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21 December 2010

Food Fight Has Mike Huckabee Siding With Michelle Obama


Huckabee Sides With Obama Over Palin

Though he had no comment on the calorie-count of a fried-squirrel platter, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is readily taking sides in a nasty political food war.

Earlier today, Huckabee told New York radio host Curtis Sliwa that he's on board with Michelle Obama's national dietary scolding effort and against Sarah Palin's light-hearted criticism of the first lady's campaign.

Palin's ribbing was featured prominently in today's New York Daily News and Washington Post. Asked by Sliwa to pick sides, Huckabee wasted no time supporting Obama:

Did Huck just fall off of a turnip truck? He really appears to believe the Obamas are content to campaign for social change in eating habits rather than a gradual move toward laws that prohibit foods they find objectionable.

Ever been to California, Mike? Just try to propose a steak house in a lefty-controlled city and watch the resulting firestorm.

Could someone this naive really be considered a major presidential contender?


  • I ain't votin' for that Razorback-lovin' turnip head no matter who's rear end he's kissing this week.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 December, 2010 23:21  

  • Huckabee is agreeing with Michelle Obama that the health of our nation's children is in serious jeopardy & that we need to act NOW to teach them good health habits.

    While I can't stand her & her husband's politics, I also agree that the problem is becoming a crisis (if it isn't already).

    Why are you trying to hype it into something more than it is? We're talking about teaching children - not forcing adults.

    Seriously - how would you react if the libs were frothing at the mouth that Laura Bush was encouraging children to read so that ultimately she & W. could force them & their parents to read only Christian & conservative books? It sounds that ludicrous.

    What's wrong with expecting that our tax dollars that subsidize school lunch programs be used to provide healthy fare? It's not rational to act against the best interest of our nation's children because you are suspicious of the messenger.

    By Blogger Grace 77x7, at 22 December, 2010 01:01  

  • "Could someone this naive really be considered a major presidential contender?"

    Huckabee IS that naive. He's shown his naivete before; remember the pardon situation. Huckabee is nothing but a hack politician and so is Romney. I'll take Palin over these hacks any day.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2010 01:23  

  • Huck is typical Arkansas Scam, weaselly backstabbing cheating liar

    think the worst used car salesmen you have ever met crossed with a sociopathic liberal

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2010 03:04  

  • This past November, I was hoping that cooler heads would prevail, and Conservatism would come to the forefront to guide the fight against the Marxist policies that BHO wants to saddle this country with.
    This 'food fight' is a perfect example of which I write. Do you really want your government telling you, your family , your school, or your neighborhood dining spot what's on the menu?
    Huckabee wasn't on my radar screen in 2008, and I'll make damned sure he won't be in 2012.
    Maybe the shoe will be on the other foot when BHO starts regulating what's on TV, Radio, and on the Internet, eh? Let's take away the right to disagree; How's that Hope and Change working' for you, Mike?

    By Anonymous DrWooly, at 22 December, 2010 10:49  

  • Thank you for enlightening me. I was wondering what objection your faction could possibly have to fighting childhood obesity. Now I understand what you're afraid of. I still think your fears are completely unfounded, but at least now I know where they're coming from.

    By Anonymous Sensible in SC, at 22 December, 2010 10:52  

  • Have YOU ever been to California?

    FOr example, there are plenty of steak houses in San Francisco. What are you talking about?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2010 11:18  

  • I like you and your Program and most of your views.
    But you are completely wrong here.
    You fell into the Trap.
    More Gov't Intrusion into peoples lives.
    The less Gov"t involvement , the better off we are.
    Michelle BUTT OUT.
    What about healthy Normal, bright Children, Good marks, Socially involved.
    Are they to be effected by Michelle Obama.
    Also this is the PARENTS' REsponsibility.
    I notice that Michelle Obama hasn't missed to many meals.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 22 December, 2010 11:47  

  • sensible in SC:

    Come up to NY and see where this leads. The government is already mandating how restaurants must cook their food, and the Mayor is talking about banning salt. No thanks. I'll raise my kids, thank you very much.

    By Anonymous badgolfer, at 22 December, 2010 12:39  

  • What do you think, should people eat, drink or smoke themselves into oblivion and then the rest of us spend billions on their healthcare? Is that individual accountability?

    It sounds like you prefer a "Marxist" solution where we all share in the Medicare costs for some people's personal recklessness.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2010 12:43  

  • Anyone that has had a look at Michelle Obama's ass, and Sarah Palin's ass know who handles food better.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2010 16:59  

  • Huckabee is no where near being a Marxist or a social liberal. Mike is simply saying that Michelle Obama is correct in pointing out a health fact that the children in this nation are obese. There is nothing radical about encouraging and teaching good eating habits. They were doing that 50 years ago. I dare you to show me where Mike Huckabee wants to pass a law to dictate our children's eating habits. Mike will always be on the conservative side of things. Be careful how you try to put words in his mouth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 December, 2010 00:37  

  • Perhaps Michelle should worry a little bit more about her husband's smoking. Pretty sure that's been known to cause health problems - even in her oblivious world.

    But she doesn't care about that. It's not even about health. Once again, this is about government control.

    By Blogger Garth Haslem, at 26 December, 2010 14:29  

  • IMO, Huckabee doesn't have a problem with Big Government as long as it is used "for good things". Since he used to be fat, I suspect controlling what kids eat, since that is the government's job obviously, is a good thing to prevent kids from getting fat.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 December, 2010 17:56  

  • Grace 77x7, at 22 December, 2010 01:01
    "Laura Bush was encouraging children to read"

    Yes, she is "encouraging", not proposing more Nanny State federal regulations, FORCING children to read.

    Government should not be telling people what to do.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 December, 2010 22:44  

  • If our government were to follow the constitution and stick to only that written with which it was intended (i.e. defending the country, printing money and a very few basic other things you need to run a nation), then we wouldn't be talking about government intervention into free food in schools for fat kids. Our taxes would be much less ( they were opposed to tax without representation) and we would have the jobs-a-plenty for the parents willing to work to feed their kids.

    When I grew up there was only the need for one parent to work to feed the family and my mom would be able to keep me from raiding the cookie jar because she was watching me not the government.

    Late in the 20th century we now have an excess of single parents and single moms that never married, all because is seems vogue to not have a real American family. Let the government raise them, via foster care seems to cross a lot of minds.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 December, 2010 09:22  

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