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11 January 2011

Jesse Jackson Blames Opposition To Obama For Violent Shootings


Jackson's Rambling, Semi-Coherent Attack On Obama Foes

In an oddly rambling, semi-coherent manner, the Reverend Jesse Jackson took to the airwaves yesterday to blame everything including the kitchen sink for Arizona's violent shooting spree. He appeared in-studio as a guest on the syndicated Al Sharpton Show.

Once he finally got down to the bottom line, Jackson made clear that Sarah Palin and other opponents of Obama were to blame for the violence. Because those who are incited by his critics have trouble targeting Obama directly (due to tight security), Jackson reasoned, they're forced to vent their anger elsewhere.

We're probably giving him too much credit here, see if you can make heads or tales of this bizarre rant:

JESSE JACKSON (4:55): I know that part of the attack on her (Rep Giffords) was (A) because she stood with the president on the health care bill for going upstream against the state. She stood with a civilized position on immigration policy.

She was a Jewish woman and the guy who did the shooting had Nazi material on him. I mean there was stuff about this killing that says all of us who speak out publicly must face a certain reality check here and even she (Rep Giffords) said that that target that hair that crosshairs, even she said in her own words she said on TV set by the Palin forces was an unhealthy thing and she has reaped the real mean winds of this thing.

Question: does the Sharpton show's studio provide refreshments for the guests? Is it well-stocked? That would explain a lot here.

Another question: does calling for Obama's "nuts" to be cut off on national television in any way contribute to this violent atmosphere? Just wondering.


  • A liberal athiest who has been obsessed with Giffords since 2007 was just following marching orders from the TEA Party and Sarah Palin (never of which were really around back then)

    typical liberal nonsense.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 11 January, 2011 21:41  

  • "Go Get A Job Jesse", dude has been mentally lacking for some time now! "Go Get A Job Sharpton" same deal.

    These two shakedown artists are parasites on the Black Community!

    Nether has ever held a real job, except Jackson, when he was a waiter and used to spit into white peoples food!

    By Blogger Bob, at 12 January, 2011 11:40  

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