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12 February 2010

KFI's Midday Libtalk Experiment Ends Badly


As Replacement Fails, Dr Laura Vindicated

A short-lived attempt at placing liberal talk in KFI's midday schedule has failed spectacularly, providing vindication to Dr Laura Schlessinger, the host who previously filled that space.

After just six months, the Bill Handel Show faltered not only in Southern California, but nationally as well, as the program's syndication effort collapsed from a lack of affiliates. In today's Orange County Register, Handel and KFI are in damage control mode, claiming two programs a day proved overwhelming. Handel remains KFI's morning-drive host.

Wasn't his workload considered before he took the second gig?

As we reported in November, Handel's desire to be nationally syndicated full-time resulted in the bumping of longtime KFI midday advice talker Dr Laura Schlessinger, who found a new home at rival CBS outlet KFWB-AM. The latter outlet recently flipped to talk from news. Schlessinger's ratings remained strong at KFI through the end and the circumstances behind her removal remain murky.

Known for his abrasive style in public, Handel took the extra step of lambasting Dr Laura after taking her timeslot. In the past, he's also lashed out at several other conservative talkers, most notably Rush Limbaugh.

Though not traditionally considered a liberal talker, Handel has increasingly moved in that direction in recent years, with tirades against Joe The Plumber, tea partiers, denunciations of Second Amendment rights, in addition to bizarre tirades against Armenians, Creole speakers and others. Some on the left still refer to Handel as a "right-winger", or at most, a centrist, but it doesn't reflect the shift.

Rather than rejoice over her public vindication, Dr Laura seems focused on moving forward at her new station.

Reached earlier today, she had this reaction to the news: "I am thoroughly enjoying working with CBS / KFWB. We just had a Wounded Warrior Foundation fundraiser dance last Saturday night at the Grove in Anaheim with 1100 eager fans who danced all night in 60s garb to Motown music- and we have more events in the works. Ratings are great and growing. I am very content."

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  • Handel is a successful liberal talk show host. If Err Amerika had signed him, they would still be in business today!
    Handel supports:
    a) Gay Marriage
    b) Gay Sex
    c) socialist type health care
    d) he is anti 2nd ammendment
    e) Pro Abortion

    there you go, with his bun buddy Rich Marotta, KFI is showing the broadcast world how to be a successful liberal talk show

    By Blogger gloria, at 13 February, 2010 00:47  

  • I wonder if David G. (Ass)Hall is running things yet at KFI?

    Handel needs a keeper. He's been weirding out more and more since his producers get progressive-ly weaker.

    Maybe the "Phone Babe" will return from Oprah in Chicago to save Handel from himself.

    By Blogger PCD, at 14 February, 2010 21:29  

  • I wonder what's next for Billy Boy?

    By Blogger mystere's moonbat slayer club, at 16 February, 2010 14:28  

  • I used to listen to Handel's show until he turned hard left against Bush. He's a funny and self-deprecating person but I never enjoyed his defense of necrophilia, which he liked to bring up regularly. He does a decent legal advice show on Saturdays. Now I listen to Dan Patrick, the funniest show around.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2010 14:29  

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