention to himself. Beck has no commitment to conservative principles or any principles. He's committed only to aggrandizing and enriching himself and he's using conservatism in the Obama era as a prop.

    Cons and Republicans should cut him loose. Sarah Palin of all people should recognize the damage of reckless attacks and refuse to appear on his programs.

    By Blogger J. E. Burke, at 21 January, 2010 01:49  

  • It seems like something a Christian conservative would get offended by, especially on top of the fact that Brown is essentially pro-choice. Maybe thats why Beck overreacted. People like him are sensing that Brown, although fiscally conservative, is not really one of them. Im a liberal and I thought it was funny. It made Brown even more likable than he already is.

    I know Beck seems like he's getting really nutty about the abortion issue. So that may be why.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2010 02:19  

  • I'm not sure why Mark has such a problem with Glenn

    Levin is afraid that Beck will start a 3rd party that would siphon votes from the GOP.

    By Blogger Steve J., at 21 January, 2010 05:39  

  • Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC New York is now syndicated nationally by ABC Radio Networks. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.

    By Anonymous buy dsi r4, at 21 January, 2010 06:47  

  • This is hilarious. I know Mark Levin and his supporters have a real disdain towards Glenn Beck and his supporters. Vice versa.

    Differences in their perspectives and presentation despite both being firmly on the right side of the spectrum. But this latest story is just like a corny wrestling storyline where 2 characters fight over something trivial like who gets to shoot a Japanese shampoo commercial.

    Now we the viewers have to sit through a manufactured feud that begun over a lame premise.

    I'm more looking forward to Brown delivering the goods for his constituents. Pundits appraising him based on his actions and record, having moved on from his looks and gaffes. Beck and Levin having disagreements over something that's actually important.

    By Blogger PunditFight, at 21 January, 2010 09:04  

  • FIRST: Glenn Beck admits he is weird.

    SECOND: Scott Brown is no movement conservative either. He is not really all that conservative, just the best we can expect from Mass.

    Some idiots are acting as if Scott Brown is some kind of messiah for the other side. That is just patently ridiculous.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 21 January, 2010 09:49  

  • I heard the Beck's talk show. Like him and Levin. I guess I fall into Beck's camp more because I'm not sure the Repubs are listening or changing. Does that put me on Levin's bad list? I thought Beck's point was just a joke? And as a teenage girl I would have killed my dad if he said that in public.

    By Blogger Terri Wagner, at 21 January, 2010 09:57  

  • I've blogged already about Beck's jealousy and overall weirdness in attacking Scott Brown. Brown is the best adjusted dad one can imagine, if Ayla and Arianna are any indication.

    My guess is that Beck's relationship with his daughters is as screwy as everything else about him and he didn't get Scott's one-liner because he's a loser as a dad just like he's been until he finally "found himself" after decades of being a weirdo.

    I love listening to Mark Levin and can't watch or listen to Beck for more than five minutes without that weirded-out feeling. Levin is brilliant. Beck is a carny geek.

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 21 January, 2010 10:35  

  • And no, a good father would NOT announce to the entire world that his two daughters are available. Put the crack pipe please. It's likely that Beck has more to do with this victory than any other individual in the country.

    I have a gorgeous 20-year old and I've said the same thing Scott said. She knows I'm joking because, unlike GSP Jr. and GB, I have a normal relationship with her and she constantly calls me "best daddy in the world." It's what NORMAL families who are certain of themselves and not messed up [like Glenn obviously was] consider okay.

    To think that a sideshow like Beck had anything to do with MA [where I own a home] displays delusional thinking bordering on hallucinations.

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 21 January, 2010 10:41  

  • To understand Beck you just have to understand that.. Beck is for Beck.

    Never trusted him as a true conservative.

    In fact he gives me the creeps,from time to time. I can't connect with him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2010 10:46  

  • Beck was trying to keep people from going overboard. Yes, getting Brown into the Senate was a great thing. Brown's message resonated with the people.

    I can understand that at the time Brown was extremely happy and relieved and probably shifted back to humor he was familiar with.

    Funny? Yes. Inappropriate? Also yes. Understandable? Yes, with the caveat that Brown not do that all the time or he'll keep giving fodder to his opponent in the next election.

    In short, I love Levin but he's too sensitive. I love Beck but he might have gone a bit overboard. I don't know much about brown but he needs to work on his sense of humor on national television :)

    By Anonymous Diego, at 21 January, 2010 11:33  

  • Glen Beck makes the most sense when he's discussing historical events and comparing them to today's world. Why? Because he has a brilliant staff of researchers who prepare his material. Most of them were on camera one the occasion of his first year on FNC.

    As with many others, when he speaks off the cuff, he screws up. Conservatives who have done their homework know Scott Brown is not a Reagan Republican, but at this moment in time, he's the answer to our prayers.

