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17 March 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: Americans Are 'Ruffians And Thugs' After Disasters


Dem Strategist: Americans Violent After Disasters

Are Americans prone to violence after natural and man-made disasters? That's the assertion of libtalker / Democratic Party strategist Bill Press, who used yesterday's syndicated radio program to compare post-quake Japan to the US in derisive terms.

Citing looting after Hurricane Katrina and rioting in South-Central Los Angeles during the Rodney King incident, Press claimed the calm atmosphere in Japan proves Americans are "ruffians and thugs" by comparison.

The former CNN Crossfire host also contended Americans lack patience with government officials in times of crisis, particularly ironic as Democrats pounced on Bush almost immediately after Katrina for supposed inaction.

From the show:

BILL PRESS (14:33): I've got to say, what a contrast. Do you think if this happened in this country, do you think Americans would behave anywhere near as politely, as well? I don't. In fact, we know that. Remember Katrina? Remember the looting, remember the crimes, remember the-- I mean, it was anarchy in New Orleans right afterward.

PRESS (15:39): They sort of make us look like a bunch of ruffians and thugs.

To those playing the conservative talk Gotcha Game this week, where does this gem fit into your worldview?


  • Now I hear all the time about the violent tone of the Tea Party & about how threatening & dangerous they are, but I never see the proof.

    Instead, I see union thugs in Missouri beat down a black guy, Kenneth Gladney, for handing out Gadsden flags(don't tread on me)at a town hall meeting. The guys kicking his ass are all SEIU, the "purple people beaters" & all in their purple union shirts. I hear nothing from the same people bitching about the Tea Party.

    I see the mess in Madison & the damage left behind by the rent-a-mob at the Wisconsin capital building, & I hear nothing but praise. But Beck's 8/28 rally on the national mall was a hate fest if you only got your info from the MSM about what they said was a crowd of almost 100,000. Fact is, about 600,000 showed up, there were no arrests, no trouble, & the attendees left no trace that they had been there at all. They cleaned up after themselves. The only thing they did'nt do was cut the grass.

    Truth is, Bill Press, Special Ed, Mike Malloy, & the other losers on the left side of the media spectrum would be fine with violence from the left. Since political violence in America almost always comes from the left, outside of the odd abortion doctor every 10-15 years being murdered, it is almost exclusive to the left. The MSM is fine with it because they are sympathetic to the cause being faught for, & their coverage points to that. The fact that union leaders are never held to account for the actions of their members(I suspect acting on orders, spoken or implied)is damning for those who are supposed to report the news.

    As for Bill Press, he is no longer a player, & he is lashing out because of that. It's been a long time since he was on CNN's "Crossfire", & since hundreds of people listen to his morning radio gig nationally, he knows his profile as a commentator is almost zero. He is almost over, & I think even he knows it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 18 March, 2011 04:50  

  • Oh yes, of course -- just like the way New Yorkers rioted in the streets after the towers fell on 9/11, breaking windows and looting the nearby stores and damaged buildings. People ran screaming over the bridges rather than walking calmly and helping those who needed it, nobody showed up with their private boats to help ferry people off Manhattan, and nobody assisted the victims, volunteered to support the surviving rescue workers, lined up to offer blood transfusions, or took any other calm, helpful actions -- and in the days that followed nobody remained calm and patient as the city put itself back together again. Those ugly, violent Americans!

    oh, wait . . .

    By Blogger mrs whatsit, at 18 March, 2011 10:36  

  • Bit of a gweneralization there don't you think. April 2002. Jacksonville Fl had massive blackouts for days. The crime rate actually went down.

    By Blogger FloridaSteve, at 18 March, 2011 10:41  

  • Press conveniently forgot about any disasters that don't fit his political view.

    Nashville floods in 2010.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 10:43  

  • Well, those are heavily Democrat areas. Look what one of the core Democrat constituencies is doing in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio, just over being told the state won't automatically extract their funding from unwilling workers.

    By Blogger Rob Crawford, at 18 March, 2011 11:01  

  • Huh? Has Press had a stroke? Because as I recall it wasn't those "suburbanite, all-white, racist Tea-Partiers" acting like thugs in Katrina-drowned areas of N.O., or rioting in South Central L.A. after the Rodney King incident.

    Remember the arguments at the time? The lib loons told us Katrina was a racist bit of weather manipulation by George Bush, who caused the disaster to occur in "an all-black area" of N.O., which is in its totality already black by a significant majority.

    And the videos of the several days of out-an-out rioting, looting and burning showed almost virtually none but black faces. Indeed, sympathetic liberal commentators told us how the "Rodney King riots" were a cry for justice from the "black community"...which I guess required Korean markets to be burned, and sporting goods and electronics stores to be looted.

    It could be one of two things: either a gross mis-recollection by Press, due to the well-known liberal inability to experience, record or recall history accurately; or a racial provocation, in which as soon as conservatives, who by their very nature tend to give great respect to the past and demand accuracy in its recounting, remind Mr. Press that the participants in those instances of community lawlessness were almost exclusively African-American, libs will begin their usual screeching of blanket accusations of "Racists! Tea-Partiers!". And all because conservatives will have committed the sin of not repackaging history to fit the approved liberal narrative.

