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29 July 2010

CONTENT WARNING: Libtalkers At War Over Rangel


Libtalkers Spar Over Fate Of Charlie Rangel


While the longtime New York Democrat's fate remains uncertain, ethics charges facing Rep Charlie Rangel have liberal commentators taking opposing views. The results are downright nasty.

As fellow libtalkers have long been suspicious of MSNBC's Ed Schultz, his recent call for Rangel's resignation strikes some on the left as overtly partisan.

Why is the longtime representative suddenly in deep trouble? Since when are Democrats so concerned with tax evasion and ethical issues? Does Timmy Geithner ring a bell?

Is this all about clearing the decks before November's elections?

That perceived insincerity may explain why veteran satellite libtalker Lynn Samuels (shown right in image) is seeing red over Big Eddie's demand:

LYNN SAMUELS (28 JULY 2010 HOUR ONE) (3:56): Do you know what that fat f--- freak phony liberal sack of s--- Ed Schultz said? He thinks Charlie Rangel should resign.

This is the new thing in Washington. You know, our Charlie Rangel from New York. Our beloved Charlie Rangel.

So he didn't pay some taxes. You went through the entire House of Representatives, out of 435 I would bet you that 300 of them at the very least didn't pay some form of taxes they were supposed to pay. They're out to get Charlie Rangel.

But that fat f--- freak Ed Schultz says he should resign!

Lessons to be learned here: 1) don't mess with Lynn Samuels and 2) naked, election-year partisanship fools no one.


  • There was spittle all over that microphone.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 29 July, 2010 20:02  

  • Well Lynn, that's 300 that also need to go! And take Turbo Tax Timmy with them.


    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 30 July, 2010 10:31  

  • That c--t has a potty mouth!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 July, 2010 13:12  

  • People in Michigan have a chance to send President Obama a message August 3rd!

    President Obama is trying to knock down Michigan’s best chance at finally having a conservative governor, but we can’t let Obama win! The stakes of this election are simply too high!

    August 3rd is the most important day in Michigan politics in years! We need to do what we can to help make sure Michigan sends President Obama a message.

    By Blogger Political, at 30 July, 2010 21:38  

  • Charlie Rangle has been writing tax laws for about 40 years, & then he does'nt understand them? If that's true, that would be a nice arguement to scrap the ENTIRE TAX CODE. It's over 70,000 pages, & it's confusing op purpose. A flat tax or the Fair Tax should replace that, & should be on the agenda next time the GOP gains control of Congress. Get rid of the IRS altogether & have a tax code so simple that even idiots like Charlie Rangle & Tim Geithner can follow the rules. Even without TurboTax.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 31 July, 2010 23:13  

  • what a skunk...never ceases to amaze, democrats have no standards and demand that there be no accountability for anything they do...she needs a good spanking even at her age...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 August, 2010 13:01  

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