    If he turns out to be another RINO like Olympia Snow, he'll be a one-partial-term Senator. And, you can count on the Massachusetts Democrats putting up a much stronger candidate in 2012.

    By Anonymous Son of Taz, at 21 January, 2010 12:51  

  • Beck is a Mormon.... Marriage is ETERNAL for them. He can't lighten up about it. He would lose his magic underwear privledges if he did.

    By Blogger TBinSTL, at 21 January, 2010 14:47  

  • Beck overdid it on the creepy dad thing, but he was also making a way larger point if you actually heard the segment, which is we all need to keep an eye on our politicians - even the ones that are presumable good guys. Yeah he did in in the context of lame Gary Condit jokes, but the principle is still correct. DC can warp folks with the best of intentions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2010 15:45  

  • For those who say that it's Beck that just wants attention:
    *Rush Limbaugh 20+ million
    *Sean Hannity 16+ million
    ***Glenn Beck 9+ million
    * The Savage Nation 9+ million
    *Dr. Laura 9+ million
    ***Mark Levin 6.25 million
    *Laura Ingraham 6.25 million
    *Dave Ramsey 6.25 million
    *Neal Boortz 4.25+ million

    I think Beck is all set. How bout people taking a joke like a joke. Lighten up.

    By Blogger poofster, at 21 January, 2010 18:14  

  • Completely off topic, but, can't find a contact button, Brian. Did you see that Air America filed for Bankruptcy and is ending operations immediately? BWahahahahahaha!

    By Blogger William Teach, at 21 January, 2010 18:36  

  • Conservatives should stop bashing Conservatives! Now more than ever we have to stick together. If you don't like something another Conservative said, then state your viewpoint and let it go at that. We don't eat our own - let the Liberals do that!

    By Blogger T.E.A.Partier, at 22 January, 2010 09:20  

  • Levin should stop his Beck bashing! Now is not the time for Conservatives to go after each other - let the Liberals do that! Glenn Beck was advising us all to watch Scott Brown in the months ahead - after all, he is not a true Conservative. That is a wise thing to do. Conservative radio should not be eating its own!

    By Blogger T.E.A.Partier, at 22 January, 2010 09:20  

  • I first heard Brown's comments on the radio, and it sounded out of place and therefore strange. I mean it's cute when he's at a small church or school event etc. Not during your acceptance speech. He campaigned in an old pick-up he doesn't need any "regular guy" credentials.

    However, Beck was hardly "ranting" it was more of commenting. I like Levin and Beck (though the whole populist shtick is weird).

    By Blogger Unknown, at 22 January, 2010 20:21  

  • Glenn Beck is an ALCOHOLIC CLOWN, he cares nothing about the people who worships him only about the ratings that you give him and the millions that he's making off of his cult followers. I bet he doesn't have to worry about loosing his home or worry about where his next meal will come from or about having health insurance you ones that worship him are making sure of that because while we as a system struggle through these hard times IDIOTS LIKE THAT DOPEHEAD LIMBAUGH, HANNITY AND BECK ARE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Ask either one of them to give you some of their millions to help you out and see how much they care about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger luvley, at 23 January, 2010 02:24  

  • I heard Beck. It was not a "tirade."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2010 15:44  

  • You guys who think that what Brown said was funny or ok OBVIOUSLY either a. don't have any teenage daughter or b. so out of touch with them you don't care what they think!

    MY daughter would have literally KILLED me if I said something that embarressing on nationwide TV. In case you don't know it is the ultimate embarressment for a teen girl NOT to have a boyfriend!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2010 20:06  

  • I agree with Mark. Brown was only teasing his girls - he has a great personality and was funny as heck! Beck needs to lighten up. I'm conservative and still have a personality and on occasion make an off color remark or two. As for his wife's young escapades, I say good. He'll need a bombshell to keep the sexual wolves off him in Washington. Being conservative doesn't mean you have to be dead.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 January, 2010 00:58  

  • Mr. Levin is spot on. I've heard Beck blast Palin, as well as O'Reilly and Micheal Savage joined in too, blasting Scott...Either someone is paying someone from the other side, or these people are just plain jealous and intimidated of either popularity or ratings. Mark is consistant, loves this country, and I am glad Mr. Levin brought it up....This isn't the first time this has happened, between the talk show hosts...
    These guys are for third parties, and yet try to act so intellegent...
    If they had a lick of sense, they'd admit what a third party will do to the Conservative movement.
    It find them dispciable....let Mr. Brown prove them all wrong.
    Thank you Mr. Levin, for always standing up for what is right.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 January, 2010 08:56  

  • It amazes one to realize the extent to which this silly country is susceptible to such blatant propaganda as spewed forth on a Daily basis by FOX Noise.

    These are the days of America’s ultimate doom. When a clueless thought Nazi like Glenn Beck is able to hijack America political conversation, it only proves beyond a wisp of a doubt that America has swallowed the fatal capsule of its own demise.

