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09 March 2011

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: We Faked Calls, Dems Were Involved


Libtalker: Congressional Staffers Served As Fake Callers

For over a month, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talkers have been under attack by the left for supposedly using paid actors as callers. The charge is ridiculous (they have their choice of thousands, lines are full, why would they need them?) and based on a misunderstanding of a new service offered by Limbaugh syndicator Premiere Radio Networks.

Limbaugh has already debunked this fledgling myth.

As with all anti-Rush smear campaigns, the truth is irrelevant, all that matters is spreading the lies far and wide across the Internet.

But in a candid moment during yesterday's program, syndicated libtalker / MSNBC host Ed Schultz admitted that not only have calls been planted on his show, but that Democratic Party staffers on Capitol Hill were behind the fakery, phoning in from congressional offices!

(A reader wonders about the legality of using congressional offices this way. Does anyone know more about this?)

Schultz repeats the lie about actors calling Rush's show, of course, even using his own inexplicable disclosure to bash the talk titan. Does any of this make sense? Don't worry, it doesn't.

Why Schultz would admit this is beyond belief (he sounds perfectly sober in the clip), but here it is nonetheless:

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - Segment One - 08 March 2011): So, Limbaugh has got his back up because apparently there's some fake callers to his program and according to a recent report in Tablet magazine, Premiere Radio Network, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Corporation, Clear Channel Communications, hired actors to call in as guests.

Now I have to tell you, this has been done. It's been done on the Ed Schultz radio show when we first started. But as we gained stations, we never did it again. Look, this is show business, although we venture into some more serious bidness as the world goes on. But I remember when we started our show in 2004, and I have no problem admitting this, our business manager Vern Thompson at the time was the head of the Democratic Party in the great state of North Dakota.

And a year after we started he joined our team here on the Ed Schultz radio show and has been with us ever since. And when we started on two stations, one in Langdon North Dakota, and the other in Needles California, we had about 500 people listening on the Internet, this was before we were on XM and Sirius.

I mean, let's face it, nobody knew who the hell I was or where we were from and guess what? There weren't any callers. And so what did we do through my good buddy Vern who now works for the program? We used to have a few people call in. And it got to be kind of fun because I was trying to guess who the hell Vern was getting to call into the program. But we were trying to start a program. We were grassroots.

SCHULTZ (04:59): By the way, we haven't had a staged caller to this program since, I think, the first three weeks of the show. But that's, I'm just being brutally honest with you. That's how it was started with us. We didn't pay anybody. Hell, we didn't have any money.

SCHULTZ (05:22): Now the other story was, when this program started in 2004, there was a lot of scuttlebutt on Capitol Hill, was that, well, Democrats and liberals don't know how to use talk radio. They're just overwhelmed by the right-wingers and we just don't know how to do anything when it comes to conversation.

So there were, and I'm not going to reveal the names, there were a few Senate offices that got involved and got some interns involved and they started to survey and coach these kids up and a few of their communications people were coaching them up on how to call a talk show.

And so such was the birth of liberal talk. I don't know if they do that now. I don't know on Capitol Hill, I'm in New York, I'm not, I don't know if any of the Senate offices or House offices do that any more.

Premiere's service is actually for FM morning shows who need fake callers for staged on-air stunts, since the FCC no longer allows impromptu gags involving unsuspecting individuals. Paid actors eliminate the potential for FCC fines that are issued for non-compliance. It has NOTHING to do with Rush, Hannity, or other syndicated talk programs.

But hey, who cares about the truth, right?


  • I've been trying to figure out how this dope, Schultz, ever made it out of North Dakota. The only conclusion I can come to is his talent for hate-mongering.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 09 March, 2011 17:50  

  • The lie has gone around the world a few times and the truth is still sitting on the side of the bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 10 March, 2011 00:40  

  • I'll tell you why Ed has become a national talk show host on both tv & radio. He can look into a camera, & with a straight face, lie his ass of, or just talk out of his ass. It's not too tough to learn how to do, professional wrestlers do it all the time, but Ed is supposed to be serious. He is not too tightly wrapped, so it is hard to take him seriously. His poor ratings speak to this.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 10 March, 2011 08:31  

  • I can no longer find Air America on my radio dial. What happened to all that enlightened discourse from those learned leftists? I guess there's no money in it since ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, WAPO, etc. babble and write the same lying, hard-left gibberish day after day.

    By Anonymous Saltherring, at 10 March, 2011 10:14  

  • So, the left can't read the rules well enough to figure out they're playing the fool with this accusation... and, Shortbus Ed just admitted his show was based on a fraud staged by paid members of an elected democrats office staff..

    and they call conservatives dishonest?

    I can't see how any liberal can watch him and not feel,.."stop being on my side".. but then, liberals never police their own, ever..

    By Blogger Mark81150, at 10 March, 2011 10:18  

  • When I hear Ed spew his pablum I throw up a little in my mouth. What a complete horses Ass. He may sway the stupid but anyone who is educated in current affairs knows what a trash talking liar Ed is. I'd call him out on it but I'm sure he has that closet door bolted shut!

    By Anonymous CornBloom, at 10 March, 2011 10:19  

  • Schultz is on that network because of his contempt for Conservatives -- that entire on-air staff shares the same mindset. Anything goes in their attempts to vilify the majority of Americans' values -- they lie, cheat, bully, steal, libel, and advocate violence from their network perch. As long as most Americans recognize that bunch for what they are, it becomes a slightly-viewed comedy reel, at best. You know, those folks are fortunate that Conservatives, in general, like to take the high road in their responses, or those cretins would be getting mercilessly knee-capped wherever they go.

    By Anonymous WilliamInAZ, at 10 March, 2011 12:38  

  • The entire left in this country is one big LIE! Honestly, if you care about this nation, tell your family, friends, and community that the Left is a threat to us all...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 March, 2011 20:00  

  • Agree that Rush doesn't need "fake" callers. All the people who call him are self-confessed DittoHeads. When was the last time you hear someone on Rush's show who challenged him?

    Also agree Big Ed has a big head.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 March, 2011 22:30  

  • When MNSBC has the motto "lean forward", that's what you do when you "bend over".

    By Anonymous Juggy, at 13 March, 2011 13:15  

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