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10 September 2010

Al Sharpton Wants His Media Spotlight Back


Why Al Sharpton Has A Bone To Pick With Koran Man


Come to think of it, Al Sharpton and Terry Jones have a great deal in common: both are publicity-hogging, divisive preachers always on the lookout for the next big stunt.

Sharpton's not used to dealing with effective competition, however, which explains this envy-tinged monologue delivered during today's syndicated radio program. He knows Koran Man has hit the news-cycle JACKPOT with his bonfire plan and Al wants that megaphone back yesterday.

It's so UNFAIR!

Anybody remember Tawana's phone number? Wonder if she has any fresh ideas?

AL SHARPTON (13:36): A lot of people wonder why we in civil rights get attention. Now we can produce our following and our members, tens of thousands of people at marches, all kinds of stuff and we project an issue that helps people and they say we get too much media coverage.

This guy in Florida is doing nothing but hate mongering, has fifty members on a good Sunday and the whole world is standing still and y’all wonder why I say the media is imbalanced and unfair.

AL SHARPTON (32:07): The President held a press conference this morning, Smokey, and he of course talked about the economy, talked about many things. But as everyone knows he has had to deal with this question of the Islamic Center that is being proposed in lower Manhattan and the threat by this Minister in Florida who I think has gotten unparalleled media attention globally.

I mean now, I lead a national organization, have a national syndicated show, TV and radio and they ask why do I get press attention?

This man has fifty followers and only because he’s going to burn some Bibles, I mean some Korans, which is the Bible in Islam on hate, he gets world attention and the media doesn’t see a contradiction there.

Of course, Sharpton DID have a stunt in the works today, but it fell so flat that you probably didn't even hear about it. In an attempt to shift blame away from his organization's crumbling finances, Al lashed out at Fox News, hoping to fault News Corporation for his precarious situation.

Even his liberal friends are struggling with this kind of "reasoning", however, leaving Sharpton to ponder what Plan B might entail. Good luck, old friend.


  • The Boston ratings for August are out, and the folks at WXKS-AM 1200 can't be happy: their cume has dropped by 15,000, to well below 80,000 listeners.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 13 September, 2010 17:25  

  • I agree with your "so what" about Limbaugh and the pastor going to the same high school together-what does that prove? nothing.

    Sharpton is a media whore with his latest comments.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2010 21:28  

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