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22 February 2010

Desperate For Attention, Libtalker Takes Extreme Measures


Lefty Talker Seeks Attention From Conservative Counterparts

Starving for attention these days, what's a desperate libtalker to do? One lefty host is resorting to extreme measures in order to stay "relevant" in the field. Can attention from the right save Stephanie Miller?

It's hard to imagine what else could have inspired this bizarre exchange on her program late last week:

So far, no word from Sean Hannity, who may be too red-faced to respond.

Earlier in the week, however, Miller did manage to get the attention of talk titan Rush Limbaugh, later responding in kind (see the clip below):

For liberal talk radio, it's a sad state of affairs: without the ability to stir up the opposition, the medium is ignored. When will they finally come up with a formula for success?

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  • This is pathetic. It brings to mind the two occasions when I had weird women stalk me. They were scary. Trust me, I am no beauty. These women were weird! So is Stephanie Miller.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 02:16  

  • PAthetic? Rght wing nut jobs are pathetic like lImbaugh, Hannity Michele Bachman and the Woman-noid Ann oulter

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2010 09:11  

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