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16 December 2010

Libtalker Dishonestly Uses FL Shooter Incident To Attack Beck


'Progressive' Dishonesty Now Seems Routine

Has "progressive" dishonesty now become so routine that our liberal friends no longer even pretend to be reasonable?

After Florida school board shooter Clay Duke was revealed to be a far-left radical activist (which should have been clear from the first moments given the 'V For Vendetta' symbol he painted on the wall), lefties refused to acknowledge Duke as one of their own. He even linked to liberal smear site Media Matters from his Facebook page.

More than a full day later, the San Francisco Chronicle conveniently left that out of a blog post which cited both Fox News and MSNBC as triggers for this kind of behavior.

Taking it a step further, libtalker Mike Malloy didn't wait for the facts before using the incident to smear Glenn Beck (who has NO connection whatsoever to this incident):

MIKE MALLOY (09:55): Another Beck listener went berzerk today, this time in Panama City, Florida - gunman shot himself to death at a Florida school board meeting...

MALLOY (10:41): So, another Glenn Beck killer on the loose today, this time in Panama City... how does it feel, Glenn, huh to know your rat bastards are out there doing exactly what you are telling them to do, eh? Those dirty school board members right with their atheistic science and history and all this other stuff that Beck and these vermin don't like! Just remember, when the lights go out, I get him!

No longer interested in facts, our "progressive" friends leave out incriminating details or simply make things up. What's next from this crowd?


  • Mike who?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2010 08:30  

  • What can be said about Mike Malloy's lack of sanity & sence of reality at this point? They are both non-existent, like his listening audience. I think it's fair to say Malloy is nuts & does'nt let facts get in the way of his opinion.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 17 December, 2010 09:37  

  • Liberal idiots are not known for being reasonable or fair. This guy spewing his crap is just pulling the same thing Democrats have done for years and they keep getting away with it. I hope Beck sues his ass and at least gets him fired.
    What ever happened to people actually reporting and talking facts instead of bald face lies?
    Beck whatever you do that drives these nuts crazy...more power to you.
    As the video of the Florida shooter proves...the Liberals keep taking themselves out.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2010 10:01  

  • What's next from this crowd?

    Frothing hysteria, manic behavior, smearing themselves with their own feces, and howling at anything that attracts their attention.

    They still haven't learned that the internet is a slammer of a fact-check machine, and isn't like the MSM... corrupt and completely biased with liberals.

    By Anonymous Anon 1:50, at 17 December, 2010 10:14  

  • Their is an old saying,"never let the facts get in the way of a good story", and it does seem to be adapted to modern political discourse. It was meant to teach young men how to tell "fishing" stories for entertainment, not to hide the truth from people.

    By Anonymous Jessie Morris, at 17 December, 2010 10:14  

  • Sure, he was a Glenn Beck fan. I'll bet the loony who shot his television when Bristol Palin made the Dancing with the Stars finals was a...(thinking of a way to pin in on the evil GOP) establishment Republican who was furious with the Tea Party. That's it...lets go to print!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2010 10:37  

  • Doug Powers: Things You Won’t Read About at Media Matters, Episode XXIV

    By Anonymous StewartIII, at 17 December, 2010 11:39  

  • You Really are as Dumb as you Talk, DO you Remember to Kick your self in the AM to BREATH?.. Glen Beck Killer?.. What planet are you on?..
    I'll SIGN this Anonymous, but be glad to speak on Air, lets say 7.265Mhz will work for me?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2010 12:22  

  • These liberals have created a world where up is down, bad is good, and black is white. Is it any wonder they say such hateful things about such a good man.

    By Blogger giuseppeA, at 17 December, 2010 13:20  

  • Malloy is clearly mentally ill.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 December, 2010 17:12  

  • Brian, I challenge you to forward this whole thread to that #1 hypocrite Bill Press, and ask him if he still considers the Mike Malloy show "a hell of a good time". I know he will just ignore it, but it would still be fun to see if he reacts at all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2010 19:54  

  • WOW! It's all I can say.... It's why we're losing the American people. We can't just make things up. No matter how bad we want to. Shame on you Brian for such poor form. In this day of easy access to information, we should stick to facts.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 December, 2010 10:50  

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