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22 February 2010

Mark Levin Questions Glenn Beck's Behavior And Strategy


Levin Challenges Beck To Behave Like An Adult



Is Mark Levin the only major figure on the right with the guts to question Glenn Beck's attempted hijacking of the conservative movement? At the moment, it sure seems that way.

During tonight's edition of the syndicated Mark Levin Show, the best-selling author (shown right with Rush Limbaugh) challenged Beck over his clown-like behavior and half-baked plan to split conservatives in two via a third party.

But he also offered some relatively friendly advice on the likely result of "playing footsie" with the mainstream media: career implosion.

Earlier today, Levin also took to Facebook to question the seeming inconsistencies of Beck's ideological agenda.

Here's the EQ-created clip from earlier this evening:

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  • Glenn Beck has stated out and out that he does NOT support a third party.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 22 February, 2010 20:12  

  • FINALLY! Amen Dr. Levin! This is precisely what needs to be said to Mr. Beck. He is flamboyant and eccentric in his delivery which woos people. Yet, to embolden a "third party movement" as he is doing will guarantee Obama and liberals will continue to control us as the majority. As a Constitution loving, Christian conservative I am a proud proponent of reforming the GOP, not revolting from it.

    By Anonymous Justin, at 22 February, 2010 21:16  





    By Blogger Reliapundit, at 22 February, 2010 22:13  

  • You had your say but what do you mean?
    Please explain how he is dividing us.
    Its not obvious to some of us.
    Thank you.

    By Blogger Bruce Wayne, at 22 February, 2010 22:14  

  • Caught the Glenn Beck show on Fox today in which he explicitly denied that he wants a third party in fact he stated he thought it would be a bad idea. There you have it, straight from the horses mouth.

    By Anonymous Kate, at 22 February, 2010 22:22  

  • Ditto United Citizens Council: Beck has repeatedly stated that he believes a 3rd party is a BAD idea. I have not listened to Levin's clip, but if he is referring to Beck as 'clown-like', he himself is dividing the Conservatives by alienating those of us who listen to and/or watch Glenn's programs - both of which are more popular than Levin's. I used to be a fan of Levin and still greatly admire his intellect, but think he's just not understanding the nature of the problem within the GOP. If its not Levin who made that specific comment, I guess its he who runs this blog. Either way, I write it off as jealousy. Beck is right: The GOP has long lost its way via the Progressive movement and to pretend otherwise is to bury one's head in the sand.

    By Blogger Tad, at 22 February, 2010 22:23  

  • Levin is always a pro-Party GOPer. The truth is that we are in this situation now because people like Levin supported Bush and the GOP from 2001 to 2006 as they skyrocketed the deficit.

    I am all for a Conservative win...but Mitch McConnell and Boehner and that crew will NEVER lead it. We have to take over the GOP before we can take over the country.

    By Anonymous Kasper Hauser, at 22 February, 2010 22:27  

  • The Republican party has big government statists in it's ranks just like the Democratic party. Beck, so far as I can tell, is the only voice calling them out by name. Good for Glenn Beck. He is neither promoting a third party nor trying to tear down the GOP.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 22:35  

  • Mr. Beck...should you read this posting you may want to consider the facts. Yes, the republicans got in Congress and spent too much but far short of what the Dems are doing now and the current majority is with the Dems and we are at a crossroads. There is no third party and until one is created stop putting the current Conservative movement because that is our only option for the time being. Prove us wrong! American needs a swift directional change or it is going to be too late. We will still be Americans but the system will have completely changed. Reagan, Mr. Beck was far better than Obama so stop being devisive. I am very shocked at the comments you are delivering lately. What happened to the Glenn Beck of last year, have you sold out to the Major Media outlets? Are you going to ditch your religion as well if your daughter decides she doesn't like your church.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 22 February, 2010 22:37  

  • Thank you Mark. I was wondering if I was the only one questioning Beck's behaviour.

    My gut tells me something is wrong with Beck. He "swept me off of my conservative feet" almost immediately. Beck seems almost too good to be true, ie, an aggressive, in your face kind of guy on a major network, "tellin' it like it is". Saying all the things most of us want to hear, only gets you so far.

    My gut tells me to STOP watching him. My gut also says that he is NOT who he portrays himself as. Is this man trying to control the opposition to the powers that be?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 22:46  

  • Beck ambushed Debra Medina, the very person a real Glenn Beck would have been supporting. He is a snake.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 22:58  

  • Glenn Beck does NOT endorse a third party. Those so called clown antics of Beck's are nothing more than an expression, an inflection of voice to accentuate a point.

    The GOP is already split, between the die hard GOP'ers and those who have been appalled by the GOP activity during its ten years of influence. The entire party needs to express - loudly and clearly - its intent to pursue fiscal conservatism, and leave the religion at home. Yes, this is a God founded country but I'll decide for myself how to apply my Godliness.

    Glenn Beck seeks to influence a clean up of both parties. Both parties would do well to heed some of his admonishments. Or yes, they're will be more Obama to come.

    By Blogger Willys, at 22 February, 2010 23:02  

  • Uh...he's advocating cleaning up the Republican party....and getting rid of "progessiveism"....I don't trust anybody who has a problem with that. Levin just lost a listener. He just proved to me he's just a cog in the republican wheel, and could care less of the actions of our leaders....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 23:35  

  • Uh...he's advocating cleaning up the Republican party....and getting rid of "progessiveism"....I don't trust anybody who has a problem with that. Levin just lost a listener. He just proved to me he's just a cog in the republican wheel, and could care less of the actions of our leaders....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 23:37  

  • "Glen Beck is divisive, and so I'm going to attack him."

    Well, then, I guess divisiveness must not be as bad as all that.

    By Blogger Lee, at 22 February, 2010 23:51  





    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 February, 2010 23:55  

  • Glenn Beck has attempted to hijack the conservative movement?

    Sounds more like he made an argument that the American people were responsive to.

