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19 February 2010

Libtalker Calls Coleman 'Little Black Leprechaun'


Where Else Does A Libtalker Learn This Kind Of Language?


The first question is obvious: could a conservative host get away with this kind of language? But the next one is just as important: in an environment where the Senate majority leader can get away with racist terminology simply because he's a Democrat, why would a libtalker's poor choice of words produce a different result?

Call it the Harry Reid School of Broadcasting, where a budding libtalker can truly speak his mind.

During yesterday's Bill Press Show, listen as fill-in host / program producer Peter Ogburn calls disturbed actor Gary Coleman "a little black leprechaun". Below the clip, see the now-infamous panel discussion that has swept the Internet:

PETER OGBURN - BILL PRESS SHOW PRODUCER / FILL-IN HOST (23:49): There he goes. There he goes! And he just goes storming off the set.

And one of the reasons it’s so funny is because he’s so tiny. He’s like four-foot-six and he’s like a little black leprechaun that goes off the set.

It’s the funniest thing!

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  • Liberals hold themselves to no standards. Morality is not an option for them.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 20 February, 2010 00:25  

  • I called Bill Press a manure spreader on KFI on a cross from Hugh Hewitt to Press before Press' 3rd Saturday show on KFI. He hasn't changed.

    By Blogger PCD, at 24 February, 2010 07:26  

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