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22 July 2010

MSNBC Libtalker Falsely Accuses Breitbart Of 'Doctoring' Sherrod Video


For Ed Schultz, Media Matters Not Sufficiently Extreme

In the reckless world of MSNBC, what happens when a far-left guest expert proves insufficiently extreme? For Ed Schultz, the answer is clear: ignore his words and repeat the baseless charges anyway.

During yesterday's syndicated radio program, that's exactly what occurred as far-left Media Matters representative Eric Boehlert disagreed with Schultz's assertion that Andrew Breitbart "doctored" the now-infamous Shirley Sharrod speech before the NAACP.

Never one to waste an opportunity to bash the right, Boehlert's reluctance to accuse Breitbart of selective editing should have sent a signal to Schultz to tone down the rhetoric, but the libtalker couldn't stay in control.

Watch as Schultz sloppily repeats this baseless accusation:

ED SCHULTZ (21 JULY 2010 HOUR ONE) (04:12): This is damaging. What these righties manufacture hurt black women. That's it! Bottom line!


SCHULTZ (05:30): She [Sherrod] is a first-class, all-American victim, no doubt about it. The tape was doctored.


SCHULTZ (29:00): Was the tape doctored in your professional opinion?

ERIC BOEHLERT, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA: No, I don't think it was doctored, but I think it was completely taken out of context. [elaborates here]

BOEHLERT (30:37): Fox News is dirty on this, Breitbart's dirty on this.

SCHULTZ (34:54): I want our listeners to know, the Ed Schultz show, if I were to pull a stunt like this, because of our connection to NBC News, I would be back in Fargo.


SCHULTZ (HOUR THREE) (44:01): Wait a minute, here's what happened! Everybody responded to what Fox News put on the air! That's what happened, it's that simple! They cook up a story, they manufacture it, they doctor the tape, they go down the road, they throw out, just throw it out there, make accusations, interview Newt Gingrich to throw more fuel on the fire, they praise Vilsack when Vilsack made a rush to judgment decision.

Now he's going to call up Shirley Sherrod and apologize to her via the White House saying what the hell are you doing?! And it's people on both sides, Mr. Gibbs? No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Left media did not make this up. This was all cooked up on Hannity, once again doctoring information which he is known for!

Perhaps funniest of all here is Big Eddie's assertion he'd be sent packing to Fargo were he to "pull a stunt like this".

This from the king of cheap, small-market style stunts! How about the vote fraud fiasco? Wasn't that Fargo-worthy? Or the psychotic meltdowns with radio callers? Or the "let's rip out Dick Cheney's heart" incident?

If NBC had any standards whatsoever, Schultz would have been canned long ago.


  • Hey, big Ed. So, Fargo isn't big enough for you eh? Fargo is actually too big for you.

    By Anonymous Steven, at 23 July, 2010 18:47  

  • That is a sad statement. I was just in Fargo, it's an OK town, but to think it too big for Special Ed is probabally spot on. His ego is way bigger then he is, couple that with his explosive temper, & wow. What a combonation for disaster.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 27 July, 2010 10:19  

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