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06 January 2010

Angry Libtalkers Denounce Limbaugh Over Health Scare


Libtalkers Ridicule Limbaugh Over Health Scare

Did you really believe they would exercise self-restraint?

What initially appeared to be caution on the part of libtalkers regarding Rush Limbaugh's health scare was actually the result of the medium's extended holiday shutdown. With hosts back in studio this week, they were loaded with vitriol reserved for the talk titan.

And who could blame them? While El Rushbo holds internationally-televised press conferences, their own potential troubles wouldn't rate a footnote in the news cycle.

Professional jealousy may be one factor here, but that doesn't excuse telling listeners you wish he'd died:

ED SCHULTZ (Monday - 01:50): I see that Limbaugh thinks that we have the absolute best health care on the face of the earth, but they don't know what's wrong with him! (laughs) OK, I'll take the bait. What a phony! What a faker! What a stunt! Folks, he's a radio guy! You just don't have problems with your ticker and chest pains and go to the hospital and say, well, we have no idea what's wrong with you. We just have no idea. (laughs)

RON REAGAN (Tuesday): Yes, it appears that America’s leading spokesman for ignorant intolerance has dodged a bullet; or, at least a big old gas ball! But, having stared down the Grim Reaper or an overly spicy hoagie sandwich, Limbaugh dispensed some sage advice:

(Limbaugh press conference clip)

REAGAN: Yes, yes, indeed, good point! If you think you’re having a heart attack, don’t reach for that mail-order CPR kit that came with the Sham-wow; dial 911! Better off in the hands of trained medical professionals, in case you were wondering about that kind of thing. Also, and for some reason Limbaugh didn’t mention this, if you’re prone to heart trouble, you might not want to take high doses of Viagra! Now, Limbaugh being Limbaugh, he couldn’t let a little thing like satisfaction to be alive deter him from delivering an ill-considered political message at his post-heartburn press conference...

MIKE MALLOY (Monday - 02:41): I got my hopes up; I really did, we were off where there wasn't a whole lot of communication going on and Kathy checked her cell phone .... Limbaugh had a pain in his tummy, what's the matter, Rush, a little too much Viagara?

Those 14-year olds really wear you down, won't they? Oh my God! What a joke that was!

If Limbaugh would have died, I would have demanded to see the death certificate because, after all, it is Hawaii and you know, the irony, of course, he was at a hospital that originally had been reported to be the one where Obama had not been born in, turned out to be the one Obama had not been born in was a different one, according to these right wing crazy bastards - have you noticed they're like fleas?

They're everywhere, these right-wing crazy people! Everywhere! So - anyway, Limbaugh took advantage of one of the most socialized forms of medical care in the country, and that is in the state of Hawaii, ah, screw them, I'm waiting for the day that I pick up the newspaper or click on the Internet and find that he's choked to death on his own throat fat or a great big wad of saliva - go away Rush, you made me sick!

Anyone expecting classy behavior from our libtalk friends is sadly mistaken.

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  • Would not expect anything less from those idiots on the left.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2010 07:58  

  • Libs are a******s, plain and simple. They only care about themselves and are two faced!

    By Blogger Beepa, at 07 January, 2010 08:57  

  • Again the people who preach tolerance are showing who is really intolerant.Liberals are just a bunch of hypocritical fools

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2010 10:43  

  • Heartless, ruthless, hateful, hipocritical; the page right from Saul Alinsky's manual, ridicule and attack, kick'em when he's down! It's almost unbelieveable how the great communicator could have had a part in fathering such an evil ballerina, living abortion! If Tom Jefferson showd up today, they'd give him the same treatment!

    By Blogger Charles, at 07 January, 2010 12:23  

  • What do you expect from the lying, intolerant hypocritical liberals on the left? Their stupidity know no bounds. They truly are mentally ill and should be removed from society.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2010 15:26  

  • Anyone ever actually listened to Mike Malloy? That's a dumb question I know, since he has a few thousand listeners nationally. I have, & this sort of thing is par for the course. Malloy is a very angry man, & if he wants to vent & project on the dozen or so stations he's on, let him.

    Just tune in sometime & join me in laughing AT HIM, you will be amazed at how angry he is, & you will tune him out in an hour or 2. You will be dragged down & get depressed if you listen too long.

    Maybe Mike, you can start to look for real "truthseekers", instead of the snakeoil types you are emotionally invested in. Here's to your health, Mr.Malloy, I want you to live to a very old, angry, life. It's the least you derserve.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 07 January, 2010 21:00  

  • The vitriol is astounding. Thoughts that people, at one time in the not too distant past, were ashamed to have in their head are now spewed out on the airwaves with seeming pride.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2010 21:06  

  • Malloy marries a gal 1/3 his age. His preferences for children shows.

    sick, sick man

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2010 16:04  

  • Thanks Brian, you compiled three of my favorite talkers. That you guys are outraged by this is more of the right-wing double standard bs. brian, you tend to be classy when a liberal passes, but you ignore the crap righties say, like the horrid things that were said about Molly Ivins.

    By Blogger giles29, at 10 January, 2010 18:27  

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