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24 February 2011

MSNBC Libtalker: Pay Teachers $300K, 'Conservatives Getting More Stupid'


Schultz: No Dissenting Callers On My Show!

How is it that one of liberal talk radio's loudest proponents of the Fairness Doctrine is himself unwilling to take calls from those who disagree?

After a series of recent abrupt, mid-sentence hang-ups on dissenters, MSNBC Libtalker Ed Schultz tried to justify his hypocritical policy to radio listeners earlier this week. Then, as if to make your Radio Equalizer's job ridiculously easy, he packed two bonus absurdities into a 30-second sound bite:

ED SCHULTZ (53:11): I'm not going to let people come on and lie. The Lutes [Wisconsin teachers who'd appeared as program guests] make $51,000 a year. You want to throw in the benefit package, it comes to $137,000.

I don't care, make it a hundred and fifty! Well, make it two hundred! I think they should pay teachers three hundred grand a year! I don't care! That's just part of the issue. The issue is restricting freedom of the workplace to collectively bargain.

Have you noticed that conservatives are getting, like, more stupid?

This from a guy who's terrified of on-air debate. Yes, Big Eddie, we're stupid, you're a genius. Feel better?


  • Fat Eddy makes the Pillsbury Dough-boy look ripped....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 February, 2011 08:37  

  • Maybe Special Ed needs to listen to an old George Carlin bit when discussing cencorship. He says that the radio has 2 knobs on it. 1turns the radio on & off, while the other, changes the channel. While Ed does have the right to have whoever he wants on the air, the people are voting by turning the channel. You suck Ed, & your ratings speak to that. America has spoken.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 25 February, 2011 17:57  

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