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06 September 2010

Dr Laura To Howard Stern: Speak For Yourself, Buddy


Dr Laura Blasts Stern's Assertion She Isn't Retiring


Dr Laura Schlessinger has come out swinging against Howard Stern's speculation that her upcoming radio retirement is not what it appears. Accusing the longtime advice talker of career posturing (rather like what Howard himself is doing as his satellite radio deal expires later this year), Stern calls her departure "bulls**t".

In an exclusive reaction obtained by the Radio Equalizer in response to a Hollywood Reporter piece published Friday, Schlessinger said Stern "is talking about his own reflection in the mirror. He measures others by his own standards of behavior."

The publication included one recent on-air example from Stern, which we've included below.

Blasting Stern's inference that she's simply attempting to negotiate a better radio deal, Dr Laura responded by saying "I was specific about syndication and local (sponsors / affiliates dependent) radio."

She added: "I own my show, [so] am I negotiating with myself?"

Stern may well be attempting to shift attention away from his own antics ahead of what is expected to be a contentious period of negotiations over a potential satellite radio contract renewal.

What will these people do when they no longer have Dr Laura to kick around?


  • hmmm...
    me thinks she is posturing - while i don't always agree with howard's views on other broadcasters - rush, beck ,etc. I do think he has nailed it. but time will tell when she is actually off the air.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 September, 2010 17:06  

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