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27 July 2010

Rosie O'Donnell Speaks Out Against Obama's Appearance On The View


Even Rosie O'Donnell Finds Obama's Decision Misguided

While ABC touts Barack Obama's appearance on The View as "the first time in history a sitting United States president has visited a daytime talk show," not everyone believes he's made a wise decision.

Certainly among those baffled are the Boy Scouts of America, who will miss the customary attendance of the Commander-in-Chief during their Jamboree, which occurs only once every four years. The gathering of young leaders from across the country occurs not far from the president.

Another priority deemed more important than addressing America's next generation: a fresh round of partisan fundraisers.

But it isn't just conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh or Fox News who are openly questioning Obama's curious scheduling: libtalker Rosie O'Donnell, a former co-host of The View, raised her own concerns during Tuesday's satellite radio program:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (1:18:45): I have mixed feelings about that. I don't really think sitting presidents should go do fluffy daytime TV shows. Maybe an hour on Oprah or something. I don't really want to see him on The View. although I'm happy for them, that's a good booking, and Barbara's going to come back that day after her heart surgery...

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer): Good for you to be happy for them.

Whether one supports or opposes Obama, it's hard not to wonder why he's so enthusiastic about appearing on television programs, especially "fluffy daytime TV shows". For some reason, the president is unconcerned with the impact of rampant media overexposure.


  • Obama, it's all about him. He has to be the most arrogant bastard to ever hold that office. He has done more to ruin business, increase racial tensions and corrupt govt even further than any other administration. The only thing transparent with this guy is himself, finally. He's a socialist.

    By Blogger Mission Impossible, at 28 July, 2010 10:25  

  • Exposure is the name of the game, and Obama's playing hard!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2010 10:39  

  • When will Rosie drop her bitterness for President Bush?
    As far as Obama goes, the Boy Scouts are not missing anything by his snubbing their 100th Anniversary Jamboree. These young men are learning and practicing Americanism, honor and integrity. Obama, who is without honor and demeans the Office of President, would only detract from a memorable time for these young Americans.

    By Blogger M. James, at 28 July, 2010 10:43  

  • Obama goes on fluffy daytime shows while Sarah Palin goes fishing in bear infested woods. lol And we wonder why he likes bowing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2010 12:44  

  • Reagan used to bypass the hostile media by going straight to the people with his message. Obama is doing this too. The audience of The View is mostly women, obviously, but I would guess that most of them aren't political junkies who watch cable news shoutfests or listen to talkradio or read blogs. Seems the President is in full campaign mode already - but not for 2010, he's looking to 2012.

    I still think he is a despicable little man - if you watch see how he greets Ms. Hasslebeck as compared to those on the panel who "adore" him. He'll bow to Saudi tyrants and Chinese dictators but won't even smile at an American woman who disagrees with some of his ideas. No class at all.

    By Blogger Ugh, at 28 July, 2010 13:25  

  • "good for you to be happy for them"???? Was that a jibe or what.

    The Boy Scouts are better off without Obama, but I'm sure he's not going there because of their anti-gay stance. He's ticked them off enough and that is more important to him.

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 28 July, 2010 14:33  

  • Why not go back on with Bill O'Reilly who is fair but will at least ask some tough questions? Or another presidential address BUT give the people SPECIFICS. With all due respect to the office it looks weak to go to a show and an audience who will just fawn over him. Does his ego need some propping up that badly?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2010 18:30  

  • I for one am happy that we FINALLY have a president who will show his face and be open with the people! I didn't see anyone complaining about Dick Cheney NEVER EVER being around to answer questions...wait, isn't he part owner of Haliburton, the company that helped to destroy the beaches of Lousiana when the Transocean oil rig went up in flames? Barack Obama has not done anything to ruin business, he has not increased racial tensions (because their have ALWAYS been racial tensions for African Americans in this country...those of you who are NOT African American, would know NOTHING about racial tensions...), and there is nothing wrong with helping your fellow man...that is not being a socialist, that is being helping your fellow man. I think that if the Bush Administration had been more transparent, I would not have lost two my friends in a pointless war. I think that if people would only give Barack half a chance you would see that he could make some great things happen. Why not try to support your president instead of tearing him down. I thought George W. Bush was a straight idiot, but I supported him in the offic when my candidate was cheated out of it. Get a grip people-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2010 14:15  

  • Yeah youes (is that how they say it in the community) don’t understand just ax BO he will solve everything. He just needs to spend a little more of YOUR money. LOL You must have to be black to understand. It’s a black thing.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 July, 2010 06:01  

  • Jimmie Carter: " wooo hoo Rosalyn I just love that Barack Obama. You realize I am no longer considered the worst president anymore." I love me that Barack!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 August, 2010 23:00  

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