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14 January 2011

Randi Rhodes: Glenn Beck Advocates Poisonings, Violence


Libtalker: Glenn Beck Wants To Poison Pelosi, Others

Here's today's Anatomy of a Smear example: a joke told during a Glenn Beck Show skit in 2009 has morphed into a supposed call for violence and poisonings by the Fox News Channel host.

In the original clip, seen below, Beck drinks wine with "Nancy Pelosi" and kids about spiking the vino:

Fast forward to 2011, with the left's attempt to pin the Arizona shootings on every one of their enemies and Beck is now supposedly advocating poisoning of opponents. From Thursday's Randi Rhodes Show:

RANDI RHODES (10:13): Glenn Beck sounds as deranged and creepy when he sits there and compares Al Gore to Hitler, or asks for the murder of Michael Moore. All this eliminationist rhetoric, including equating universal health care to rape. Or saying that a Holocaust survivor like George Soros is a Nazi collaborator. Or poisoning - you know - saying uh we should poison Nancy Pelosi, or saying that immigration reform is uh equal to burning U.S. citizens alive. Or publicly endorsing violent revolution.

And then winking and telling your audience don't be violent while you're appearing in a photo next to I pray for peace with a gun in your hand! I mean - this - this is just a speck on the tip of a very large iceberg! And frankly nobody is being held accountable to this! Uh - you know, we can all look at the stuff that was written by or said by this Loughner dude - and conclude that this guy needed help, OK? We don't know what kind of help. We don't know what his you maladies were. We don't know what he was reacting to. But you can listen to the rhetoric that's being delivered by the Beck and conclude the same thing - that this guy is a manifestly insane man who's been given a platform - several platforms - books, radio, television - and that he is just as deranged in his view of government as this Loughner dude was!

So misinformed on the Constitution as - well - as Loughner was! That's - that's a game, I'm sorry, but there's one person who scares the bejeezus out of me. Now, the others, Rush - who is too smart to not know he is lying - when he says Sheriff Dupnik knew about the note, die bitch, before the incident? He knows he's lying because been in every newspaper - that that's what was found when the - when the sheriffs were - exercising with a search warrant after the incident. They went into the house, they found a safe, opened the safe and that's when they found the note from Gabrielle Giffords upon which was written uh 'I planned ahead...die bitch...etc.' after the fact.

RHODES (23:31): He's running Nazi movies, he's doing puppet theater, he's setting fire or threatening to poison or asking people to poison Nancy Pelosi -

CALLER: No, he doesn't want anybody to poison anybody..

RHODES: He is publicly endorsing violent revolution, then win kingly tells you not to get violent. [caller tries to interject] He - he accuses George Soros of being a Nazi collaborator every chance he gets. He started shining the light on a not-for-profit organization called the Tides Foundation, and a guy went out there you know and shot up a bunch of cops. I'm sorry, the - the - the consequences of what he does are evident, they are now in evidence - you can see what people do -

CALLER: That is your opinion -

RHODES: It’s not an opinion, that is evidence!

Granted, Beck's original skit was a bit bizarre, but typical of his peculiar style. Perhaps not a great joke, but isn't it an obvious parody? And isn't this the excuse Randi's always used when her own material attracted unwanted attention?

We're not going to pretend Beck isn't eccentric, we've been tough on him in the past. But he clearly didn't call for anyone to be poisoned and Randi most likely knows it.

The "progressive" movement is on a mission to destroy every conservative critic as quickly as possible. Whether it succeeds or backfires depends on how the targets choose to deal with the incoming grenades.


  • Brian, I don't understand why you're not using the other "Kill Bush" comment that Randi spewed back in May 2004. It's worse than the pre-produced bit she ran in 2005.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 January, 2011 21:21  

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