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07 October 2010

Al Sharpton Berates Listeners, Calls Them Lazy, Unwilling To Help Obama


Sharpton Turns Against Audience Over Lack Of Obama Help

Long-simmering tensions between the Reverend Al Sharpton and his syndicated radio listenership appear to have come to a head this week as the longtime political activist directly denounced them.

Essentially calling them lazy and ungrateful, Sharpton has violated the first rule of talk hosting: never turn against the audience. Never, never, never.

While the monologue began as a garden-variety sermon about the need to become politically involved, it quickly degenerated into a nasty tirade.

Since Obama took office, Sharpton has found himself in the unfortunate position of defending him while the primarily African-American audience phones in to complain about the president's performance. Over time, Sharpton has responded by gradually reducing call-in segments for political topics.

Now, Sharpton finds his political base ungrateful for what he sees as Obama's support for their needs and too lazy or disinterested to help him as a key election approaches.

From Tuesday's program, listen as his unhinged anger is gradually but steadily released over the course of two minutes:

AL SHARPTON (2:42): You know it is amazing as we are now down to four weeks away from the midterm elections. A lot of people and we talked a lot about that yesterday. A lot of people having different takes on what’s going on, but you know when I look at what’s at stake, I just don’t get the argument that some people are making about why they are less than enthusiastic.

Maybe if all was well and you could sit down and know that your livelihood was taken care of and your children were taken care of and you had all of your health care need covered, I could see it. But, when we are in very serious conditions some, some of us desperate conditions. Some of most of us somewhere in-between serious and desperate. How can you sit down and act like you have the luxury of deciding whether you want to be involved in anything and everything that can help you?

I mean that just doesn’t make sense to me and I’ve heard the arguments and I’ve heard the debate and the discussion and I understand that we didn’t get everything that we wanted yet. But, I just don’t understand that I mean if you hungry and somebody starts feeding you after others wouldn’t give you anything and in fact was taking away your possibility to get something.

Do you take a position unless I get a full seven course meal, I’m not eating anything, or do you start eating because finally because the hunger barrier has been reversed and now we have to build up to a nutritious meal. I mean I just don’t get it. Or maybe I do.

Maybe some people just don’t want to do nothing, no matter what. Just sit down and complain let everybody else do the hard lifting for them. Maybe I do get it. Maybe a lot of you just won’t face that you're part of that.

The loudest sound heard after that moment was of radios clicking off simultaneously. Nice way to flush a following down the toilet, reverend.


  • >> your livelihood was taken care of and your children were taken care of and you had all of your health care need covered, <<

    Hey Al, I take care of myself. The government doesn't "take care of" me. Flip around your thinking and flip around your life.

    By Anonymous Gretchen Willoughby, at 07 October, 2010 21:54  

  • Al Sharpton is the most ignorant, racist black to cater to the fears of some of the black community.
    The majority of blacks see him for what he is, " worthless piece of trash". Under his reign, race relations have deteriorated even more than since Obama became the race enforcer-in-chief. Sad and pathetic that he is even allowed to speak in public!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 05:52  

  • Sharpton, the phony Reverend, is a trouble making, blabber mouth, greedy, race-baiting bigot. He should have been taken off the streets after the Freddy Fashion Mart murders that he caused by starting a riot in Harlem.

    He is a genuine scumbag.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 10:25  

  • Hey Al - check out the solutions to all your and your listeners problems at:

    By Blogger J. Harley Brown, at 08 October, 2010 10:43  

  • Hey, "Reverend Al", how's Tawana Brawley doing these days? Have you ever apologized to the cops you slandered? If it weren't for your out-right lies, you'd still just be another unknown poverty pimp and bigot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 13:38  

  • Can someone please provide a full transcript? I can't understand Ghettoese; my high school only had Spanish and French classes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 13:38  

  • Dems are getting noticeably upset that their sleepwalking followers are waking up and questioning whether or not the Dems are helping or hurting them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 13:40  

  • Hey "Winston Smith". Sit down and enjoy the fleshy, pink stew INGSOC gives you. I know you wanna fight for the right of yourself and others to be able to eat whatever YOU would like, but how dare you be ungrateful when we are giving you at least SOMETHING to nosh on even though you would do a much better job at nutrition and taste than we ever could...especially collectively.

