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19 July 2010

Crazed Libtalker: Glenn Beck Should 'Fulfill Family Tradition' And Put Gun To Head


Will Soros Talk Radio Probe Include Libtalk Hate?

At a time when George Soros and his "progressive" friends are pushing a well-funded, yet self-serving probe into conservative talk radio and its supposed hate speech, they'll no doubt want to include some of depraved rantings coming from their own side of the aisle.

After all, no such study would be complete without an examination of syndicated / satellite radio libtalker Mike Malloy, who has been kind enough in recent days to provide a fresh example of violence advocacy from the left.

We've previously covered Malloy's disgusting rhetoric here, here and elsewhere.

During Friday's show, Malloy once again implored rival conservative talker Glenn Beck to commit suicide and "fulfill the family tradition." Beck's stepbrother took his own life and the circumstances surrounding his mother's passing remain murky.

From the program:

MIKE MALLOY (49:59): Just sitting there, trying to watch this piece of human garbage spew his stuff on FOX, it's worse than I thought! Please, Glenn, get on to the part where you, you know, fulfill your family tradition... (makes extended gunshot sound)

Though this site has long been critical of Beck (long before he became nationally recognized), particularly the tear-filled episodes of personal drama and other cries for help, Malloy's taunts are beyond disgusting and certainly have no place on the radio, much less elsewhere in our society.

Are conservatives now free to behave in the same manner? Didn't think so.

Let's face it: Soros and his lefty friends are sure to ignore the full time hate-fest that is liberal talk radio. And some conservatives will dismiss Malloy & Friends with the idea that few are listening anyway. But a lack of ratings doesn't excuse the auditory cesspool it has become.

Classic Soros / Air America image: David A Lunde


  • Well, I was going to say Malloy should go to hell, then I realized he's going there eventually, anyway.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 July, 2010 22:10  

  • I just love knowing that Mike Malloy is trying so hard to matter, but he does'nt, & he never will. You need more then a few hundred listeners nationally to matter in the world of talk radio. He really should'nt be on the air anymore, the free market has rejected him more then a few times. But he cannot quit doing radio because he probabally can't EARN a living working for a paycheck. Sucks to be you Malloy, LOL.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 20 July, 2010 00:02  

  • Mike's not dead yet. I guess I was dreaming.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 July, 2010 07:43  

  • Several years ago, when Air America was operative, but the WXKS-AM signal on 1430 at night was not, I would occasionally listen to Mike Malloy on WLIB-AM 1190, which runs 30,000-watts directional toward New England at night (and taking into account the fairly efficient signal out of its array probably equals 50,000 watts NDA). I decided Mike Malloy was NOT my brand of libtalk and would not defend his statements. I am a big Stephanie Miller fan, however, and I've heretofore speculated that YOU JUST DON'T GET IT when it comes to her show.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 20 July, 2010 13:31  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 July, 2010 14:09  

  • Mike Malloy is pathetic. We all account for our words in the end....he may find himself eating those very words himself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 July, 2010 22:53  

  • I am conservative, but I listen to these shows every few days to get a feel for the left.

    These guys, especially Malloy, are the most negative, hate spewing people I know.

    All independents and moderates should listen to these hosts. They have zero logic or facts to support their argument and all they do is bash Reagan, Bush, Big Business. I really wonder how they can call themselves Americans.

    They even bash Obama for being too conservative.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 21 July, 2010 12:21  

  • And to think - Bill Press actually likes his show. Shows you how much cred the author of "Toxic Talk" has.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 July, 2010 00:20  

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