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10 September 2010

Smear Merchants Tout Ridiculous 'Link' Between Limbaugh, Terry Jones


Rush - Jones 'Connection' Merely Coincidental




Does attending high school with Charles Manson mean one can fairly be accused of supporting mass murder? Do Barack Obama's former classmates automatically march in unison behind his policies and positions?

If not, then why is Rush Limbaugh somehow on the hook for the fringe beliefs of cult leader Terry Jones, simply because both graduated from Cape Girardeau's Central High School in 1969?

A freakish coincidence, yes. But to make the connection in other than a truly humorous manner is ridiculous. Isn't that obvious? As Thomas Lifson writes at the American Thinker, "you can't choose your high school classmates."

Tell that to MSNBC sleazeball Keith Olbermann, however, who instantly tweeted his predictably sewer-level reaction for all to see. Olbermann was likely tipped off after yearbook photos were published at a local site covering Cape Girardeau.

According to Wonkette, a liberal site, word spread across Twitter like wildfire:

In a small social media miracle, @KeithOlbermann heard @jemmo over the Twitter machine and retweeted her message to his 109,000 followers, who retweeted the message to their followers, and so on. Subsequently, most of the Tweeple Nation spent the night tossing and turning in their futon-beds while ruminating over the shocking Limbaugh-Jones nexus.

A less astral-planey response to The Nexus than @jemmo’s comes from the blogger behind Cape Girardeau History and Photos, who also graduated from Cape Girardeau Central High but did not become as “successful” as his slightly younger alma mateys. “Rush Limbaugh USED to be Cape Girardeau’s most prominent export,” the blogger writes, suggesting that Limbaugh is some sort of has-been (cruel). The blog includes pictures of Terry Jones with his baseball teammates (Go Tigers!) and quotes like this one from former classmate Van Riehl:

I think this guy may have been on my Babe Ruth team, The Mets. Interestingly enough so was Rush Limbaugh.

Perhaps Jones and Limbaugh once shared a bottle of Haterade, which made them the haters they are today, ha ha.

Meanwhile, the local CBS News station in Cape Girardeau interviewed other former classmates, who said that in 1969 Jones was just a ball-playing kid who shaved normal-style and did normal things — not at all the dimestore Burt Reynolds-looking famewhore/wizard of personal branding that he eventually became:

Classmates and fellow ball players say they don’t remember Jones as being any different than any other high school student in those days.

“He was always a nice guy. He never did anything wrong,” said Karen Kirtley Baugher.

“I remember he was always smiling. We were surprised to see him getting national attention,” said Mae Holland Cuellar.

But somewhere down the line, someone stole Jones’s smile and replaced it with a frownstache. Where did that “nice guy” go? Is Limbaugh to blame? THEORY: Jones watched his old classmate reach the pinnacle of success and professional integrity, and grew bitter and envious (and the ’stache). He turned to “psycho-terror” religion to step outside of Limbaugh’s shadow and become his own man.

And at Politics Daily, Matt Lewis found it "weirdly secretive" that Limbaugh discussed the Koran-burning story without mentioning a childhood connection. Apparently, a disclaimer is necessary?

Newspapers such as the St Louis Post-Dispatch and USA Today have since followed suit, probably knowing simply placing both names in the same sentence will damage Limbaugh through this dubious association.

The bottom line: there's not much difference these days between the likes of Olbermann and the so-called mainstream media, who are always looking for new ways to smear their political opponents. This one takes the cake for the most pathetic smear campaign ever.


  • The UniBomber is a graduate of Harverd University. So, those who attended the same university with him including the Big O must all share his belief or have something in common with him or rooted in the same soil?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 September, 2010 22:11  

  • When God wants something done, he calls Rush Limbaugh.

    By Blogger AcePilot101, at 11 September, 2010 21:06  

  • When God wants something done, he calls Rush Limbaugh.

    By Blogger AcePilot101, at 11 September, 2010 21:07  

  • So I guess with this reasoning, James Lee of kill at Discovery Channel fame, proves Al Gore trains and inflames environmental serial killers?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 September, 2010 10:00  

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