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21 September 2010

Arianna Huffington's Bizarre Explanation For Christine O'Donnell's Support


Arianna Attacks Christine With Trademark Elitism

To smug elitist Arianna Huffington, only a primitive reptilian instinct found in less-advanced humans could explain voter support for Christine O'Donnell. Yes, it's the "lizard brain", apparently a term used frequently by the campus latte set, that accounts for such otherwise irrational behavior.

O'Donnell is the GOP nominee for the open US Senate seat in Delaware. As of late Monday evening, she's raised nearly two million dollars in online contributions since a post-primary drive began last week.

Sadly, Darwinian lizard talk is what passed for reasoning during the latest edition of Both Sides Now, a weekly syndicated radio program co-hosted by Huffington:

MARK GREEN (CO-HOST) (6:24): Given [O'Donnell's] statements, when she says that masturbation is the equal of adultery and that condoms don't reduce AIDS, these are far-out statements, but could she get competitive and win that seat which the Senate could turn on because of what you used to call people's lizard brains. They kind of look at her and like her moxie, her youth, her looks and her general approach.

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: We have a lot of surveys that show people are making decisions from their lizard brains, and when people operate from their lizard brains which means they're operating from anger, from fear, from panic. They're not operating from rationality. Who knows what they will decide? I don't know what's going to happen.

Didn't 2008's economic panic cause many to choose Barack Obama? Emotional decisions cut both ways, they aren't exclusive to a political party. What was the intellectual case for Obama?

Arianna's resorting to a typical, childish leftist "argument": our people are smart, yours are stupid. Isn't it time to leave the elementary school playground behind and grow up?


  • This "woman" is a total loon. Listening to her is like listening to an insane Zsa Zsa or Eva Gabor. A pompous left wing gasbag who believes she knows it all. What a left wing tool.

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 21 September, 2010 12:46  

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