    Our debt and spending is a problem, and the hands in the cookie jar belong to both Democrats and Republicans, and just because many Republicans have hopped on the Tea Party bandwagon, our memories go back further than 6 months; we remember them excusing Bush, we remember them cozying up to Obama when it was politically convenient to do so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 00:03  

  • The only book of Mark Levin's I've read has been "Saving Sprite". Said book was a paen to the author, by the author. The most ego-centric, look how wonderful I am PoS I ever read.
    While not a Beck fan, I wouldn't believe Levin if he told me what time it was while we looked at the same clock!

    By Blogger MikeD, at 23 February, 2010 00:04  

  • @Anonymous:
    Debbie Medina was an unqualified crank and a loser. So, according to you, tea partiers should hammer the GOP for picking a RINO like Scarsafako, but say nothing when some local tea party picks a conspiratorial nut?

    I thought we were trying to retake Washington by only supporting solid, principled candidates so we can turn the GOP into an effective opposition party in spite of their total, bible-thumping cluelessness.

    It is better to lose some no account race than to put in Obama's next "bipartisan" window dressing, (Scott Brown being an obvious exception to this rule.) Sorry, but we can stop Obama AND get a party we can be proud of if we simply make it real clear to the GOP that we aren't going to be eating a crap sandwich just because it came out of an elephant.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 00:28  

  • Glenn may have sworn that he doesn't support a third party, but there's something about him I don't trust. He is an intellectual pinball.....

    My mind is with Mark and my heart --- is also with Mark because Glenn often ends up sounding like a mush machine. And Beck defines shallow.... A sincere second-rater who stumbled on a formula that works, but hasn't quite figured out what to do with it. And sadly undereducated.

    Dr. Mark is one of the smartest guys in media, and should be on TV except for his titanic temper.

    But Republicans are rarely conservative and their frequent background in business & the private sector's odd corners makes them predisposed to make deals more than stand on principle---so in that sense, Glenn's mush mind [accidentally] is right.

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 23 February, 2010 00:56  

  • Glenn is divisive in more ways than one. He has offended the Birthers by calling them "nuts" on more than one occasion! There is nothing nutty about wanting to see Obama's qualifications and following the law right down to the letter, or in this case the official birth certificat with a doctor's signature. Is he losing it? He even said some were radical Constitutionalists. What in the world is that? Someone who believes 100% in the Constitution?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 01:21  

  • Mark, I love you man, but your jealousy towards Glenn is hurting your credibility. Have some class. Glenn Beck is real...he shouldn't change who he is any more than you should...your style is offensive to some people, but it's YOU! Don't be a Moron...we're all in this fight together.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 01:27  

  • Beck picks up on the anger and disgust with republicans that has been brewing for a decade or more. Conservatives have been 'over' democrats for a long time. There is not much you can do about democrats except try and educate or lead by example and RESULTS. Where were Rush, Levin, Sean...they say they criticized the republicans but to NO EFFECT!!! It galls that Levin, Rush L. and Sean H. have always seemed more interested in demonizing 'them'[liberal, democrats, progressives] .. although they deserve it .. than getting beyond ideology or talking points to see what was happening under their noses. Democrats got more money from the BIG financials than republicans but that didn't stop republicans from making it easier for them to suck the blood out of the consumer with Byzantine credit policies,roller coaster interest rates, irresponsible lending, or murky ethics. They were too busy wanting to be 'me too' democrats to the needs of central banks and Wall Street - in addition to growing government bigger than LBJ. while in power they spent more time demanding a cut of K-Street lobbying largesse than reinvigorating capitalism or American business.

    All this time, Rush, Sean and Levin were defending this insanity with the lie this was 'free market capitalism.' The loss of Ohio, Indiana, etc in 06 was not about tax cuts and too much spending .. it was about Reagan democrats and others figuring out republicans cared more for a very strange version of capitalism aligned with BIG govt. and Wall Street malinvestment than for them. Democrats don't care either but conservatives had COME to expect that from post '72' democrats.

    Levin, Rush, Sean or Glenn can say there will be no third party. Well, the late Lyn Nofzinger a close confident and friend of republican/ conservative hero, Ronald Reagan, said there would be a third party within 10 years. He is correct. My bet is that it will be a party that is interested in AMERICA First ..not in some isolationist totally proctectionist way, but a party that takes the road of common sense..of doing what is best for the US .. politically, security, culture, sovereignty, and not simply for some contrived post Cold War version of globalization. A practice or effort that has cost us dearly .. I doubt Rush, Sean or Levin will ever get 'that' ill used the American people and system were until the third party candidates control the congress or the White House. They can bloviate, scream and yell, tell us only the republicans or conservatives have all the answers. Nonetheless, the day of reckoning for the failed two party system..a system that betrayed the US and its people, its Constitution, in a million and one ways - will happen -- and sooner than they and their fans would like to think. As for Levin and Rush jumping on Beck for his criticism of republicans .. I would say it was defense of Benedict Arnold because he once won battles in the Revolution .. that fact did not change the damage he had done to the fortunes and future of the American Revolution. Beck is just quicker than Levin, Rush or Sean in having SOME understanding we are in Amer. Revol. part II.

    By Anonymous Diane, at 23 February, 2010 01:30  

  • This is a joke. Let's defend a party of power hungry politicians just because they wear the label GOP. The GOP is just as crooked as the liberals and once they regain power will continue to lead us down the road to bigger government and servitude. It may take us longer with the GOP in power, but we will still end up at the same destination. Until they vow to break the back of bigger government, enact full sunshine legislation and pass term limits I don't trust. Remember, the average salary in the US is about $37,000 dollars while the congress makes $174,000. It is too important to merely forgive and hope they change. Haven't we had enough of "hope" already. Man up GOP and let's restore to country to it's roots.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 01:32  

  • Where can I start with Glenn Beck? I started to watch him when he first started on FoxNews and thought he was pretty good. Then after awhile I really started to pay attention to what he had to say. As the old saying goes, " A Blind Squirrel Finds An Acorn Once In Awhile" so does Glenn Beck. His recount of history is somewhat off and when he does got it right , it is what most people have known all along. I should say MOST people that took the advantage of looking up what history had to say in the first place.

