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12 October 2010

Rosie O'Donnell And Friends Resort To Disgusting Language In Paladino Attacks


Rosie's Self-Awareness Gene Is Apparently Turned OFF

Thanks to this year's Tea Party candidates, politics are much more fun as over-prepared talking points give way to candid oratory seldom seen in the past. Odd times create unusual contenders, don't they?

Because the left has no idea how to counter candidates who don't fit expectations, nasty insults have become the default attack tactic.

But is Rosie O'Donnell, of all people, really in a good position to slam others in such a personal way?

From Tuesday's Rosie Radio, you be the judge:

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer) (1:09:22): That a--hole, Paladino, standing by his a--holian [sic] comments.

O'DONNELL: That guy doesn't even seem like he's a real candidate. It's almost like, I don't know, they're digging these people up from central casting, and he does look like he's been dug up, literally. The man looks like a corpse. His skin color is gray, like alien gray.

BARBER (1:12:05): I'll tell you, these Tea Party candidates, because Paladino is a Tea Party candidate, that is scaring me.

Speaking of Rosie and Friends, here's another gem from a program airing late last week:


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