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19 September 2010

Rosie O'Donnell: I'm Afraid Christine O'Donnell Might Win


Rosie Fears A Christine Victory, Malloy Gets Nasty


While no one knows for certain if their family roots connect somewhere back in County Donegal (where the surname dominated for centuries), Rosie and Christine O'Donnell couldn't be more at odds here at home when it comes to American politics.

And while we knew Rosie wouldn't fail to delve into the white-hot Delaware US Senate race, her take on Christine isn't quite what one might expect. The former View co-host seemed oddly subdued after hearing audio of the Republican candidate's alleged extremism, which Rosie had earlier called "crazy s--t."

We could mention some of Rosie's own "crazy s--t", but it would tie us up for the next week or two.

In fact, the Rosie Radio host seemed more concerned with the left's representation of her candidacy as a "joke", believing instead it should be taken seriously, lest she actually win.

Perhaps Rosie took a look at Christine's mammoth post-primary fundraising haul? Or does she remember Scott Brown's shocking January election victory a bit too well?

From Rosie Radio and The Mike Malloy Show:

MIKE MALLOY (08:47): And then this freakish, Barbie-doll-looking-woman from Delaware - where do these people come from?

MALLOY (09:11): These are robots, obviously. These are huge walking, farting dolls of some sort I guess!

Meanwhile, Rosie's not the only libtalker trying to figure out how to process (and subsequently spin) Christine's win. Hatemonger Mike Malloy quickly resorted to the usual childish insults (see above), while Randi Rhodes took her daily swim in the political sewer (via Tim Graham).

The big question: will gutter-level personal attacks work this year, or have Democrats already lost the election?


  • I hate to say that I'm finding myself tuning into Malloy's show more often then usual lately on my XM. I find him funny, & not on purpose. I will say I like that he says what the extreme left is thinking, not BS, no sugar coated nonsense. Just pure leftist anger & hatred.

    Take care "truthseekers", all 37 of you who keep trying to win a year of free Mike Malloy podcasts. You need something to shoot for...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 19 September, 2010 08:33  

  • I see the same incredulity in the Left today that infested the RINO's before the last presidential election. I'm happy to let them be hyperbolic in all things... meanwhile, back in reality, some actual positive change can take place while the fruit loops are writing fart jokes and telling each other how right they are.

    By Blogger Paul, Dammit!, at 21 September, 2010 13:13  

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