    Beck comes out on his show and says he is no republican , but sounds more and more like one every day. He claims to be a Libertarian and or an Independant, then goes on to say he is a strict Constitutionalist. If a person claims to be either of those, Beck has said on his show several times, " You have to be Like Me ( him ) exactly. If you are one that question Pres. Obama's right to be president he calls you a "Birther Loon", I thought that was in the Constitution also, that a person be a qualified (yo be born in this country ) to be President of this country... I guess Beck is incharge of what the constitution says. Then he goes into his I hate this and that.. To tell the truth , I am so tired of hearing Beck call me a Loon and a lousy American because I don't agree with him 110% Blindly that I don't watch him or O'Liely any longer. As far as Fax News ia concerned... besides the nice looking wimin... just a propaganda tool of the Repugnants and Demoncrats... with the House of Saud ( Saudi Arabia ) as a business partner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 01:34  

  • Beck has been attacking the idea of running 3rd party candidates -- and Frum attacks _Levin_ for clownish behavior, which Levin defends on the grounds that he needs to maintain an audience.

    It's OK for people like Beck to be honest about the Bush wing of the GOP -- people are starving for a little honesty, and they are sick to death of the "home team" rah rah stuff when it comes to Bush and what the GOP gave us during the Bush Presidency.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 02:02  

  • Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano are two true conservatives and patriots. Beck, Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh,Ingraham,Coulter...all big government imperialist neocons who drape themselves with the clothing of cross-bearers for God.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 02:10  

  • For those of you who are lambasting Mark Levin without having listened to the clip, may I suggest you listen to the clip before passing judgment?

    Mark and Rush both advocate taking back the Republican party by getting more Conservatives elected to save our Country. If we lump ALL Republicans, even the Conservatives, into a group with the Dems, about the only thing we will have remaining is the extreme Right, i.e. Anarchists. That will ensure Democrat victories and further threaten our liberties and freedoms.

    I have listened to Glenn since Jan. 2004. During that time, I have heard him go from an upbeat, funny man - yet pointing out our problems - to someone who seems to be getting darker and darker. About the only thing I hear that is upbeat on his program now, is Pat and Stu (aka Steve).

    I still listen to Glenn and Mark, but it is getting more difficult every day to tune into Glenn. I wish it wasn't this way.

    Today, I have to agree with Mark.

    By Anonymous Dawna, at 23 February, 2010 02:53  

  • Glenn's historical context on Progressive's is good, but sometimes his understanding of politics and our government is lacking.

    The House has been controlled by Democrats (with ave. majorities of 80+ seats)for 43 of the last 55 years. So Presidents like Reagan and Bush (41) had limited power other than vetoing bills. So was the increase in spending during their years their responsibility or a Democrat House's.

    If you track the budget record by who controlled the House since the 1969 surplus you find Democrats are 0 surpluses for 29 budgets. Republicans were 4 for 6 prior to 911. And the spending curve was bending down. There was an actual attempt to reform Social Security under Bush (43).

    Now that we know the media actively supports the Progressive movement it will be easier for conservative ideas to prevail.

    That said, according to the 2010 NJ Almanac of American Politics, only 78 House members had a NJ Conservative Economic rating of 80% or more (of the 371 rated). That hardly gets the job done when it represents only 20% of the members of the House. Democrats averaged less than 25% and Republicans aveaged 78%. We have a long way to go to change that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 05:24  

  • Beck believes in global warming? He always said he was a rodeo clown now I believe he's become a moron! I am getting more and more disliking this clown......

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 05:51  

  • This is where Levin and Rush fail. Who gives a damn about Republicans. What matters is for people to do the right thing. Republicans in Congress aren't fighting for less government that we have. They're fighting for lest government than the Democrats want.

    By Anonymous Neal Campbell, at 23 February, 2010 05:54  

  • Mr. Levin has just shown himself to be a quasi-conservative just like so many others. Beck has stated repeatedly that he does NOT advocate a third party, but in fact, he advocates that tea-partiers should strive to take back the conservative movement from BOTH parties by getting involved - our founders never intended this country to be run by career politicians, as it will always lead to exactly where we are now - rampant corruption in BOTH parties. As he said in his CPAC speech - it isn't good enough for one party to only "suck less" than the other.

    By Anonymous leftbrainfemale, at 23 February, 2010 06:01  

  • Is Levin the only conservative having a problem with Beck? Well, I listened to Rush Limbaugh for awhile yesterday and I got the impression he had a problem. And I heard some of Bill Bennett's radio program yesterday morning and he had a problem.

    Beck is not a libertarian, he is a conservative and if he can not see the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, then there is either something wrong with the man or he is being dishonest.

    As for cleaning out the Republican party, well..who died and made Glenn Beck boss of the Republican party? It would seem to me that the voters can do that and the place to do is the primary system. Advocating a third party or the complete destruction of the GOP so that it can be remade in the image of a libertarian who has never even held office is just a gift to Democrats. I think Beck is out to make money for himself..I do not trust the man. And, I am not a liberal.

    BTW, something like 40% of the people in this country self identify as conservatives, I bet Beck would call a lot of them progressives.

    By Blogger Terrye, at 23 February, 2010 06:29  

  • I am SICK AND TIRED of being told we can NOT have a third party in this country. If third parites could never be successful, where are the Whigs and Torries?
    I REFUSE TO SUPPORT the RHINO the Repugs will force on us! McCain! NO! It is time the so called conservative radio talk show hosts like Hannity realize we will NOT be duped again like the contract with America. Newt will never get support again.
    I support conservatives, whether in the Dem party, Repub party or third party. It took Obama to unite us!
    Wake up Levin! You can NOT force a GOP that is no different from the DEM party on us again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 07:45  

  • I was a die hard Glen Beck Fan. Lately I'm wondering. He compares birthers with truthers. Obummer does not show us his history, incl. his Birth Cert. (which is true) but believing the government blew up the WTC on 911 (that is crazy). Glen is softening on the Global Warming myth? Advocating a third party? Though neither may be his true opinion and may be planted by obummers handlers to discredit Glen. But lately he seems to be off his game. I will keep watching him closely to see whether he is straying of the reservation like the new senator from Mass. Mr. Brown so recently did. I wonder whether there is really a way to stop corruption in politicians and in the media. Is it true that anybody can be bought just a matter for how much. And if not buy-able, then threatened into compliance? Is Glen just the latest casualty?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 07:46  