    "Winston Smith" how dare you complain at the nasty grub we feed you when you know me and my power are entitled to be bestest prime rib you never see anymore...but I get to shove in my big, fat craw every evo. Know your place. I have the power. You do my bidding, not the other way around.

    Signed, Race Pimp Weird Al Shaprton. "You'll Eat The Crap And Love It!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 13:42  

  • First Obama, then Biden, then Sharpton: Three's a trend.

    All insulting and berating their audience for not sufficiently towing the party line. Damn, November's shaping up to be delicious!

    By Blogger BF, at 08 October, 2010 13:57  

  • "Maybe some people just don’t want to do nothing, no matter what. Just sit down and complain let everybody else do the hard lifting for them. Maybe I do get it. Maybe a lot of you just won’t face that you're part of that."

    BINGO! Weird Al and his race-baiter manipulators spend a lifetime creating a class of dependent entitlement-minded lazy Americans, and then act surprised when they act like dependent, entitlement-minded lazy Americans!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 14:47  

  • Freakin' racist pimp. I hope he continues insulting his audience and base. Could not happen to a nicer jerk.

    Yet one more political whore who enthusiastically supports the welfare plantation that most of his electorate was placed upon by "compassionate" Donks. In a twist Sharpton is actually the real deal Uncle Tom, putting the leftist Democratic Party before his people.

    The Party couldn't find a more faithful pimp for their cause of warehousing black Democrat votes vis a vis their entitlement plantation. And now they're looking to put even middle class Americans on their velvet gulag. Had enough of this pandering despotism America?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 15:06  

  • harseWhy do people even listen to this ignorant old fool any more? He's berating his audience (read "begging") to try and shame them into supporting what anybody with sense can clearly see has been a Democrat-run disaster.

    By Blogger RebeccaH, at 08 October, 2010 15:16  

  • Further proof that liberals (especially blacks) are mired in their second childhood, or never got out of their first. Everything they want must be given to them NOW, and someone else must pay for it.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 08 October, 2010 15:17  

  • Al Sharpton has made a very good living from both the government in grants and from the black folk in donations and renting them out for show and chaos for a price.I hope all this will change some day and we actually find someone who will care enough about all of us to rule honestly and effectively. JESUS were are you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 15:22  

  • Not only is November shaping up to be delicious, but as the Al "not so" Sharpton so eloquently says, and I borrow the word from him, it will be "nutritionous" too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 15:36  

  • He probably had a hard time NOT calling his listeners "You people".

    By Blogger Nate Whilk, at 08 October, 2010 16:29  

  • Hey Reverand, reaping what you've sown perhaps?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 16:50  

  • Al Sharpton is a clever, witty, articulate man who has prostituted himself. He had it in him to be much better than that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2010 19:49  

  • Well, Al...maybe even some black people recognize that Obama is a Marxist bullshi**er who is destroying the economy of the Nation.

    Maybe, they recognize that he really doesn't KNOW what he's doing.

    By Blogger orbicularioculi, at 08 October, 2010 21:10  

  • The proper term for Sharpton is " jingoist" because he has never been anything but a political hack who has victimized Black Americans for personal gain; now he is upset that his base has him figured out when in reality it is He who was to stupid to realize that Blacks would one day see through his BS.

    By Anonymous George Hardy, at 08 October, 2010 22:46  

  • Don't be so smug about November;

    Al, ACORN and the rest of that crew will raise an army of the dead to vote for Dem politicians, and stand in the door to prevent you from voting.

    I'm willing to predict left wing violence by left wing groups like SEIU, the new Black Panthers and others will also spike against TEA partiers, right wing media personalities and operations and bloggers as well.

    They will fight tooth and nail to maintain their hold on power. Will you be willing to fight just as hard for the United States?

    By Blogger Thucydides, at 09 October, 2010 00:51  

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