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20 March 2011

Ed Schultz: Blame Obama's Aides For Bracket Flap


MSNBC Libtalker: 'Fire Aides' Over Misplaced Priorities

When their Dear Leader proves asleep at the switch, what's a loyal libtalker to do? While other lefty hosts simply change the subject, MSNBC's Ed Schultz has taken a different approach, choosing to blame Bracket Obama's aides for his seeming insensitivity during times of global crisis.

During Thursday's syndicated radio show, Big Eddie road-tested this tactic, calling on Bracket to fire some of his advisors for the inconsiderate focus on March Madness basketball rather than earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns and Middle East uprisings.

One problem: did these aides prod Obama into going public once again with his picks, or was it a reflection of his keen interest in the tournament? Listen as Ed attempts to blame others for Bracket's weak leadership:

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - Thursday 17 March 2011 - 20:03): I'm saying it shouldn't even get to that point [of aides defending Obama making NCAA picks]. It shouldn't even get to that point. And you mean to tell me that there's no one on the Obama team that would advise the president, you know, maybe this year isn't a good year to do this, and if you do do it, with everything that's going down across the globe, you might want to make sure you qualify it that you really don't spend much time doing this but you are a fan and you'll probably end up watching a little bit of the championship game. That's it!


SCHULTZ (20:50): So, relate this situation, if you may, for a moment, for conversation, relate this situation of the president, in my opinion being ill-advised to get so serious about this damn bracket, to the story, 'Obama team seeks new ways to fire up the base!'

President Obama! Get rid of the idiots around you. Fire some people! Knock off the Chicago loyalty thing and turn and pivot, if I may use a basketball term, pivot to 2012 and get serious about this!

Hey Big Eddie- do you actually believe Bracket listens to his aides?


  • did anyone but Obama choose "Sycacuse"??


    By Blogger GeronL, at 20 March, 2011 18:34  

  • Maybe Special Ed needs to blame the guy who surrounded himself with all of the people giving the President bad advice. Since I know Ed reads his own press, I'll give him a hint...


    ...& BTW Ed, I agree with you, I feel he should get rid of about 90% of his advisors. Most are academics who have never done anything outside of a classroom, they live only in theory, never the real world. Those people are killing America, but you are so in the tank for Obama that they don't need to listen to you, because they know you'll come crawling back. Sucker...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 21 March, 2011 08:52  

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