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15 July 2010

MSNBC Host Calls Reid 'Ball-less'


Libtalker: 'Shove Those (GOP) Bastards Into The Dirthole'

All week, the big question has been whether Democrats are truly imploding, or simply projecting that image to reduce electoral expectations and create complacent Republicans.

As on-air rants become more desperately hysterical than ever, liberal talkers are clearly building a case for the former. These guys are truly losing it.

If you thought Bill Press took the cake earlier this week with his admonishment of American voters for failing to see Obama's "success", here comes MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz with this unhinged tirade during Wednesday's radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (10:46): Do you think here in late July of 2010, after the 2008 election, almost two years, do you think the Democrats can finally get their freaking heads screwed on right and realize that the lefties put you in office TO DO SOMETHING! TO HELL WITH THE REPUBLICANS! THEY'RE ANTI-AMERICAN! THEY'RE PSYCHO TALKERS! THEY DON'T CARE!

SCHULTZ (11:25): How much focus has there been in the mainstream media about jobs being shipped overseas? Well, it's happening on The Ed Show. I don't know about anybody else's on any other network or anywhere else. THAT'S THE STORY! THAT'S WHERE AMERICANS ARE RIGHT NOW!

SCHULTZ (11:51): Look, Democrats, I'm your best friend. I've been across the country. I take thousands of emails. Our team works 16 hours a day. We do a TV and we do a radio show. I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON! But you sit back, and Harry, you are ball-less! You won't do the nuke option for the American people and shove the Republicans into the ditch! SHOVE THOSE BASTARDS RIGHT INTO THE DIRTHOLE! This is about power! It's about winning! It's about saving American lives! *That's* what this is about! And if I'm too excited or too passionate for you, I'm giving you the finger right now! Because I don't give a damn!

SCHULTZ (13:21): And oh by the way, the stimulus package isn't working. That's what O'Reilly and Ingraham, those two Nazis, are saying over on Fox News.

With "friends" like these, who needs enemies?


  • On a similar topic:

    If you think that high unemployment and the ILLEGAL alien problems are separate issues, think again.

    ILLEGAL aliens steal American jobs.

    We need more state laws like Arizona's, and we need to severely punish the employers that hire them.

    Fight back! Do your part! Get involved! YOU can make a difference!

    Anonymous Tip Line to Report Illegals & Employers Toll Free... (866) 347-2423

    (Please help pass the word along)

    By Anonymous Grandison Wilson, at 15 July, 2010 12:07  

  • ChickaBOOMer: 'Putsch' Schultz on 'Eunuch' Harry

    By Anonymous StewartIII, at 15 July, 2010 16:49  

  • When will the men in the white coats with butterfly nets come for Ed Schultz and the rest of the left-wing crazies on MSNBC?

    By Anonymous The Great One, at 15 July, 2010 22:17  

  • Just because RUSH is an incoherent, frothing pill-popper & Beck, a medicatable, weeping hysteric and fear-monger, don’t mistake Ed’s righteous anger on behalf of ALL disenfranchised Americans as “meth-induced…” How typical of Faux to PROJECT YOUR illness onto one of America's last truth-tellers. Damn right Reid has no stones, but Ed DOES and he calls you ALL out!

    Republicants and Demoquits are all the same…bloated, lazy, corrupt. Ditto, Media. KUDOS to Ed, who never hesitates to castigate BOTH sides of the aisle…unlike the egoist culters at Faux News. Yeah, I was a viewer for awhile till I got BORED by Hannity's redundant rants, O'Reilly's smug self-importance (bloviating, then kissing Obama's a$$), and Prof Beck's vaudevillian conspiracy theories -Then Thurs @ 'Fox&Frenz,' that moron blaming the unemployed, suggesting they're livin' large on $400/wk?? YOU are out of touch with reality, and part of the 'lamestream' media cancer!

    LONG LIVE ED SCHULTZ!! And since you censor, er, approve all comments (only 2? wow, 5000+ at huffpost), I'm sure YOU don't have the stones to post worries, had my say everywhere else about this BS hatchet piece...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 July, 2010 04:22  

  • Why is it all leftwing putzes post their inane drivel under the name "Anonymous"? Special Ed does belong in a padded cell along with the rest of the MSLSD loonies & "Anonymous", you should be his cellmate. I guess if you won't use your real name that makes you "ball-less" like Dingy Harry Reid. Remember folks to spay & neuter all of your leftists to prevent over-population of leftwing moonbats. The asylums are already overflowing now.

    By Anonymous Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr., at 18 July, 2010 13:16  

  • Ed Schultz tells it like it is? Shove them back into the hole? You might agree with him if you are locked in your cabin, armed, and concerned that Republican are coming for your money! Oh I forgot, its the Democrats that want your money. Ed travels the country, receives thousands of emails from concerned people? Kinda makes you wonder who he is talking with. Winning is everything! Thanks Ed for making that point. Power is the only thing Ed will agree with and the power to tax, take, change, deprive you and all other Americans the right to disagree or say no. My take on it is Ed is just short of agreeing to set up holding areas for those who disagree with anything this administration pushes down our throat. Ed can you speak to the bills that have passed Congress without so much a look see or review? Quiet I here crickets

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2010 11:05  

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