    Or a combination of the two. Because we should never underestimate liberals' tendency to delude themselves and sink to shocking levels of cynicism, I predict they will actually try to argue there was no racial component to the two events; and then accuse conservatives of race-mongering when the remind Press of the facts.

    But then we already knew that's what they're going to do,didn't we?

    By Blogger Jum, at 18 March, 2011 11:12  

  • After the Loma Preitta earthquake in Santa Cruz, I recall everyone camping in their front yard with their neighbors, cooking up whatever we have in our freezers before it went bad and having huge bbqs. There was no outside help for at least a week, and we all just pulled together. It didn't make for a good story I guess, so it was promoted as how we do disasters in America.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 11:29  

  • Racist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 12:10  

  • Tsk tsk....

    Such racism from a nice liberal boy like Bill. I mean, weren't the riots in LA and the looting in New Orleans done by the African American citizens of those cities?

    Are those people now "ruffians and thugs"?

    Gee, imagine if Sarah Palin said such a thing.

    By Blogger Pilgrim, at 18 March, 2011 12:18  

  • Remember the looting that took place in Fargo and Grand Forks when the Red River had severe flooding a few years back?

    Maybe Bill Press should compare the looting that never happened in North Dakota with the LA and New Orleans rioting that did occur. Perhaps the propensity to loot might not so much be an American trait as it is correlated with factors the PC mafia chooses not to recognize.

    Where are the reasonable opponents?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 12:54  

  • Having worked in a number of American ghettos over the years, I can tell you - as can anyone else with the same experience - that people there are prone to violence and criminality on the best of days. Looting is a daily occurrence - any vacant or unattended building is quickly stripped to a shell. Pipes, wires, drywall, everything.

    When the sky is falling, all bets are off. Anyone arguing otherwise is either trying to sell you something, or has never been there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 13:35  

  • I was stationed in Charleston, SC when Hurricane Hugo came to visit. I am told (I was out in the mid-Atlantic at the moment) that right before the last local broadcasters went off the air, the chief of police, Reuben Goldberg (black and yes, Jewish . . . and late 1980s/early 90s Charleston thought he walked on water and parted it for those who couldn't), went on and observed to all who might be tuned in that since he didn't have sufficient jail facilities to deal with hosts of looters, he'd simply instructed his officers to shoot. If memory serves there was one looter after the storm. Did I mention how highly Chief Goldberg was regarded by his citizens?

    After the storm I recall people all over the United States just calling in to their jobs and saying as how they'd be gone for a while to help clean up Charleston.

    Or last May when Nashville and surrounding counties got up to 18 inches of rain in 36 hours and the Cumberland crested at 50+ feet above flood stage in downtown Nashville: I don't recall a single instance of looting or rioting being reported, but lots and lots of people opening their houses, their pantries, their wallets, and their lives to perfect strangers. Folks dragging their own boats into the raging waters to rescue people. Swarms of volunteers helping neighbors and strangers salvage what they could, and clean up/haul off what they couldn't.

    Maybe this peckerwood television person needs to get out of the studio more often and visit a few places out in fly-over country.

    wv: "gumnid" a prediction of official inaction: "The gumnid gonna do a thing about them speeders."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 15:00  

  • When the electric grid failed, crime went down in Cleveland OH. No one looted or robbed. Quietest 4 days I have ever spent. Neighbors helped each other and marveled at the stars we could see during the blackout. We BBQed and hung candles from the trees in our yard, invited neighbors to eat. It was fantstic. Dissing us is just plain stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Press.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 18 March, 2011 15:47  

  • They have not forgotten who really did the riots in any of these cases. They again are rewriting history to support their hate of America. They are still trying to make Tea Party types looks bad in peoples minds. People who are too young to either remember or weren't here. Again part of the mob mentality to lash out at those who truly love this country & our Constitution. What a shameful bunch the liberal progressives are.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 18 March, 2011 18:38  

  • It wasn't only Santa Cruz. After Loma Prieta hit West Oakland -- which is charitably described as a rough area -- causing a double-decker freeway to pancake, many of the locals came out of their homes and workplaces with ladders, ropes, and tools and climbed up onto the deck to rescue people crushed in their cars.

    By Anonymous Alex, at 18 March, 2011 19:29  

  • FYI looting is a problem in Australia and New Zealand also. After the recent floods in Queensland and the earthquake in Christchurch NZ it was necessary to start policing very quickly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2011 19:37  

  • I believe you're missing something. The riots in LA, NO, Detroit or other inner cities have always been by our uncivilized black Americans.

    The Japanese are a civilized society. The inner-city black population is not.

    By Blogger orbicularioculi, at 18 March, 2011 23:44  

  • orbicularioculi, those were largely "uncivilized black Americans," as you call them, who voluntarily climbed up to rescue trapped motorists on the Cypress freeway in 1989 -- see the article I linked above. That there are some criminals and predators within that population is no excuse for your slander of the entire group.

    By Anonymous Alex, at 19 March, 2011 10:49  

  • Bill "the Manure Spreader" Press, former Chairman of the California Democrat Party was on the air during the Rodney King Riots, from a secure, secret location not among his "People".

    By Blogger PCD, at 24 March, 2011 07:03  

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