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04 August 2010

Libtalkers Slam Obama On Race Issues Harder Than Rush Limbaugh


Libtalkers Pounce On Obama Over Race

Though polls continue to show near-universal African-American support for Barack Obama, one wouldn't know it from listening to liberal talk radio. Both black and white libtalkers (in addition to their guests) have been increasingly critical of the president, especially on race issues.

For some time, we've been tracking the surprising dissent popping up during Al Sharpton's syndicated radio show, for example, mostly from callers and guests.

In fact, some of libtalk's rhetoric is decidedly more extreme than anything ever (falsely or correctly) attributed to Rush Limbaugh.

Don't believe us? Listen for yourself:

DR BOYCE WATKINS (AL SHARPTON SHOW GUEST / ENTOURAGE) (20:30): I think more children have died, have been killed in Chicago over the past three or four years then there are that have died in Iraq, ah soldiers that have died in Iraq.

So, really what is fundamentally true here is that there is a state of emergency in Chicago and I would love to see the Obama Administration take some progressive action to help alleviate that situation the same way they would deal with this if kids were dying say on Harvard yard or in Martha’s Vineyard, or one of these other places that the rich hang out that President Obama does care about because let’s be clear President Obama is a cool brother, but he is a little bit elitist. He tends to take care of people from Harvard and Yale a little bit more then he takes care of the rest of us and that’s one of the things I have a problem with.

Also in the clip, veteran libtalker Lynn Samuels weighs in with her take on Obama and race:

LYNN SAMUELS (11:55): I think that Barack Obama hates black people.

SAMUELS (14:56): He hates black people because, number one, he wants to be the only big-shot black person. How fast did he throw Reverend Wright under the bus? Van Jones. Shirley Sherrod. Is he surrounded with black people? Somebody had to remind me Valerie Jarrett is black. And Eric Holder.

But they're kind of, I don't know, they're like his kind of black. They're number one physically not even so black, and they're people who managed to get into the position they're in. Which means they're not very politically active. They're not the way I think -- I don't know, they're not the kind of black people I like. They're like elitist, yuppie black people. So I think number one he wants to be the top black person, and number two, I think he hates these activist older blacks who fought for civil rights. The people who actually laid the groundwork for him to be the president -- he hates them.

SAMUELS (37:59): This man does not want to be black, does not want to be associated with being black, doesn't want black people around him. He has a real psychological, f---ed-up thing about his black half.

Contrast that language with Rush Limbaugh's monologue from Tuesday. Who's tougher on Obama, conservative talkers or their liberal counterparts?

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Maxine Waters. "An ethics report released Monday found that Rep. Maxine Waters probably broke conflict-of-interest rules in urging federal aid for a bank where her husband had served on the board and owned hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock." Now, she said that she has not violated any House ethics rules, and the fact is she's violated the biggest House ethics rule, and that is, don't get caught. 'Cause once you get caught, we can't help you. So now there's another black Congress member, black caucus member who's under the gun ethically and I got a story coming up in the stack about the rift between the CBC, Congressional Black Caucus, and Obama, and how he's really not one of them, he's not down for the struggle, he's not one of them. It's an amazing piece. (interruption)

Well, they're mad that Charlie's being thrown under the bus. They're mad that Obama is helping to throw Charlie under the bus, like, "It's time to go with dignity." The black caucus, if the truth be known, has never been happy with the administration when it comes to the jobs agenda. Black unemployment is skyrocketing. It's astronomically high. And they've said two or three times publicly, "Mr. President, where's the laser-like focus on black jobs?"


Pelosi and Obama offering no words of support, no words of encouragement. Now Pelosi's out there doing the okey-dokey trying to bamboozle the CBC, trying to hoodwink 'em while Obama's out there saying that the Republicans are trying to do the bamboozling. The bamboozling is being done by Pelosi. To paraphrase Reverend Wright, 'cause he was right here: "Obama ain't never been called a Negro." But the CBC guys have been. Well, in their lives they have been. Obama in his life hasn't been. I mean we're paraphrasing Reverend Wright. This is a serious, serious thing here.

When you have the Washington Post writing about this, and when you have various members of the powerful political operative media debating what the outcome of this is going to be, it falls upon me to put at all in perspective. It's very simple. When Pelosi is finished there won't be a Congressional Black Caucus. It's going to be the Congressional Caucasian Caucus, and that's it on the Democrat side.


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