  • Beck does not support a third party- he stated it explicitly on his tv show last night- plain and simple. He is calling out republicans that behave like democrats/progressives. He didnt ambush Debra Medina- did you hear the entire radio interview of her? I did and he simply asked her a question that was lurking in the blogosphere about her being a 9/11 truther. He tried to put it to rest-She fumbled. I dont know anything about this race-dont live in Texas but I was shocked at her lack of clarity and definitive response. I listened to Rush yesterday and support his way of supporting the Conservative movement, but I enjoy Becks boldness in calling out EVERYONE

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 08:07  

  • I don't doubt that both Levin and Beck want a far freer America and thus smaller government. That said, sadly, it will take an outsider such as Beck to keep the institutional GOP alert to the possibility of losing many of the Tea Party folks. Only the threat of losing Tea Party folks' votes and passion will prompt the GOP to NOT take Tea Party sentiments for granted. The GOP revolution of 1994 was largely though not completely wasted (no serious attempts to kill or defund the Dept of Education, for example), and the domestic spending spree (and social engineering such as No Child Left Behind) done under GOP auspices in recent years provides ample reason for genuinely conservative voters to be highly skeptical toward the GOP.

    Levin is brash and something of a lifelong intellectual. Beck is not near as brash, and only in his latter 30s and 40s has he really discovered a love of learning, and he's enjoying it and enjoying sharing the journey. Frankly, Levin strikes me as someone who
    (1) is a bit jealous of Beck's success as a media personality, and (2) is far too willing to believe that the GOP is incapable of making the same mistakes again, by acting like "Democrats Lite."

    By Anonymous Daniel, at 23 February, 2010 08:19  

  • As Levin noticed - Beck turned me off with the Deborah Medina triade, didn't appreciate Bo Gritz's efforts, poo poohed the Birthers, among other thing. In my opinion, he's an agitator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 08:37  

  • Becoming a Mormon because a daughter is comfortable in the church is a pretty superficial reason to commit one's self to a set of beliefs.
    Personally I have a hard time with finding the word of God under a rock in Pennsylvania but I certainly wouldn't believe that because my daughter felt "comfortable" in the particular church just visited...pretty shallow reasoning..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 08:39  

  • I am so sick of hearing "no" third party! Well news flash...the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Both parties are broken, full of liars, cheats, crooks and self absorbed power mongers. If it takes a third party to break their monopoly so be it! Interesting to watch the cronies scrambling to keep their power. In the end we the people will decide what the parties are in this country, not some political mouthpiece.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 08:44  

  • Levin is jealous of Beck's success. You can hear it inb the way he "promotes" himself at the expense of other talk hosts.

    Levin also comes accross as rude and impatient with his callers. He's not "fun". You need a little of that to hold an audience.

    I disagree with Beck on a couple things, global warming IS a fraud. I also disagree with Beck and Levin with their denial of Obama's citizenship status.

    Levin craves attention at Beck's expense. I never hear Beck bad-mouthing any other talk show hosts. I give him credit for his class.

    By Anonymous carl, at 23 February, 2010 09:03  

  • I fully concur with you anon 22 Feb 2010 22:46.

    Insight gained from years of experience along with discernment tell me Mr. Beck is, in two words, a nut job. Mark Levin dressed him down perfectly last evening. He certainly had it coming and I hope it serves to blow his cover for all to see. By blow his cover I mean his reaction or multiple reactions may well raise serious questions in the minds of his fans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:07  

  • I used to like Beck till he started to tell me how to THINK !!!

    If I think that Obama should prove
    that he has the right to be our president then I am a nut case,
    shame on you.

    But he is no different the John Boehner. Who's office said they take him at his work that he is qualified to be president.


    By Blogger WeThePerpleNews, at 23 February, 2010 09:08  

  • Levin!?

    "Get of the phone ya jerk!!!"
    He constantly makes fun of Schumer with stupid nick names. Have you noticed Radio Equalizer doesn't have Beck in its line up.

    If your problem with Beck is because he acts like a "rodeo clown", Beck's words, then you're no different than those stuck up pricks who trash Palin for "You betcha!".

    I don't remember Rush, Levin and that Hannity talk about the Progressive movement like Beck has.

    I remember Levin whining about Beck taking credit for the 9/12 rally in DC? Are you kidding Levin?

    Beck started the 9/12 movement and people ran with it.

    What a bunch of divisive...

    By Anonymous USMC, at 23 February, 2010 09:09  

  • I heard Rush saying the same thing as Levin,although he didn,t mention Beck by name.My opinion,I am holding Mark,Rush and Hannity responsible for the failures of the GOP.Where was their critical analysis last year,or the year before when Congress was out of control with their spending.The 9000 earmarks were not all democrats,the health care bill that kept them in Washington till Christmas Eve,why did the Republicans stay for that charade,they knew they wouldn,t vote for it,they should have gone home.But they were afraid of the media.No one is not going to vote for a Republican in November,but if they don,t clean up their act,we will vote them out next time around.This is the last chance for them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:10  

  • Glenn Beck is a NUT, and I do not mean of the good kind. His continued denigration of the ENTIRE GOP (yes, he has done that) is without merit and is an outright lie and smearing of a lot of good people's names. Beck is an unstable man. His failure to see obvious differences in people of different parties is not by accident. He is trying to destroy good men and women. It is time for true conservatives to reject Beck forever.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:13  

  • Beck mis-quoted Debra Medina and labeled wrongly. Even though I still listen to him, he no longer has my trust. I wonder if he would have chosen the LDS church is they would have told him that they believe that humans will become gods... that's what the LDS church believes... they believe in another god and jesus.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:27  

  • Yeah, I would not take advice from an angry little man like Mark Levin.

    While many like Levin may think it fine to be pragmatic rather than right, I choose to be right and win or lose on principle. It is east for the GOP to stand on 'principle' when they are not in power and have no chance of their views being enacted. The true test is what they do when they are in power; their track record from 2001-2006 is not that of a conservative.

