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14 December 2010

Libtalker, Caller Thrilled With Anti-Royal Violence


Lefty Host, Caller Giddy Over Riots

Once again, this site is compelled to consider whether a messenger's obscurity provides a valid reason to ignore violent rhetoric. As liberal talk hosts struggle to gain a following, it's a question that has come up repeatedly.

The short answer: NO.

In the latest instance, listen as a Boston-based host and caller from Washington state celebrate violence in London and last week's attack on Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall:

CALLER (22:58): I was stunned, they were chanting 'off with his head' when Prince Charles ...

JEFF SANTOS (HOST): I know, I heard that, that was great! Big ears.

CALLER: It reminds me of France a couple hundred years ago.

SANTOS: That's right. Let 'em eat cake, right?

That last reference,
of course, is to the beheading of Marie-Antoinette in 1793. Does this mean rioting thugs in London should be encouraged to carry out violence against anyone in their way, royal or otherwise?

More importantly, just how long is the left-wing hit list these days, anyway? Prince Charles is about as politically correct as they come, but somehow still deserves to be executed?

As to the obscurity issue, consider this: the exchange in question took place during a nationally-syndicated radio program (the host was filling in for Ed Schultz), also airing on satellite radio. Schultz often features him on his MSNBC program.

Over the years, the left's "watchdogs" have never failed to condemn the entire conservative movement over similar rhetoric coming from fringe characters relegated to the shortwave band, so this exchange is certainly worth documenting.

Image: AP


  • What the spoiled rich white kid anarchy movement needs as a lesson in the real world is to have a few of their skulls blown to bits by immigrant shopkeepers protecting their businesses. Oh I'd laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Spoiled, angry children demand Utopia and Free S--t this minute!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 December, 2010 14:37  

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