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24 February 2010

Libtalker Charles Jaco Could Face Charges In St Louis


Former CNNer-Turned-Libtalker Jaco In St Louis Scuffle

Desperate for press attention? Let a reporter-turned-libtalker show the way: he's at the center of a flap that threatens to provide the first burst of publicity experienced in nearly two decades of post-cable obscurity. All it took was a caught-on-tape scuffle with a young activist questioning his depictions of Tea Party supporters.

Briefly known for his cartoonish bravado during the Persian Gulf War, infamously difficult former CNN correspondent Charles Jaco has more recently worked as a libtalker at KTRS-AM and contributor for KTVI FOX 2, both in St Louis. He's also had a brief stint at the former KIRO-AM in Seattle.

But an altercation with would-be interviewer Adam Sharp from on February 17 could undermine Jaco's position. During a union-sponsored rally protesting private insurers, Jaco appeared to make physical contact with the persistent questioner and Mike Anderson at STLMedia now reports that charges may have been filed against him.

In the clip, seen below, it's clear both sides are antagonistic toward one another. In addition, what we may be seeing here is the result of a long history of tensions between Jaco and his opponents, particularly conservatives:

Tensions remain high between Jaco and bloggers partly because of 2009's leakage of what (almost certainly!) appears to be faked CNN Desert Storm coverage starring Charles (known as C D Jaco at the time).

It was subsequently featured at several websites and YouTube:

According to one website, Jaco threatened legal action in response to coverage of the clip. In addition, other bloggers have accused him of chronic dishonesty.

As Jaco has clearly changed little from his hot-headed, thin-skinned days in cable and network news, it's easy to wonder what value is brought to KTRS and KTVI. Is he really worth the trouble?

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  • Now that citizens have cameras too and a You Tube channel for distribution, we get an insight into the extent of contempt these so-called journalists hold for their ideological adversaries.

    This one is a particularly bad liar. The ones who use the term "teabagger" tend to be those who enjoy the practice, no? Shuster Anderson-Cooper and this guy.

    By Blogger Franco, at 25 February, 2010 07:19  

  • *sniff*.....*sniff* GAS!!!! WOMEN, CHILDREN AND SHITTY REPORTERS FIRST....!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 February, 2010 17:09  

  • Jaco looks like a jerk. But there is no way that little bump is worth filing charges over.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 February, 2010 16:10  

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