    By Blogger Michael, at 23 February, 2010 09:36  

  • I like both guys in this case.
    I love Levin because he's a straight shooter and he understands what conservatism is about.
    Beck is great for his ability to unveil the stealthy progressive agenda.

    But I think in the CPAC speech perhaps Beck could've taken a different tact.

    This is what I want to hear from GOPers, Conservatives, etc: It's not enough to get elected in 2010 and 12. It's about REVERSING the Progressive agenda on all front.

    If we get back into power we can't go back to the status quo. We must dismantle welfare, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare and re-invent them into something that gives people power to change their lives, not the government.

    We need to sell GM and Chrysler. We need to abolish TARP, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    We need to crush the teacher's union and get the Progressive indoctrination programs OUT of our publicly funded schools.

    We need to stop the SEIU.

    We need to reform the election process to eliminate the need for campaign finance, political ads and outside influences/campaigns. No politician can get through the process without owing something to someone. It's dirty right from the start.

    And we need to reverse course on terrorism and treating these animals like human beings..actually, it's an insult to animals.

    We need to stop cap and trade and reveal the global warming fraud for what it is while continuing to environmentally responsible without killing our economy or ourselves.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:39  

  • Mark does a terrific job in his monologue but is awful with callers.

    Glenn Beck is purging both parties of Progressives. something Mark supports.

    Beck started the 9-12 Project, the We Surround Them groups and has millions of people reading the Constitution and our History. Mark Levin should congratulate Beck. I've been to 3 Tea Party rallies including the big one in DC and everybody there knew Glenn Beck and what he did to make the Tea Party Movement happen.

    Glenn Beck is NOT A CLOWN he is the most entertaining, enthralling history professor in America. I suspect Mark Levin is a bit jealous and needs to take his own advice and support Glenn Beck as Glenn Beck supports CONSERVATIVES.

    By Blogger Bob N, at 23 February, 2010 09:49  

  • Mark you're an idiot!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 09:53  

  • I listen to both of these guy's regularly and have never heard Glenn Beck purpose or support starting a third party. Becks style of lampooning the oppostition could be taken out of context if you were to read, rather than see and hear his commentaries.
    Levin, Beck, Hannity, O'Rielly, and even Savage,would do the Conservative cause better, if they'd leave their disagreements amoung themselves, rather than blasting them out across the airways. The Lib's like nothing better,than to see Conservatives stabbing each other in the back.
    Now, as far as Republican candidates are concerned, they would do better to put some new Conservative faces in the line up, instead of the same old, tired RINO's running for office.

    By Blogger TopBaxter, at 23 February, 2010 10:05  

  • I at one time really admired Beck and in some ways I still do. He's solid when it comes to making the case against socialism and progressivism and in pointing out Obama and his crew are radical adherents to it. However when he makes the generalization that Republicans are as bad as Democrats, I just can't agree. RINO's are the problem and, yes, they are not insignificant in number but 99% of Dems are a problem. Also, Beck appears to have become "star struck" with the liberal Hollywood elite, berates "birthers" (disgusting nom de guerre) although he has not proven them wrong and now states he believes in Global Warming, in spite of climate gate, based on his own observation! Sounds more progressive positions to me.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 10:15  

  • Hey! Get a life. You who would worship at the feet of the GOP are no more than sheep being led to slaughter. For the love of God and Country get you heads above the smoke. The GOP is as corrupt an organization as has ever existed. Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh are nothing but parrots for the GOP. Forget your party crap. Elect citizens who's agenda are the American People, not the party line. What your really saying is that your afraid of Beck but then you no doubt would be afraid of George Washington as well and try to subvert him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 10:37  

  • WTF?? "Republicans are holding the fort"???

    Who, exactly, does this guy think he's kidding? Precious few Republicans are acting anything like they understand what motivates the united conservative grassroots movement, which is epitomized but certainly not limited to The Tea Party.

    The first step in restoring the Republican Form of Government guaranteed by our Constitution must be a wholesale dismantling of the quisling GOP and its Socialism Lite agenda, which seeks to find relevance by endlessly compromising us further each year toward the totalitarian left. GOP leadership, rank and file must be replaced, insofar as it's possible, by people who understand and respect the history and facts Beck broadcasts on a daily basis, despite jealous, childish outbursts like this one from Levin.

    If you don't LIKE the way Beck behaves, then no one is stopping you from finding your own more effective means by which to educate people.

    By Blogger goy, at 23 February, 2010 11:13  

  • This is classic that Mark Levin is telling Glenn Beck to grow. Levin, grow a pair and get over it.

    By Blogger poofster, at 23 February, 2010 11:13  

  • The only person dividing here is Mark Levin screaming, yet again, about something that is bs. And great job Brian for being right there attacking and eating your own.

    By Blogger poofster, at 23 February, 2010 11:18  

  • Hey if the RINO's dont want a third party get you heads out of your liberal friends A****'s and return to the values that made the party great. No more "we have to be more inclusive" crap, you RINO's had your chance and you gave us milktoasts like McCain and Colin Powell a pox on you RINO spender, big government, big business, weenies! Your turn to get in line behing the conservative wing or get over to the other side where you really belong!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 11:42  

  • Sorry, Mark. Glenn is right on this one. Republican politicians ARE just as much of a problem as the Democrats. Why? Because they have ALL voted for bills that allow the Federal Government to do things that they are not authorized to do by the US Constitution. To me, that is the unpardonable sin. If you ever cast a vote to allow the Federal Government to violate the US Constitution, you have violated your oath of office and are no longer eligible to serve. Period. Even President Reagan, may he rest in peace, compromised. He signed legislation that violated the US Constitution. Until we start sending people to congress who WILL NOT COMPROMISE no matter what, we have no hope of restoring our Constitutional Republic. I am not going to applaud Republicans for standing tough against socialized health care. That is so obvious even the 'regular' people get it! Where are the calls for the repeal of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? Who is demanding the abolishment of the unconstitutional Federal departments and agencies like the EPA and FDA? What about ending Federal money paying for education or hundreds of other programs not constitutionally authorized to the Federal Government? The fact that some Republican politicians have, in the last few months, started to be more Conservative than the RINOs running the Party is nice, but far less than what is necessary.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 11:44  

  • I like and respect Mark and Glen. They both bring a level of awareness to topics that need to be addressed. Finally, someone has the nuts to call out "progressives" for what they are. Thank you, Glen. We are also blessed to have someone like Mark, a real honest to God constitutional scholar. One makes a citizen's arrest, the other clearly states the law. Now, who will enforce the law? There never seems to be any follow through. After watching Glen's speech, I knew it would take about thirty seconds for the GOP establishment to jump in and deny, deny, deny. Guess what? You DO have a problem. I'm 40 years old and the GOP has been giving me garbage for candidates my entire voting life.They DO just suck less. I'll vote for myself before I'll vote for another establishment whore. And please, drop the religious crap. It makes you look like freaks. You have no right to personally judge anyone's religion or how they come to it. If it helps someone to become a better person, who cares what the jersey says? Real conservatives mind their own business in such personal matters.

