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08 March 2011

Libtalker: Hitler's Autobahn A Model For Public Works Spending


Schultz: Autobahn Set Example For Today's Spending


It's hard to believe MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz could be THIS foolish, but don't blame us, we're just passing it along.

Incredibly, during an angry anti-Scott Walker rant (where the Wisconsin governor was labelled "a turd") during yesterday's syndicated radio show, Big Eddie lived up to his nickname in citing Hitler's Autobahn as an example of inspired public works projects to be emulated by today's leaders.

Though limited Autobahn construction began before Hitler's reign, it was adopted by his regime and built largely with prison labor in the 1930s.

Hey Ed, Mussolini's trains ran on time, should we look to him as well for Obama's next "shovel-ready" project?

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - 07 March 2011 - Segment One): It would have been a foundation of a job creator because of the transportation and the movement of the people.


SCHULTZ: That's what they did back in the 1930s to move people and get the economy going. They made the Autobahn system.

HOLM: Yes, they did.

SCHULTZ: Remember?

HOLM: Yes, they did.

SCHULTZ: OK. So it's been done before! That's all I was trying to point out! It's just been done before! You know, well

HOLM: Well, Eisenhower did it with the Interstate System.

SCHULTZ: Sure, absolutely!

And Scott Walker is the problem in today's America? Sorry, Ed, you lose this one by a mile.


  • I don't think "liberals" and the NAZI's are all that far apart on policy matters.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 09 March, 2011 00:38  

  • @UCC, the Nazis were the National Socialist Workers Party. Much of what the liberal/progressive types support are...

    A-Massive federal gov't power=National

    B-Redistribution of wealth=Socialist

    C-Everything is being done in the name of big labor=Workers

    D-The Demacrats=Party

    ...& you couple that with what Obama-care will evolve into, & yea, they will have plenty in common with the Nazis politically, minus that whole kill the Jews thing.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 10 March, 2011 08:20  

  • You're forgetting Nazi's were never leftist. They are extreme right and hated communism/extreme leftists. That's why they attacked Russia.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2011 17:38  

  • In the US the first federal highway system (Route 66, Highway 61, etc) was initiated by the Harding/Coolidge Administration and the Interstate Highway System by the Eisenhauer Administation.

    Note that both were Republicans.

    By Anonymous Joseph Somsel, at 15 April, 2011 19:20  

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