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16 September 2010

MSNBC Libtalker Furious With His Own Party's Overconfidence


Schultz Lambastes Dems Over Misguided Internal Analysis

Lashing out against suddenly-overconfident Democrats who feel their electoral fortunes have changed for the better, MSNBC libtalker told radio listeners yesterday "I'm going to be as arrogant as I ever have been" in order to get the message across.

With the primary election victory of conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Democrats are reading internal divisions between the GOP's liberal establishment wing and tea party activists as a positive development.

But Schultz believes it's all a ruse of some sort, designed to lull liberals into a sense of complacency:

ED SCHULTZ (35:35): But it took the Republicans from Matt Lauer’s interview with Christine O’Donnell and her victory last night all the way to noon today for everybody to get in line. For everybody to get smacked up in the Republican Party.

In the meantime we’ve got Democrats out there saying ‘whoa, look at this Civil War that is going on.' Ain't no civil war going on. They're all being good soldiers, they're going to line up no matter how psycho they are. Because they hate Obama. Because they want to win. Because they want power! It's about power!

It's not about policy, it's about being able to do whatever the hell they want to do! And this is exactly what the Democratic base has been trying to tell these pragmatist Democrats in the White House who tiptoe all over cable except my show, BECAUSE I'LL STICK IT TO 'EM! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! This is about winning! This is about motivating the base and taking it right back to these righties!

SCHULTZ (38:25): I'm going to be as arrogant as I have ever been on talk radio. I know 100 percent in my heart, in my soul, I know what I'm saying is 100 percent correct!

The big question: is he right? Yes, Republicans are divided, but the new movement largely exists to bypass the party establishment, making the latter irrelevant. Conservatives themselves have probably never been more united.

How the situation translates into a retention of Democratic seats in November isn't clear, unless the party's relentlessly negative campaign tactics succeed in scaring voters away from the GOP.

As for Schultz, he seems to be in some kind of contest to out-psycho his opponents. For what purpose, no one really can say.


  • Oh my God, Special Ed is very angry indeed. He is nuts, & I will say his anger makes me very happy. I love seeing the liberals & progressives getting pissed about being rejected by the people. Ed knows that his butt is on the line because his ratings are lousy. So he is lashing out & trying to draw attention to himself by being outragious. Keep trying Ed, you go Ed, you might just make it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 17 September, 2010 08:46  

  • "The GOP's liberal establishment wing"? Wow. If there is an actual liberal left in the GOP, he must be too senile to comprehend the descent of his party into a coalition of the right, righter, and rightest.

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 18 September, 2010 18:49  

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