    By Anonymous Dale, at 23 February, 2010 12:08  

  • Glenn Beck did not advocate a third party.. This is nothing more than Mark Levin trying to improve his diminished share of the media limelight. It's annoying ego based infighting. Beck is right on and saying what needs to be said about statists and Soros muppet progressives like McCain who are twice the problem to the conservative movement that Nancy Pelosi could ever hope to be. We are all for a revived Republican party but if the elitist bi-coastal neo-con country club wing keeps selling the American people down the river as they have been, a third paty might be our only choice. I'd say the Republicans have one more chance. Don't waste it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 12:14  

  • Yes, Glenn Beck talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, I don't want a 3rd party, on the other hand, both republicans and dems are equally bad comes from his mouth daily. The libertarians, who have no moral underpinnings, but think they are the most righteous people around, ARE attempting to hijack the republican party. Has anyone bothered to take a look at the well funded movement to TAKE OVER precinct conventions all over the US? And, libertarians ARe running candidates under the false flag of "republican" all over. They cannot win as libertarians so must masquerade as republicans. This is not 1776. Our nation has changed. People no longer do the right thing. That is why some legislation is necessary. I agree, too much govt reg is present, but to do away with all is ludicrous. I cannot support libertarian thought, live and let live. It is is idyllic and idiotic. Legalizing drugs, prostitution,bringing home all troops etc is a utopian idea. There is something unhinged about these libertarians who think the whole US is for this stuff. I can tell you first hand, the libertarians have nothing but contempt for republicans, and want to take them down.Why not go after the dems instead.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 12:23  

  • The confusing of your enemy is part of war. We are in a political war. The people who love the constitution are on one side. And those who do not are on the other side. (I doubt if many of us really know how our nation would change if the Constitution was the filter that all programs and legislation had to pass through before it could become law). At least it would be sound, safe, profitable, and most importantly, free.

    The enemies of the Constitution be, they Democrat or Republican, are working to see the defeat of the Constitutionalists.

    Now we are a nation with a political system that has evolved into a two party system. I submit that we do not have the time to initiate a third party without giving the battle to the anti- Constitutionalists. And if we lose today, we might not have the Constitution itself to use to fight this same battle again in 2012.

    We Constitutionalists have to take over the Republican party at this point. That's it. And it can be done.

    But confusion is setting in on our side. Some of our "conservative" leaders are not acting like conservatives and are doing things that are damaging to the political goal of taking over the Republican party. If anyone, it doesn't matter who they are, says that a third party effort is the way to go at this point of national and political jeopardy, they need to be put down and discredited utterly.

    This third party buzz is confusion being initiated by the enemy. Don't listen to it and speak against it wherever it appears; at Tea Party rallys, blogs, 912 group rallys, etc.

    As for Beck, he sounds like he is scatter brained. Global climate change caused by man? Come on. Not good. I wouldn't be surprised if he endorsed a third party movement for 2012 at some point.

    And Sarah Palin. She endorsed RINO McCain. Go figure. And her District 7 WI Congressional endorsement doesn't pick the Constitutional candidate in that Republican primary.

    Confusion. It's confusing to me. Where is the political and common sense in some of our conservative leaders? Are they pragmatic or principled Constitutionalists? Perhaps they are not worthy of our loyalty.

    For me, I cast my lot with Levin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 12:45  

  • I have always liked Levin's position on things and have pretty much agreed with him.

    However, I think he's way off base in his critizing of Glen. I've found Glen to be a breathe of fresh air; plus, I like his clown behavior and his straight-shooting talk - he tells it like it is. He says what I have been thinking for years, as to what's wrong with this government.

    I think the problem with Levin is he's a REPUBLICAN, just as Rush is. They both believe the only ones doing the right thing for this county are REPUBLICANS, and that just simply is not true!

    Our 41 year old son told me here while back, in discussing Glen, who he watches all the time, that he no longer watches Shawn Hannity becaused he's too much Republican, but Glen is an AMERICAN, A PATRIOT!

    By Anonymous Kac, at 23 February, 2010 13:25  

  • It seems to me that all the "conservative" talk show hosts should stop tearing each other apart, get their act together, before we "let" them so divide the conservatives, whether that is liberterian, republicans, independents, etc., so that even the most liberal democrat can win the 2010 election. It seems to me that every one of them, Savage, Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, Steyn, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, etc. continue to contradict each other on some or all of the others' beliefs. Makes me furious!! That's why the tea partiers are outraged; all the "leaders" seem intent on destroying each other and not working together to vote out nearly all moderates and RINOs that are up for re-election this year. It's not just about the social issues; it's the economy and national defense, stupid!!! We will never all agree on everything; we CAN COME TOGETHER on these two issues. If we don't, we will not have to worry about the other issues because this nation will cease to be.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 13:28  

  • The fact that Glenn Beck saying that he tried out many denominations for one that he liked, and then settled on the Mormons who aren't Christians, shows that he lacks judgment in some things. Both he and O'Reilly are full of hot air at times. Stardom makes one become puffed up with their own sense of importance and brilliance. We may actually be experience a cyclical period of warming, but it certainly isn't "man-made" and we won't stop it. Nature is in control!

