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08 September 2010

MSNBC Libtalker Plans DC Rally, Says Unrelated To 'Restoring Honor'


Schultz Claims Upcoming Event Unrelated To Beck's Rally

*** UPDATE: Isn't Ed Merely Latching On To The Upcoming, Previously Scheduled NAACP Rally? Listen To The Audio Below- Is He Making That Clear? ***

*** UPDATE: Current Schultz Event FAQ Doesn't Even Mention NAACP ***

*** UPDATE: From Schultz Website: "Ed Asks... Will You March With Me?" ***

After a widely-ridiculed claim he could easily beat Glenn Beck's DC rally turnout, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz has now declared his intention to hold a similar event at the Capitol. With help from labor unions and other Democratic Party-affiliated groups, Schultz hopes to top the (smallest) estimate of Restoring Honor's crowd count: 300,000.

All of that is fine, of course, as Schultz should have the same right to rally the troops as anyone else. Rather than take Beck's cue and remain above the fray, however, Schultz has instead chosen the obnoxious route, claiming it was not created in response to the Fox News Channel host's successful march.

Really, Ed? Was this already in the works before Beck challenged you to outdraw his crowd?

See how much of Big Eddie's obnoxious boasting you can stomach in this clip from yesterday's radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (01:57): The march is on, October 2. Will you march with me? And thousands upon thousands. Oh, we'll get three hundred grand. We'll get 300,000, absolutely. We'll show you conservatives out there when big Eddie starts cranking on something we don't back down until it gets done. It's happening on October 2, I appreciate all of you going to our website at, there's a consortium of groups that are coming together.

SCHULTZ (03:10): And I will be a featured speaker. There will be other speakers and there will be some groups that are going to be obviously helping out with all of this, just like FreedomWorks and the billionaires and the six months of promotion helped out the Beckster. And I want to get something very clear right now. If Beck had not done his rally, this would have happened, OK?

This is about the country. This is about making sure that information is where it has to be, with the American people. And now it's about passion, now it's about emotion. And by the way, there will be some old and there will be some white people at the October 2 rally on the mall in Washington DC! They just won't be angry. And they won't be motivated by hate and they won't be race-baited.

Let's be clear: this is a pissing contest. But Beck scored points by keeping his event focused on the positive. It's doubtful Schultz has any idea how to do the same.

Another key distinction: expect MSNBC to use network resources to push Ed's event to an exponentially-greater extent than was seen by Fox. The libtalk cable outlet has a lot to lose if Schultz fails to draw a crowd.


  • Did you write that 300,000 was the SMALLEST estimate of the crowd? CBS used an estimate from a firm that uses aerial photographs to count people (including thos under trees and in portable potties; Glenn Beck followers are FULL OF S***T after all) and they came up with a baseline figure of 87,000 +/- 10%...thus a possible 96,000 headcount. The Christian Science Monitor interviewed an analyst of the data, and he's sticking to the 87,000-96,000 figure. If Ed Schultz et al attract the SAME number of people in attendance, the ultra-conservative far-right-wing conservative media will claim that only 87,000 people showed up.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 08 September, 2010 13:41  

  • Yeah right, 87,000 on the mall for 8/28. The MSM would still be laughing if Beck had only gotten 87,000. Instead, he pulls in about 500,000, totally fills the mall, & they leave place in perfect shape when they leave. The only thing they did'nt do was cut the grass on the mall.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 11 September, 2010 07:59  

  • Larry Glavin is the typical hateful extremist-left-wing-maggot that infests America

    By Anonymous Freedom, at 11 September, 2010 09:58  

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