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19 January 2010

MSNBC's Schultz Digs In Heels On Fraud Issue


MSNBC's Schultz Seems To Believe Ballot-Stuffing Is A Joke


Rather than admit it was wrong to advocate ballot-stuffing in Massachusetts, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz has stubbornly chosen to dig in his heels.

During Monday's program, he told radio listeners he'd double the fraud (just pay shipping and handling) and vote "20 times" instead of ten during today's special Senate election.

Why Schultz seems to believe funny business at the polls is a joke is hard to understand, but here's the clip and quotes nonetheless:

SCHULTZ (01:47): An apology right off the top here on the Ed Schultz show today, great to have you with us. I misspoke on Friday. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I meant to say, if I could vote 20 times, that's what I'd do (guffaws) This has been a wonderful weekend for us. I've had more entertaining email from these right-wing nutjobs than ever before. It must be, it's gotta be a record for the Ed Schultz show, now in its seventh year.

SCHULTZ (03:41): They want me off the air, of course they do! This Radio Equalizer guy or whoever the hell he is, they dissect every word, they'll take a clip out and they'll say he said this. Let me be very clear - I'm not advocating voter fraud, I'm just telling you what I would do. That's how bad I want Scott Brown to lose!

Will it double again for Tuesday's show?

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  • Nah, he's too lazy. He'd pay a bunch of the clowns from the American Coalition for the ORganization of Necro-proxies.

    By Blogger Rob, at 19 January, 2010 01:14  

  • How childish is he going to get?

    By Anonymous Jason, at 19 January, 2010 08:18  

  • I hear that both of Ed's listeners called him to express their support.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 10:13  

  • Wow, can you imagine if news anchors said stuff like this against Obama during the 2008 elections?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 10:23  

  • Wow, you've found liberal bias by pulling a clip from liberal talk radio out of context! You're no better than those on the left saying that Rush said people should not donate to relief efforts in Haiti.

    By Anonymous Al W., at 19 January, 2010 10:34  

  • No longer can the American public count on a free and fair election. Know why? Because a Democrat is running! These Dems will do and say ANYTHING to get their guy/gal elected (Al Franken anyone). I'm blaming the Republicans for rolling over on these issues. Coleman should have fought more in Minnesota and Brown had better be ready to bring out the big guns in Massachusetts. It's as Hugh Hewitt once said "if it's not close, they can't cheat" What a sad commentary on the Dem Party but it pretty much in their playbook anymore. They know their ideas will be unpopular so they have to lie/cheat/steal to get elected. It's past time to start changing election laws in this country to make it more difficult for voter fraud to occur.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 10:59  

  • The reason he doubled down is because he's sincere about it. He's indicative of the Democrats over-all theme of "whatever it takes" legal or not.

    They're not even trying to hide it anymore, it's just part of the gig.

    By Blogger Tim Zank, at 19 January, 2010 10:59  

  • Al W...Rush never said that. If you're going to sling arrows, at least be intellectually honest about it

    By Blogger Tim Zank, at 19 January, 2010 11:05  

  • Ed Schultz Democrap Dik liker
    Another useless piece of offal.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 January, 2010 11:18  

  • ed schitz another braindead Nazi.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 January, 2010 11:19  

  • Raise the dead, ACORN, the Panthers, SEU union goons; roust the academic slums (and other institutions of lower living), empty the prisions, rack up the bums, open the Mexican border, the ICE holding facilities, register your pets, hail all space aliens... it's time to vote Democrat!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 11:38  

  • How is that out of context? Sounds like Shultz is advocating electoral fraud to me, I hope the FBI looks into it.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 19 January, 2010 11:58  

  • This kind of talk is worse than corrupt. It is literally evil because it tempts corruption and contempts honor.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 12:18  

  • "I'm not advocating voter fraud, I'm just telling you what I would do."

    So in other words, you don't believe in free and fair elections, you dishonest, cheating POS...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 12:19  

  • Yes, and advocating voter fraud is the sane thing to do. This is more of the same crap from MSNBC that you hear on a daily basis. So intent that the US be a liberal farce that they'd literally do anything to win. Guess who's not buying from his advertisers anymore.

    By Blogger Kogai, at 19 January, 2010 12:36  

  • It's amazing how many liberals "misspoke!"

    To let them tell it only W and Sarah Palin have problems speaking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 12:37  

  • Voter fraud is a serious crime that can be prosecuted at the federal and state levels, where penalties carry fines and lengthy prison terms...

    How about encouraging OTHERS to break the law and using the broadcast media to do so?

    Isn't that conspiracy to commit fraud?

    Isn't that what that fathead dope Ed Shultz did? Rather like:

    "Err, I would really like to murder XXXX. I really would. If I could but I can't... but he deserves to die, know what I'm saying"

    By Blogger Jack Bauer, at 19 January, 2010 12:38  

  • Say what you will about Fox, but if anybody at FNC had made a similar comment, Roger Ailes would fire their a$$ in a New York minute!

    By Anonymous ttc, at 19 January, 2010 12:52  

  • Crushliberalism, only one of Ed Sgt. Schultz's listeners called in to voice their support. Scultz himself is the other listener.

    "You Can Lead Lefties & RINOs To Knowledge, But You Can't Make Them Think!" -ME

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 19 January, 2010 13:33  

  • Because truth and honesty are as relative as honor and integrity to liberals, Schultz is a direct reflection of the progressive socialist movement and the lust for tyranny over ALL no matter how it is achieved. Sort of has that 'radical islamist' taqiyya flavor to it, doesn't it?

    By Blogger Peter Four, at 19 January, 2010 14:17  

  • I wonder if Schultz has children. If he does, his example to them stinks. I guess he would approve of them cheating on a test to get a good grade so they can get into a good college. The ends justify the means, right?

    What a horrible man.

    By Blogger Kath, at 19 January, 2010 14:46  

  • So What's New ??

    Ted Kennedy was supposedly elected over and over again here in MA.

    I suspect he never won a single one of thoses elections - - that the results were rigged. Us Massachusetts people are not that nuts!

    After all it is the family business to know how and who to grease (viz. chicago 1960) to get the results wanted.

    There were no Justice Department poll watchers in MA !!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2010 15:14  

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