    By Blogger El gato, at 23 February, 2010 13:32  

  • I like Levin, and I love Beck. Sometime Beck does act a bit odd, but that is just his personality, and it is mostly refreshing. I am a conservative, but closer to a Libertarian than anything. I had high hopes for Medina, and wonder why Beck posed that question to her. That troubled me. Perry has his problems for sure, and Hutchinson is too big government for me. Medina seems closer, but with minor flaws. She said she didn't think we had all the answers. That didn't mean she is a Truther. Still I think she is closer to what the Founding Fathers had in mind than our other two choices. I listen to Beck everyday. I listen to Levin in the car. Both are compatible, especially if you listen to both long enough. I am no Republican, they let me down with their spending. As Beck said...Democrats tax and spend, Republicans don't tax, and spend. Neither is a good option for this country.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 13:53  

  • Mark Levin is trying to get people to realize that the Constitution is under attack from the so-called "Constitutional professor Barack Obama" . I believe Mark Levin forgot more about the Constitution than Obama will ever learn. If this country doesn't go back to being guided by the Constitution we will go the way of ancient Rome.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 13:54  

  • Levin has got to be one of the most divisive "conservatives" out there today, and this cheap attack on Beck proves it. Sure, Beck gets on my nerves from time to time, but so what? His speech was fantastic!

    Levin is just fanning the flames of a brewing civil war within the conservative movement. A war he's helping create.

    By Blogger theCL, at 23 February, 2010 14:38  

  • Levin is a smart man who has helped educate us on the misguided actions of the Supreme Court (Men in Black) as well as helped define the Statists who have worked their way into our government. But his message is not new and has grown stale. He has fancied himself as the next Sean Hannity and has become (even more) bitter at the success of Glenn Beck. He wants to hang on to the GOP that has continually failed over the last several years and claims that there is still decent representation in the party that we must support. But who are they and where are they hiding? If they can not stand up and be counted and answer the hard questions that Beck presents, then they don't deserve our support. They need to be bold and dare to transform the party BACK to the conservative principles that will make this country strong. Levin says he supports this, but wastes his efforts and credibility on his self consuming jealousy that another conservative voice has risen above his shrill whining and is leading the way to the reformation of the GOP. Good luck, Mark.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 February, 2010 15:10  

  • Really, a 3rd party is bad? For who, oh...wait a minute, a 3rd party is bad for the Republicats. They'll scare the electorate into staying with them so as not to ensure Democans won't rule. A two party system has driven this great nation into the crapper and it's time to have a viable third party platform.

    By Anonymous Duh, at 23 February, 2010 15:16  

  • There is little if any difference between most Republicans and Democrats and because of that I would prefer a third party that is grounded in the Constitution. However, until that third party can rise above the other two parties, it will likely split the vote and cost us what we want, which means we need to convert the Republican party to what it should be, only supporting and voting for true constitutionalists. A hostile take over, perhaphs? As for Glenn Beck, I was a latecomer as a viewer, but after hearing his comments on global warming,the Constitution, and the birth certificate,it's clear he is not only lost, but he lost me as a viewer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 15:16  

  • Levin should have talked with Beck privately. His public comments only serve the interests of the unAmerican left. So, for the question of who is doing the greatest damage; Levin needs to look in the mirror.

    The same goes for Romney and Palin - endorsing the Progressive poster child of the GOP, McCain. Don't pound your fists and assert your love of the Constitution and our founding principles - if you're going to stab us in the back!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 15:46  

  • No, Levin isn't the only one exposing Beck. Alex Jones has been outing him everyday on his YouTube channel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 15:56  

  • I basically am sympathetic to both, but Beck is wrong to pretend BOTH parties are at fault. Republicans have responded quite well lately. Should we trust them always? No, absolutely not, but if Republicans are scorned by conservatives, then the GOP can go back to their old ways. They need conservative votes, but if large amounts of conservatives hold them in contempt and vow not to vote for them (even when they are holding fast as in HCR) then they have to try to appeal to Democrats and lay low lest the MSM single them out for attack.

    This needs to be an insurgency within the GOP. We purge the RINOs when we can - even sacrifice a few as an example to others who might plan to stray. But it is monumentally stupid to lash out blindly and that is what Beck is encouraging.

    With global warming and the equivalence of truthers to birthers, I smell pandering. Birthers may be wrong in wanting to persue that avenue politically, but they are not in the same category as truthers, not by a long shot.

    By Blogger Franco, at 23 February, 2010 16:21  

  • Duh,

    Third party helps Democrats every time. Statist GOPers need to be picked off one by one and it's happening. See Specter, Arlen

    By Blogger Franco, at 23 February, 2010 16:24  

  • They are both right, but, Levin does the same thing. When John McCain was running for President, Levin did not support him. He is the epitome' of conservatism as is Beck. They are both right, but the dead wood of the Republican party needs to go. How else is there to do it than to point it out.

    By Blogger Hoser, at 23 February, 2010 16:48  

  • Glen Beck is NO Conservative - NOT by a long shot. he's a third party NUT like Ross Perrott and Ron Paul - why not just give the dems the next election!!! That's what he's after anyway with all his "both parties are the same" crap. And he needs to quit drinking!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 16:55  

  • Beck is a plant; it's obvious. He's not a real Conservative, he's not a Republican, and he's pushing a third party. He needs to be removed form the line up on FOX and he really needs to lay off the booze!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 17:08  

  • Im glad to see conservatives being honest enough to voice their opinions on each other regardless of whose toes they will step on. We certainly dont need to be PC. That is what has got us in this mess to begin with. I like some things about Beck but he deserves the same regard I give others, a considering look that weighs the good and the bad. I do not like how he has gone on the insult tea partiers and people that want to see the birth certificate. He of all people should be looking into things of this nature.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 17:34  

  • Conservatives must be fantastically stupid to still believe that Republicans are the party of "small government".

    If you would EVER do your homework, you would have to acknowledge that every time the GOP is in power the government deficit increases massively...even when they DON'T remove the bloated military budget from the report like Dubya did. Reagan increased it from a start of 38.2 billion to 191.1 billion.