    Seriously, did you ever, in your weirdest, stupidest fantasies think your country would fall as low as it has? It kinda makes you wonder.

    Tom Degan

    By Blogger Tom Degan, at 27 January, 2010 05:47  

  • Sounds like much ado about nothing. Scott Brown was joking around, he laughed and his daughters did, too. Glenn Beck, speaking of his own experience with daughters, AS HE SAID, was joking around and laughing as he put forth HIS OPINION. As for what Mark Levin said, it's probably out of context, as libs usually do.
    And as another contributor said, Glenn Beck probably did more to help get Brown elected than any other person outside the state of MA. So, drop it, it's nothing, unless you're interested in granting the libs what they want: infighting among free market conservatives.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 January, 2010 02:20  

  • I have heard Mark Levin rag against Glenn Beck on his radio show and as with the comments he made concerning Glenn Beck is way off base. I have long considered Hannity and Levin mouth pieces for the republican party and Levins comments just affirms that. Mark claims Beck is splitting the "movement." Well, Mark, it is not your movement. It is not a republican movement. It is a citizens movement. It is a movement outside of the republicans and your attempts to help hijack and divert the passion of mass discontent to benefit the republicans is perverse.
    In addition, you, Hannity and others run down Ron Paul. You say he is out of touch, but it is simply you who are out of touch and out of tune. Dr. Paul has been standing alone for a long time saying the things you and Hannity are just beginning to realize.
    I often listen to your radio show. Some of what you say makes sense in spite of your continual whining and the obnoxious way you treat your callers. In spite of the few points you make, you are not in the same league with Glenn Beck or Ron Paul.
    I think Glenn Beck did a great job at CPAC, as he does every day on the radio and TV. I think your criticism of Beck is simple jealousy. I think your lack of respect for Ron Paul is simple ignorance coupled with blind obedience to the republican party.
    Some of the worst violations of the Constitution were during the Bush presidency. The last time I checked, he was a republican.
    You seem to be far more ignorant of what happened in the last election than you should be, so let me explain it to you…It was not that voters were so pro Obama, they were not sending the democrats a mandate. That is not it either. It was and still is about the fact that we know the democratic and republican parties are Siamese twins joined at the wallet. They both spend our money recklessly. One of them spends it on one thing and the other spends it on something else. They both ignore the Constitution and grow the government.
    You think the third party talk should be crushed. That shows you just don't get it. The American people are fed up with the republicans just as they are with the democrats. They are part of the problem, not the cure. We are tired of the "lesser of two evils" argument. Where it really counts, there is not allot of difference between the two parties…so the party is over!
    Get over it or get the hell out of the way!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 22:02  

  • Levin is a smart man who has helped educate us on the misguided actions of the Supreme Court (Men in Black) as well as helped define the Statists who have worked their way into our government. But his message is not new and has grown stale. He has fancied himself as the next Sean Hannity and has become (even more) bitter at the success of Glenn Beck. He wants to hang on to the GOP that has continually failed over the last several years and claims that there is still decent representation in the party that we must support. But who are they and where are they hiding? If they can not stand up and be counted and answer the hard questions that Beck presents, then they don't deserve our support. They need to be bold and dare to transform the party BACK to the conservative principles that will make this country strong. Levin says he supports this, but wastes his efforts and credibility on his self consuming jealousy that another conservative voice has risen above his shrill whining and is leading the way to the reformation of the GOP. Good luck, Mark.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 13:43  

  • Hey Brian, looks like your getting your fair share of "hits" by keeping Beck in your Blogs. Appears to be a money maker for you.

    Looks like is he doing you a favor, otherwise, this "radio equalizer" site would be nothing but echoing in the night...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 17:35  

  • appears Mark was wrong on idolizing Scott Brown and not jumping in head first...perhaps he's bitter? It's easier to deal with Brown voting, of course, with the democrats, when you don't blindly assume he's the man and will vote for conservative principles no matter what.

    He let us down. Now who is outraged? All those who got mad about Beck daring to joke about Brown back when.


    By Blogger poofster, at 23 February, 2010 23:22  

  • It seems that glenn beck is just begining his learning on conservatism, in the 1980' he did not even like Ronald Reagan, and let's think a little, he doesn't praise anyone and thinks the world is going to end tommorow, I respect people that are not pessimists, I don't need this progressive lecture by beck going back 100 years, tell me something good, not the trash he spews, when you hate everyone and only try to sell books and events, it just exudes phonyness. Suggestion ...learn from Levin, he makes much more sense. P.S. I knew you glen here in ct back in early 90's as a DJ and drunk, yes you conquered that but don't critisize young people like John McCain's daughter, your thinking was screwed up when you were her age, get some character glenn

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 February, 2010 11:58  

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