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16 July 2010

Crazed Libtalker: Rush Limbaugh Worse Than Westboro's Fred Phelps


Lefties Hope To Kill Foes With 1000 Paper Cuts

During yesterday's syndicated radio program, Rush Limbaugh asked liberal detractors why they haven't been more effective in their most recent career-destruction efforts. Is this really the best they can do? After all, the latest charges of "racism" against the talk titan seem especially silly.

Their methods have certainly changed: instead of waiting for a major ('nappy-headed ho's') opportunity, "progressives" are now utilizing even the most mundane comments to build a "case" against Limbaugh. The faux OUTRAGE (!!!!) machine is now running 24/7.

Repeat the smears often enough and they're sure to stick, aren't they?

Listen as libtalkers and guests utilize this sleazy strategy:

STEPHANIE MILLER (14 July 2010 - Hour One) (12:00): (after airing Rush audio reaction to George Steinbrenner's death) See, that’s a reference to the New Black Panther ('whatever' sound effect) whatever huge story that’s on the Fox News (Fox news breaking news sound effect) 24/7.

GUEST KARL FRISCH, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA: He also said the same day that Steinbrenner had fired a lot of white guys. There is nothing that Rush Limbaugh does not see through racially charged tinted glasses.

And yet the media always says well Rush Limbaugh has this to say about health care. Rush Limbaugh has this to say about the war in Afghanistan.

You know, I don’t remember them going to other run-of-the-mill-racists whenever they needed comment. But you know this is not the first time he’s politicized the used of racially charged rhetoric.


RANDI RHODES (14 July 2010 - Hour One) (37:08): This is his death, Rush Limbaugh, this is George Steinbrenner's death! Is there any event that you can't turn into a platform for racism? Rush Limbaugh has ruined more funerals than Fred Phelps ever dreamed of ruining!

I mean, he's much more widely distributed than Fred Phelps' little Westboro Baptist Church out of freaking Kansas that goes to, uh, you know, our soldier's funerals with signs that say God hates the F-word. I mean, really, this is what we've degenerated into and you want to, what, say America's the greatest country in the world.

Note how Frisch in particular uses the phony Steinbrenner flap to marginalize Rush. In the same way it would be crazy to cast Mel Gibson for an upcoming film, why would the media bother to quote a "run-of-the-mill racist" like Limbaugh?

Clearly, the new anti-talk radio strategy is death by a thousand paper cuts rather than a bombshell event. Will it work?


  • What's funny is that I would have guessed that the left would be pissed that since The Boss died before the new year, his family does'nt have to pay about $500million in estate taxes. That is money that the Obama Thugministration can't redistribute to groups like ACORN, & other leftist, progressive, anti-American causes.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 16 July, 2010 07:02  

  • Hahahahah RUSH RADIO in Boston is a flop new released ratings shows !!! WRKO actually went up, people stick to the Savage station after all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 July, 2010 17:13  

  • I guess that Rush's audience of over 20 million on a given day will be totally conned by the drive-by nobodies trying to marginalize him. In the last five years, since El Rushbo has become the target of obsessive Far-Left froth-at-the-mouth ravings, his audience has doubled in size.

    Actually, I only started listening a couple years ago and Rush is consistently able to predict how and often when the numbnut left is going to concoct their agitprop garbage and lies with uncanny accuracy.

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 17 July, 2010 00:16  

  • June is the month when WXKS-AM's signal is least interference-prone, when it runs its daytime pattern from 5:00 am until 8:15 or 8:30 pm. Yet its cume declined as well as the rating itself. Wait until January when Jeff Katz will be talking to himself until after 7:00 am or two hours into his shift (if he lasts that long). Wait a minute: he talks to himself now...never mind.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 17 July, 2010 16:12  

  • You can't fix stupid. This is a fact & the un-American left go out of their way to prove it everyday, year in & year out. The insane, drooling ignorance on the left is absolutely mind-numbing, if not hilarious. Leftism is indeed a mental disorder & a CHOSEN mental disorder as well! I'm sure Rush Limbaugh is really frightened by the words of Randi Rhoads, Bill Press, Mike Malloy, Special Ed Schultz, K.O., etc. These clowns are so brain-dead, they share a brain cell on a weekly basis just to exist. And how many people listen to these clowns? Left-wing "spewers" couldn't attract bees if you covered them in honey. They are THAT repulsive! If you want hate radio, it's on the left, not the right & the ratings prove listeners do not like the hate spewed by left-wing bozos masquerading as intelligent talk show hosts. Please folks, remember to spay & neuter your leftists to prevent over-population of insane, drooling leftists. The asylums are overflowing as it is.
    "You Can Lead A Leftist To Knowledge, But You Can't Make It Think!" - ME

    By Anonymous Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr., at 19 July, 2010 20:30  

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