    How do your puny brains not notice this year after year for decades??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 17:56  

  • I have listened to Glenn Beck on the radio since 2004 and have been watching him on television since he came to Fox. With that said, I will no longer watch or listen to him because he calls those of us who want to see BO's birth certificate "nuts". I also got really angry at him when he interviewed Debra Medina. His comments on Dr. Paul frustrate me too. Sadly, I think Glenn is part of the establishment although he tries to pretend to be an outsider.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 18:32  

  • It just hit me today ... we Tea Partiers need to operate as a "guerrilla" movement -- or as Franco called it, an "insurgency" -- when it comes to the established parties, instead of trying to raise a "regular" political army only to be picked off by not only the Dems, but the GOP professional-political establishment.

    Instead, we need to "infiltrate" the GOP, take control, and in the finest guerrilla tradition exploit its infrastructure and resources to further our cause ... while also transforming that infrastructure so the professional-political class can no longer use it to maintain the present status quo. And we already have allies within the GOP (and perhaps even a few within the Dems) who share this objective, from what I see.

    This establishes the proper balance between the Glenn Beck and Mark Levin viewpoints.

    IMO, Mark's view is the sound, tactical view ... that "the best is the enemy of the good" and that if we don't understand that and act accordingly, we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and never get to the point of throwing out the RINOs, let alone the Dims.

    Glenn is looking farther down the road ... that simply winning an election, just to see more of the same ol' same ol' political gamesmanship from the winners, is not an outcome that will lead to a sustainable return to governance Of/By/For the People. The operating paradigms MUST change and change permanently, or we will be back where we started.


    Let us be practical AND principled, and we will carry the day.

    By Anonymous Ritchie The Riveter, at 23 February, 2010 18:52  

  • ANYONE who says that Beck is promoting a third party has NO CLUE what they are talking about and are obviously not listening to him at all. That includes Levin and Limbaugh.

    The whole point is anti-progressivism, pro-constitutionalism and voting for INDIVIDUALS with values and principles that support that, not parties.

    Even in this situation of socialistic policy from the left, if we are too pragmatic and vote for those who don't reflect these values, there will be NO incentive for any Republican to return to their purported "roots". They will have us just where they always have, under their thumb with their political style of blackmail.

    Any divisions being created in the party are those by Limbaugh and Levin who seem to either be too busy to listen, or are tone deaf.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 19:23  

  • I ,too, thoroughly LOVE Mark Levin. Their intellect, I throw Rush in this comment, is a little exagerated for it is simple common sense. Their gift is articulation.

    Beck seems contrived. I never ever took him seriously. I personally take his delivery as being condescending. The Mormon viewpoint, theologically, makes me NOT trust him professionally. Same goes for Romney. Cant quite put your finger on it, but the "spidey senses" scream, BEWARE!

    For Rush and Mark, I think the comments are right on with being rabidly partyline. I whole-heartedly profess and believe in the Conservative platform which is to be represented by the Republican party. UNFORTUNATELY, the Republican party has been infiltrated by liars which hold key/crucial positions within the party. It is clear and obvious to Repubs, TRUE repubs, and Demmys alike.

    When a Rush or Levin defend the worst of the worst, which I have had the unfortunate opprotunity to see in my lifetime and the worst the repub party has ever seen, they lose a little credibility. After the 1st Bush Admin., I was all for starting another party. And believe it or not, it was Ron Paul in an interview, that changed my thoughts on the 3rd party. He was adament about NOT abandoning the Republican platform/party for he had spent his life promoting it. he said the party had to be reclaimed. Generations had donated funds, volunteered time, professed creeds which he fely needed to be protected as apposed to abandoned. And a light clicked, and from that point on, i have been an advocate of reclaiming the republican party. For Mark and Rush to defend Bush, to the extent that they have both stated that in time Bush will be regarded as one of our greatest presidents( I cant even type that with a straight face) ruins their reputations.

    Bush was the WORST prototype for a Conservative and his criticism is well deserved. Instead of Obama blaming Bush, he should state the truth and fact that he is continuing Bush policies.

    When Levin and Limbaugh continue with the "die-hard Repubs have no blame in this economic downfall" they leave the door wide open for a Beck to tickle ears. I truly believe the REAL DEAL REPUBLICANS know Beck is not their clarion, but the media's contrived voice for a movement they cannot comprehend. C'mon, he tours with O'Reilly for pete sake. Look at the Hannity "tour", these knuckle heads are out of touch. Charlie Daniels, Lynrd Skynrd,...out-of-touch.

    I really like Levin, and wish he would take that "jerk" personna and call out the Republican party as it now stands and includes Bush with the mess they have created.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 21:41  

  • "Limbaugh, and Hannity, and Levin oh my." How dare we dunderheads cross the trifecta of talk by questioning their beloved do-nothing, government-growing GOP, who didn't do squat from 2001-2007, except support Dubya's "compassionate conservatism"?

    They owned Congress and the White House, yet grew government as large as many of their predecessors. Left legalized murder in place. On the warpath - nationbuilding, without authorization from Congress as the Constitution states. That's some limited-government party isn't it? They sure deserve support, don't they?

    Let's give 'em Congress again in 2010 and see how well they do. Bullroar Mark. You guys slap down Americans who think outside the two Big Box parties, looking for candidates with true fortitude to support and defend the Constitution by practice, not pretense during campaign mode then crap on us when elected.

    How can you guys keep giving these ne'er-do-wells a pass? You guys DESERVE lower ratings. All you do is carry the water for the GOP. What a joke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 21:44  

  • Brian Maloney, do you have an issue with liberals failing to do the research and make sure the sources and statements are true? If you do, then do your research. Your claim that Beck is embracing Global Warmists is completely false. That interview that stated he was a global warming believer was wrong, and you showed your true colors and hatred of someone expressing their opinion by posting this bs.

    This all out attack on a CONSERVATIVE is disgusting. You and Levin make quite a pair.

    Stop spreading this bs and grow a pair.

    By Blogger poofster, at 23 February, 2010 23:31  

  • Glenn Beck is all about self-promotion. Thank goodness for Mark Levin calling Glenn out for trying to divide us. Glenn may say he does not want to create a third party but his rhetoric sounds otherwise. Glenn Beck is a disgrace to the conservative movement. And Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh will not call him out because Beck is syndicated by the same company as them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 February, 2010 13:50  

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